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Diamondback Recon by AlexJJessup Diamondback Recon :iconalexjjessup:AlexJJessup 1,953 114 Sniper STOCK X by PhelanDavion Sniper STOCK X :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 654 87 GUILLOTINE_OPERATOR by ianskie1 GUILLOTINE_OPERATOR :iconianskie1:ianskie1 2,295 78 ATLAS Elite by AlexJJessup ATLAS Elite :iconalexjjessup:AlexJJessup 961 45 The Anakin Solo over Kashyyyk by wraithdt The Anakin Solo over Kashyyyk :iconwraithdt:wraithdt 2,383 103 Special Forces by AlexJJessup Special Forces :iconalexjjessup:AlexJJessup 3,770 304 Sniper STOCK IX by PhelanDavion Sniper STOCK IX :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 1,189 127 Search Team by AlexJJessup Search Team :iconalexjjessup:AlexJJessup 1,359 108 PMC: Shrike Operator by AlexJJessup PMC: Shrike Operator :iconalexjjessup:AlexJJessup 1,043 53 Duel at the Valley Of The Jedi by wraithdt Duel at the Valley Of The Jedi :iconwraithdt:wraithdt 1,895 104 Assault Soldier STOCK IV by PhelanDavion Assault Soldier STOCK IV :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 562 26 Essen AE-0006+, Digitalized by Nyandgate Essen AE-0006+, Digitalized :iconnyandgate:Nyandgate 504 104 Hetalia Lithuania - Scars by CarmenMCS Hetalia Lithuania - Scars :iconcarmenmcs:CarmenMCS 1,967 405 APH Characters React To: Country X Reader LEMONS!! by AmazingArtistYellow APH Characters React To: Country X Reader LEMONS!! :iconamazingartistyellow:AmazingArtistYellow 2,579 953 FsW-24-J Tecpatl SMG by Nyandgate FsW-24-J Tecpatl SMG :iconnyandgate:Nyandgate 916 219 .: Star :. pixel by Gamibrii .: Star :. pixel :icongamibrii:Gamibrii 764 83 Sniper STOCK XIV by PhelanDavion Sniper STOCK XIV :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 959 69 Lat Battle Armour 03292013 by WarrGon Lat Battle Armour 03292013 :iconwarrgon:WarrGon 613 12 Darkness Is Best Discerned.. by Shimmering-Sword Darkness Is Best Discerned.. :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 1,481 231
United Nations Star {Allies x Reader}
“This’ll be the place where we’ll always care about you, okay?”
“I hate you, I hate you, and I hate you too.” You murmured to yourself about all the happy couples walking past you on the sidewalk.
Valentine’s Day. Like how is this shit even a holiday.
You continued walking home; glad the school day was over. You couldn’t wait to get home and watch more Hetalia while you secretly cursed every happy couple that ever lived. At least the Hetalia guys will keep me company, you thought to yourself with a giddy smile.
When you stepped inside your house, your mother was there waiting for you. “_____! I’ve got big news~!” She cheered.
You rolled your eyes, “No mom, you already told me about a hundred times about what Dad’s planning for you this Valentine’s Day.” You grumbled, throwing your backpack to the ground.
She waved off the remark, “No, I’m talking about your
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Steven And Star by StevenRayBrown Steven And Star :iconstevenraybrown:StevenRayBrown 3,370 418 Multicam Rifleman by MarcWasHere Multicam Rifleman :iconmarcwashere:MarcWasHere 1,234 109 12 Days of Hetalia Christmas by Brittlander 12 Days of Hetalia Christmas :iconbrittlander:Brittlander 3,393 686 Hetalia Canada World Series by CarmenMCS Hetalia Canada World Series :iconcarmenmcs:CarmenMCS 1,844 485 Sniper STOCK XVII by PhelanDavion Sniper STOCK XVII :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 554 20 Cthulhu Wars - Operation Bulldog by wraithdt Cthulhu Wars - Operation Bulldog :iconwraithdt:wraithdt 583 14 APH: Become one with pRussia by xiaoyugaara APH: Become one with pRussia :iconxiaoyugaara:xiaoyugaara 2,138 306 Hetalia Canada - Militar 03 by CarmenMCS Hetalia Canada - Militar 03 :iconcarmenmcs:CarmenMCS 1,815 413 Star vs. the Forces of Evil by eoqudtkdl Star vs. the Forces of Evil :iconeoqudtkdl:eoqudtkdl 1,262 67 Sniper STOCK IV by PhelanDavion Sniper STOCK IV :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 945 85 SCAR variant 09 clr by triatholisk SCAR variant 09 clr :icontriatholisk:triatholisk 429 23 Hetalia - Alfred + Tony by CarmenMCS Hetalia - Alfred + Tony :iconcarmenmcs:CarmenMCS 5,574 586 Sniper STOCK XVIII by PhelanDavion Sniper STOCK XVIII :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 678 33 Untitled by TaylorKnetterArt Untitled :icontaylorknetterart:TaylorKnetterArt 752 101
Texting [VER. 3] [Hetalia: Allied Forces x Reader]
Conversation with China (Wang Yao)
Thursday, 7:43 PM
You: Have you gotten the hang of texting yet?
