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Kelli Ruby Catch Them All 33 :iconbritish-foot-focus:British-Foot-Focus 221 21
Phineas and Ferb: Isabella's Foot Fetish!
One day Phineas and Ferb were sitting outside, under the tree they always sitdown in, and when they were thinking on what they are going to do today, Isabella walked in their yard saying her catch-phrase "Watcha Doing" Phineas replied "Nothing much, we really don't know what we want to do today", as Phineas was still thinking on what to do today, he staired down on Isabella's feet and got a evil looking grin on his face
Phineas then said "I know what we are going to do today"
Phineas then write down what they need for what they are going to build to Ferb, then Ferb ran to the store, to buy the items
Isabella said , "So what are you guys making'
Phineas replied 'O those are things I made up, to make Ferb busy, come to my room Isabella, their is something I want to do to you, that you might enjoy
Isabella smiled as she followed Phineas to his room, Isabella then said, 'So what did you want to do to me;
Phineas said "Just sit down here on my bed, and let me remove those nice pink shoes yo
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One Piece Rebecca Foot Worship

It was yet another sunny afternoon in dressrosa , in fact it was in the middle of a heatwave and a tired young woman was walking home after a long morning of fighting in the coliseum. She had defeated all the other gladiators and had managed to keep her title as the "Undefeated Woman" . Her long pink braided hair was swept in the wind and her bare feet were sweating hard as she walked across the city in her yellow knee high, high heeled gladiator boots.
Her name was Rebecca and she was a well known for both her strength and beauty, she had a goddess-like body from her head to her toes, which she showed off with her revealing outfit of a yellow-scale armour bikini. She took off her yellow gladiator helmet and shook her silky hair around whilst also removing her brown gloves, which allowed her sweaty hands, which nails were painted pink like her hair, to get some air whilst she walked across the city. Although she was powerful, most people
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The Socks (TG TF)
Lola Trent
When he saw that name on the package, his heart soared. Lola and Richard had been seeing each other for well over a year, but it never got serious between them; never had a chance to, as she had since moved out of town. They still wrote each other all the time, though. He was glad she never dropped out entirely, but he wasn't satisfied. There was an itch that correspondence alone could not scratch, so one could forgive him for not telling her everything. He took the package in and shucked it of its manila-brown wrapping, revealing a handsome little black box with an envelope taped to it, signed with Lola’s perfect cursive signature.
Richard wasted no time in tearing the envelope open.  With hands made clumsy by excitement, he unfolded the letter.
When you get this, I’ll be stopping over soon.  I really hope you like the gift. I picked them out just for you.
I hope to see you with them on when I get there.
:iconfederio:Federio 114 11
A Burglar's Bad(?) Luck
Warning! This story contains foot fetish and tickling! So don't complain that I didn't warn you if that's not your thing!
It was a rather typical night for Hakane, with lights in her room already off she was sitting at her computer, having just finished a round of online FPS on top of her team's scoreboard.
"That was just too easy" Hakane muttered to herself proudly and shrugged
It was only at this moment that she noticed it was already rather late. It was not unusual for her to get so invested in playing games, that she ended up losing almost entire night for that... nonetheless, she didn't want to spend entirety of next day feeling like a zombie, her newly ordered PS4 game was due to arrive tomorrow(Or rather at that moment, later that day), and she wanted to be able to focus on enjoying it.
"Oh well... will watch a nice video for good night's sleep and gonna hit the sack..."Thought the gamer girl, opening one of the secret folders on her desktop...

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One Piece Boa Hancock Foot Worship Part 1

