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AtM: Conversing. by SilentReaper AtM: Conversing. :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 4,437 1,123 More First Impressions by Gabasonian More First Impressions :icongabasonian:Gabasonian 1,140 286 WCC Contest Entry - First Impressions by Finchwing WCC Contest Entry - First Impressions :iconfinchwing:Finchwing 453 222
First Impressions - Fanfic
Roxas smiled, his normally dull eyes alighting with a childish excitement. He had just received the dorkiest present from his grandparents, but he was happy nonetheless. His fingers worked at opening the box, the top ripping and the box being ruined. He didn’t care, though, as he tore the box apart trying his hardest to get to the contents inside.
The box was finally opened, and he looked around to make sure there was no one he knew close by. He sighed in relief, noticing only four other people in this part of the park – a young couple – probably newlyweds, an old woman feeding the flock of pigeons in front of her bench, and a young man – probably around twenty-three sitting on the edge of a circular stone flower garden, where a small tree grew behind a full and green bush.
Roxas’ eyes studied the man for a minute, watching how he slumped over a paper, pieces of bright red hair dangling over his eyes. He tore his eyes away when the guy looked up, smirking at hi
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First Impressions by WishmasterAlchemist First Impressions :iconwishmasteralchemist:WishmasterAlchemist 549 38 Dark Nexus Arena - Very First Impressions by Blazbaros Dark Nexus Arena - Very First Impressions :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 56 21 First impressions by Darqx First impressions :icondarqx:Darqx 393 325 First Impressions by Nictrain123 First Impressions :iconnictrain123:Nictrain123 56 7 NZ: Shield by dumpaling NZ: Shield :icondumpaling:dumpaling 218 51 First Impressions by Hoozuki First Impressions :iconhoozuki:Hoozuki 524 138
Startling Introductions
"Hey, hey," the voice came rumbling from above, soft and smooth, and Scott didn't know what to do as he cowered up against a tree that he'd backed himself into. "You don't have to be scared."
The young man shook his head, his heart pounding in his throat as the huge face lowered down. Hands insanely bigger than he was tall pressing into the wet morning ground. His knees were shaking, eyes wide and fearful.
"I don't want to hurt you. I just wanted to get a better look," the voice continued and soon, huge blue eyes were peering down at him. Scott could see himself in the reflection of those great blue hues and he swallowed thickly. Surprise lingered in the gaze for a moment, before softening. "You're so tiny.."
He felt like he was going to pass out. Closing his eyes, he tried to reconsider how he was going to get out of this whole mess. He could try running. But that might not get him very far. If he all but collapsed, that would mean instant physical contact with the giant in front of h
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 32 18
First Impressions.
First Impressions.
Characters: Cole, Karmashock, Violex (G1/IDW/AU)
Warning: Contains profanity and adult themes.

   Looking at the chart, Cole had to take a double check. He swallowed hard. He recognised the name right away. He hadn’t met the femme, but if it were who he thought it was… Well, this certainly wasn’t the way he wanted to meet her.
   She’d come in with ligature marks around her throat, and what was now a broken wrist. How the accident had happened, he wasn’t sure. He’d just been given the chart and another patient for the night. He wasn’t expecting it to be any different from the rest of the mechs and femmes that came in here. He didn’t personally get close to them for these reasons exactly. Awkwardness. And if there was a loss, the loss would be tenfold if he took the time to know every one of his patients that hadn’t made it out of Kaon General Hospital.
   Gently putting the c
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First Impressions - Coloring by Rainbow-Jess First Impressions - Coloring :iconrainbow-jess:Rainbow-Jess 182 47 Ize of the World by turquoisy Ize of the World :iconturquoisy:turquoisy 13 18 13HD Cintiq Unpacking and First Impressions by CGCookie 13HD Cintiq Unpacking and First Impressions :iconcgcookie:CGCookie 96 14 OP - First Impressions by Mcgooen OP - First Impressions :iconmcgooen:Mcgooen 275 68 MW-first impressions never lie by Eeba-ism MW-first impressions never lie :iconeeba-ism:Eeba-ism 93 42
ORaR: First Impressions
"Wake up. We have a lot to discuss," Bakura commanded with a slight growl. When the sleeping person in front of him failed to respond, he gave an irritated sigh and gave the figure a rough shake. "I said to wake up, you bloody creampuff."