China: I'm trying to type
You: On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best and 1 being the worst at texting I think you're -400
China: You mean. What you doing.
You: Correcting your grammar. It's supposed to be "You're mean. What ARE you doing?"
China: Shit up
You: O_o What?
China: I mean shut up
You: I think you deserve an F- in language and social skills
China: Impossible. Asian people never get F
You: Well congrats; you just broke a new world record
China: :)
You: I think you meant :(
China: Oh.
China: :(
You: There you go. You get a D- for your efforts
China: :)
Conversation with France (Francis Bonnefoy)
Friday, 8:09 AM
You: I'm so bored I'm resorting to texting you to free myself of my boredom
France: Tee hee.
You: You never say tee hee! O_O You say "ohonhonhonhon"!
France: It's too much work for my beautiful fingers, oui?
You: …
France: Ouuuui?
You: Anyways, whatchu doing in your cl
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Star Wars: TCG - Heroes and Legends by AnthonyFoti Star Wars: TCG - Heroes and Legends :iconanthonyfoti:AnthonyFoti 659 22 Soldier Concepts by TomEdwardsConcepts Soldier Concepts :icontomedwardsconcepts:TomEdwardsConcepts 1,456 21 Inspiring STOCK Example XXXVII by PhelanDavion Inspiring STOCK Example XXXVII :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 596 23 Spitfire's Tough Choice by Mystic-Forces Spitfire's Tough Choice :iconmystic-forces:Mystic-Forces 2,814 494 Custom Hero Render by Nibroc-Rock Custom Hero Render :iconnibroc-rock:Nibroc-Rock 461 74
France x Reader: Because I am French
France x Reader
Because I am French

"I'm sorry this is so sudden, but I really don't love you."
The words pierced his heart like a daggers. Francis dropped the small cube holding the shining jewel that would trap his girl in lifetime matrimony. However, this girl didn't respond for what he felt. Francis chuckled, not believing his girl. She had always been a tease.
"That's funny Raquel…" He smiled, "So, what is your answer ma'cheri?"
"No." She responded, "It should be pretty clear. I don't love you."
"But! We have been together for three years! How can you not feel the same way I do?!"
"I'm sorry." She applied some lip gloss, "I was dating other guys… you'd understand, you're French."
With that she left him. He stayed kneeling staring at the empty chair in front of him. I'm French? What is that supposed to mean? He thought. Frenchmen aren't like that… well, not him anyway. He had been afraid to love someone. Raquel was his first love, yet she broke her heart
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[ BUBSY FORCES ] by Cylent-Nite [ BUBSY FORCES ] :iconcylent-nite:Cylent-Nite 514 139 Hetalia - Matthew and Kumajiro by CarmenMCS Hetalia - Matthew and Kumajiro :iconcarmenmcs:CarmenMCS 695 196 ODS-666 'Spectres' by MarcWasHere ODS-666 'Spectres' :iconmarcwashere:MarcWasHere 834 20 Assault Soldier STOCK VII by PhelanDavion Assault Soldier STOCK VII :iconphelandavion:PhelanDavion 769 57 Sailor Moon and Star vs. the Forces of Evil Wands by xMangoRose Sailor Moon and Star vs. the Forces of Evil Wands :iconxmangorose:xMangoRose 434 38