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Papytale - ''I know that voice!...'' :iconkatelynntheg:KatelynnTheG 349 26 Papytale - meanwhile in another multiverse :iconkatelynntheg:KatelynnTheG 257 33 YAT - Dreemurr Xmas :iconkatelynntheg:KatelynnTheG 296 38 Makeshift Bed :icongrypwolf:Grypwolf 3,536 161 Angry Floof :icondemonml:DemonML 753 41
What Kind of Experiment? ((Sherlock x Reader))
    The scene is set. You've got a big book, a lit fireplace, a cup of tea, and a really really huge sweater that just engulfs you in the greatest way. Yes, today is a lovely cozy day. It's freezing outside, and snow is pouring over London. You've never been too big a fan of the cold, but you do love the snow that comes with it. Despite your age, you've never lost the youthfulness about you, something Sherlock constantly reminds you of.
    '(Y/n), why must you always act so childish?'
    'Do try to act more mature sometime, (Y/n).'
    'You're distracting me, (Y/n) ,with your childish antics.'
    While he's a bit harsh when it comes to words, you know he never means it in an insulting way. More like he's just stating facts. You know he's never been able to enjoy the simple things because of the way his mind worked, and it makes you pity him, if only slightly. You like to sav
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Bust Comish - Disturbing the Peace :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 429 39 Flaaaaaaareon :iconkipine:Kipine 822 44 Impractical Dergens Mini Batch :icondelusionalpuffball:DelusionalPuffball 169 35 Foxy Roxy :iconinfinitedge2u:infinitedge2u 300 40 Secret Santa: for mufflins! :iconemphasis-lest:Emphasis-Lest 243 45 Arctic Swift ref :iconspiralofvertigo:spiralofvertigo 352 22 Comish - Never Journey Alone :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 358 27 Teeger :iconmr--jack:Mr--Jack 3,557 66 Bluemess :icondemonml:DemonML 329 15 Large dragon tail - Sprinkles :iconfurryfursuitmaker:FurryFursuitMaker 174 30 Lupa's Exposer :iconinfinitedge2u:infinitedge2u 251 25 Comish - Way Out in the Desert :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 396 49 Gift - The first raindrops [+video!] :iconnezupanda:NezuPanda 261 41 Frosty OC custom plush :iconnazegoreng:Nazegoreng 310 81 Fuzzy Ball of Fur :iconcrgphotography:CRGPhotography 312 55 YAT - Faundry :iconkatelynntheg:KatelynnTheG 191 21 Markiplier :iconshuploc:Shuploc 583 25 Free hugs :iconquirachen:Quirachen 270 56 Sketchity Dumpity so lumpity :iconkatelynntheg:KatelynnTheG 150 19 G-Shep Fursuit Part 5 :iconfox0808:Fox0808 358 52 G-Shep Fursuit Part 4 :iconfox0808:Fox0808 339 27 G-Shep Fursuit Part 3 :iconfox0808:Fox0808 336 26 G-Shep Fursuit Part 1 :iconfox0808:Fox0808 365 31 G-Shep Fursuit Part 2 :iconfox0808:Fox0808 320 9 YAT - insert dogsong joke here :iconkatelynntheg:KatelynnTheG 150 33 Personal - Snipe 'n Seek :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 177 30 Bust Comish - Starry Breath :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 187 13 COM: DarkAmber :icondemonml:DemonML 253 11 Scuttlebutts :iconshadowwolf:Shadowwolf 964 96 Sneezing Hearts :iconmemedokis:memedokis 285 148 Doggo Ready for Business :iconnaughty-savage:Naughty-Savage 203 8 Little Round Brown Owl :iconciameth:Ciameth 283 26 Mila :iconmr--jack:Mr--Jack 843 42 Independence Day | 2016 :iconsimpleagle:SimplEagle 452 35 Faye :iconinfinitedge2u:infinitedge2u 207 12 Gift - Grendel :iconnezupanda:NezuPanda 252 26 Tread Carefully :iconinfinitedge2u:infinitedge2u 187 33 Pixel - Fly Away :iconfirstfear:firstfear 212 37 Even MOAR Impractical Dergens :icondelusionalpuffball:DelusionalPuffball 258 48
BTLG - A Longing Love - Portugal x Reader
Consciousness seeps into your sleepy mind. Your body’s response to it was gradual accompanied with its fading numbness. Smiling at the way your body refuses to get up, you try to lie on your back to settle closer to the bed cushions, only to be met with a hard surface.
‘Did I fall off my mattress?’
Chuckling that you must have, you look to see not the floor but old wooden floorboards.
 Snapping awake, you waste no time trying to sit up only to hit your forehead against the still watermill above you.
Your hands spring up to clutch your throbbing forehead as you ask yourself how the hell a watermill got there. “More importantly how did I get near one? I was in my apartment!” Through the tear-gloss film of your eyes, you see you are in the interior of an ancient dwelling. You couldn’t say if it was someone’s home, although the accumulation of s
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Papytale - Cotton Candy And Cheese-stick Antics :iconkatelynntheg:KatelynnTheG 128 36 Comish - ...And Disappear in The Trees :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 294 33 Bagheera :iconmr--jack:Mr--Jack 569 16