The sun was shining as it was another hot day on Amazon Lily, the island of women. It was home to the Kuja tribe, extremely powerful warrior women who were also very beautiful.  The Pirate Queen of the island, Boa Hancock was sitting on her throne in her throne room. The room was large and filled with expensive furnishings, as well as a royal red strip of carpet that went across the middle of the room leading to her throne.
She was wearing a revealing red dress, red heels and was currently sitting with one leg crossed over the other. Hancock was a very pompous, spoiled and arrogant woman. Believing she was superior to everyone around her and that everyone lived only to serve her. She was also extremely cruel and loved to humiliate those around her. She ruled over the island of women and no men were allowed on the island. She saw them as even more inferior to her and hated them the most
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Frozen - Anna Elsa Foot Worship :icontrueshinobi01:trueshinobi01 2,485 366 Naruto - Hinata Sakura :icontrueshinobi01:trueshinobi01 1,987 81 Flawless sole :icongiantessfan27:Giantessfan27 833 44 Naruto - Tsunade Sore Feet :icontrueshinobi01:trueshinobi01 1,657 118 New Costumer :iconmegacolossus:MegaColossus 898 68 Naruto - Hinata Domination in Karate :icontrueshinobi01:trueshinobi01 1,240 422 Fairy Tail - Erza Lucy Foot Worship :icontrueshinobi01:trueshinobi01 1,747 114 Fairy Tail - Erza's Foot Slave Lucy :icontrueshinobi01:trueshinobi01 1,824 125 Dragon Ball Z - Android 18 Feet :icontrueshinobi01:trueshinobi01 1,369 122 Gurren Lagann - Yoko Nia Feet :icontrueshinobi01:trueshinobi01 1,512 143 Rosario Vampire - Kurumu Stinky Feet :icontrueshinobi01:trueshinobi01 1,372 151 Karin x Sakura footworship! :iconfetishzone:FetishZone 1,203 84 May Smelly Feet - Pokemon :icontrueshinobi01:trueshinobi01 866 111 AudreySTOCKER :icondazidentevil:DazidentEvil 947 68 Rosario Vampire - Sexy Foot Worship :icontrueshinobi01:trueshinobi01 1,112 69 Rosario Vampire - Lick Our Feet! :icontrueshinobi01:trueshinobi01 1,101 121 Sticky Bondage (slimegirl foot worship) :iconbdsm-fan-comics:bdsm-fan-comics 1,312 72
Hinata Foot worship
This was for a friend on I was proud of it so I decided to put it on here to. This was just for fun. It doesn't follow my Naruto CAPTURE THEM series.
(This story was written as a request by Ele who read my Hinata Foot Tickling story. Hope you enjoy.)
Hinata Foot Worship.
Hinata was training hard in the feild since dawn. Her teammates Shino and Kiba even her sensei Kurenai suggested she take a break. She told them no. She was determined to be stronger than Neji, just like Naruto was. "I'll be stronger than Neji if it kills me." Hinata thought as she blasted a wooden pole with some chakkra. Hinata looked at the sun and saw it was almost nightfall. "I think that is enough for today. I should head on home. After a good night sleep I'll get back to training." Hinata said.
As Hinata started walking home Naruto peeked through the bushes and saw she was leaving. This was his chance. Not only a chance to be friends with her, but also to see her feet and have them. (See Naruto h
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Hi Summer :iconticklingever:ticklingever 229 8 I'm Kie, and This is My Foot :iconkiesfeet:kiesfeet 322 45 Sakura To Ino :iconjonathanbn:JonathanBN 1,221 72 Evangelion - Rei Dominates Asuka :icontrueshinobi01:trueshinobi01 1,066 114 Negima - Asuna Sexy Feet :icontrueshinobi01:trueshinobi01 1,086 140 Kendal's Logic :iconparkoal16:Parkoal16 231 7 Akali treatment for Amumu :iconcastleoffeet:castleoffeet 686 102 To Love Ru - Lala Gorgeous soles :icontrueshinobi01:trueshinobi01 1,000 709 Green Hair :iconticklingever:ticklingever 220 12 MistySTOCKER :icondazidentevil:DazidentEvil 1,156 71
Fun with feet at sleepover
It was the middle of Summer as Amy Rose, Rouge the bat and Cream the Rabbit were invited over to Amy's sleepover. They sat in Amy's large living room in their pajamas and slippers; Amy in a pink Pajama shirt and pants with blue slippers with Sonic's insignia on them, Cream wearing white PJ's and yellow slippers, and Rouge who wore silky purple PJ's and slippers.
"How about we play some video games", Amy said cheerfully. "Yay", Cream cheered, "What do we play? Super Smash Brothers Brawl? Animal House? Hello Kitty?" Rouge rolled her eyes, "Seriously? I think it's time you two play some more mature video games". She pulled up her bag and pulled out several games that made Amy's eyes widen with worry. Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2, Call of Duty: World at War and, even more frightening, Dead Space 2. "I-I-I-I don't th-think we should play those", Amy said with a worried smile. "Why? You chicken?", Rouge smirked. "No of course not", Amy yelled, "but these games are too violent for Cream
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Brandish dominate Lucy :iconbmxxx75:bmxxx75 688 36 Ranos' Ravenous Romp In Another Reality Page2 :iconbigmansini:BigMansini 760 30 Pokemon Misty - Slave, I choose you! :icontrueshinobi01:trueshinobi01 983 317 Slave Padme Barefoot :iconscottblairart:scottblairart 744 32 Pokemon Misty - Slave, I choose you! (Dirty Feet) :icontrueshinobi01:trueshinobi01 799 468 That's Misty! :icontickler54321:Tickler54321 236 16 Playful Bet Gone Wrong :iconcoolkidmcawesome:coolkidmcawesome 240 11 curiosity P3 :icondazidentevil:DazidentEvil 672 30 Tickle Time :iconticklingever:ticklingever 158 10
A Booby Trap Teacher
A booby trap for a teacher
Ever since he had joined her art class at the beginning of the year, Michael had wanted to see Miss Robinson's bare feet. Every lesson, she would walk through the door wearing a stylish pair of black ballet flats with lace bows on the toes and a pair of completely opaque black socks on her small feet. Michael would sit in the corner every lesson and watch Miss Robinson allow her flats to slightly slip off the backs of her socked heels or cross her legs and perform exquisite heel pops. However she had never come to a class without a pair of socks on and she had never allowed her pretty little shoes to ever slip off her slender feet. And so because of the absolute torture of not knowing what the gorgeous young teachers feet looked like without footwear, Michael now sat in his room with a piece of paper on which he was jotting ideas down about how he could relieve Miss Robinson of her shoes and socks without alerting her of his involvement.
He had listed his ide
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Rosario Vampire - Kurumu Sexy Bikini :icontrueshinobi01:trueshinobi01 1,203 101 Stella's foot toy :iconmolerboy:molerboy 186 9 Rosaro Vampire - Sexy Inner Moka :icontrueshinobi01:trueshinobi01 1,263 94 Kelli Ruby Catch Them All 18 :iconbritish-foot-focus:British-Foot-Focus 212 16 Rosario Vampire - Moka Sexy Bikini :icontrueshinobi01:trueshinobi01 1,209 119