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fucking and fairy floss lies
the words get tangled in her teeth,
and he
gets tangled in her hands.
she lies. she lies all the time,
and like the little stupid girl
she is, she thinks
nobody lies to her.
she is in love with fairytales
and white filmy thoughts that are
anything but the truth.
the only things that drop from her lips
are little white fibs:
if he asked her what colour the sky was
she would tell him green like your eyes.
if he asked her why she jumps and sweats
and mumbles in the middle of the night,
she would tell him it's because
being next to you sets me on fire
and i feel you even in my dreams
she thinks she needs him to breathe
and she thinks feeding him sugar crystal words
will keep him close to her, like a child lingering
with hungry eyes in a corner shop.
[he thinks she's awfully sweet and he thinks
he loves her and he thinks
one day he will fuck her over for someone new.]
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Poor Canada... :iconnanny-retro:Nanny-Retro 1,015 137 Lugia Costume :iconkai45:Kai45 218 110 [ MLP || OCs ] Candy Floss :iconvanillecream:VanilleCream 562 175 Black Kitty Hat :iconchocoang3l:ChocoAng3l 148 93 candy floss in wonderland 3 :icondaniaah:Daniaah 290 63
Russia x Shy!Reader ~ The Pocky Game. {OneShot}
It was a nice spring day, you were walking through the park like usual, looking at the flowers and trees. Even though it was spring, it was still a little chilly, so you were wearing the scarf that your best friend, Ivan, got for you. You wore it whenever you got the chance, even though pink wasn't your favourite color in the world, he said it suited you so you wore it. But why were you wearing the most wretched of colors just for him? Well that bit is obvious, you had taken a liking to him, you wouldn't call it a crush (that would be embarrassing), you just developed feelings beyond regular friendship, your heart would skip a beat whenever his name was mentioned in conversation or if he glanced at you when you passed by.. Who were you kidding? You were head-over-heels in love with the guy, there was no denying it. But you didn't want to ruin the friendship if he didn't feel the same way, so you kept everything about it to yourself.
Speaking of friends, you had just spoke with y
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