Ryou groaned and opened his large brown eyes, only to have them grow even larger at the sight of his near duplicate. "Oh my! I say, who are you?" He sat up to get a better look at his twin, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and noting both the similarities and the differences between them. "You look a lot like me... only a bit more masculine."
"A bit?" Bakura scoffed. "I'm not the one who's mainly remembered as the 'shemale.' And I DID saw we had a lot to discuss."
Ryou pouted at the slight insult. He was aware of his little nickname and didn't need anyone to rub it in his face. "Again, I must ask, who the bloody hell are you anyway?" He looked around and noted the familiar setting. "Oh bugger, I'm in the hospital again. What happened THIS time?" he add
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I don't blame you for your prejudices.
How can I?
Have you forgotten that we live in a world of first impressions and sideways glances?
But I yearn for the moment
When the bogeyman fades away.
Only then can I rejoice.
Only then will those three words
Sound like the sweetest music
"I was wrong".
:iconnightshade-keyblade:nightshade-keyblade 9 13
Child!EnglandXChild!Reader First Impressions
Child!EnglandXChild!Reader Memories and First Impressions
You giggled as you dipped a finger lightly into your wavering reflection, causing it to ripple and fluctuate. Suddenly, you were painfully tackled from behind into the deep blue of the lake. You wildly thrashed about until your hands met the bottom of the lake, and you pushed up, gasping for air as you surfaced. Getting onto your feet and feeling the pains of gravity, you slowly waded to drier land. Collapsing onto the light brown earth, you look around and realize the lack of another. You squinted, trying to ward off the bright sunlight, and gasped when you noticed a tiny figure floating in the lake, face-down.
Struggling to your feet, you splashed towards the boy and grabbed his leg. Using the last of your energy, you flipped him over and dragged him to drier land.
Collapsing, yet again, onto the dirt you drifted into a peaceful morning nap.
"Wake UP!"
You gasped and sat up abruptly, your forehead making contact with a... chin
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Nick Valensi by turquoisy Nick Valensi :iconturquoisy:turquoisy 10 2 BFOI - First impressions meme by RaposaBranca BFOI - First impressions meme :iconraposabranca:RaposaBranca 17 54 Daddy Triton: First Impression by BeckyRose Daddy Triton: First Impression :iconbeckyrose:BeckyRose 116 40 I Wish.... by kangel I Wish.... :iconkangel:kangel 160 37 Diamond and Dazzle: Glimpse (Part 2) by MagerBlutooth Diamond and Dazzle: Glimpse (Part 2) :iconmagerblutooth:MagerBlutooth 96 113 Gai Sensei Motivational Poster by Agent-Spookie Gai Sensei Motivational Poster :iconagent-spookie:Agent-Spookie 337 65 First Impressions: Pg. 2 by HamSamwich First Impressions: Pg. 2 :iconhamsamwich:HamSamwich 39 39
LFI: Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to lu Onna
Now, stop everything you're doing, allow your heart to race, and look at me.
To steal…is not to take something away or break something.
It is a special case. An elegant vice.
It's an amalgam of secrets, felonies, mischief, and terror.

A small thing I should mention: For my first impressions, I also put up images from the series with "funny" little captions when I write them for leetNEET. While it doesn't affect the review, I thought I'd at least offer the option of a link to the review with images in the description box below in my first impressions. Now back to the review.
No plot summary this time, folks! The first Lupin III series in 27 years, Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to lu Onna ("Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine") basically details the early years of Fujiko Mine, the femme fatale of the series, and the rest of the Lupin cast with various vignettes that is meant capture Monkey Punch's original manga's "sensuality". In this case,
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First Impressions: Pg. 28 by HamSamwich First Impressions: Pg. 28 :iconhamsamwich:HamSamwich 31 46 First Impressions: Pg. 14 by HamSamwich First Impressions: Pg. 14 :iconhamsamwich:HamSamwich 26 42 First Impressions: Pg. 4 by HamSamwich First Impressions: Pg. 4 :iconhamsamwich:HamSamwich 34 56 First Impressions: Pg. 35 by HamSamwich First Impressions: Pg. 35 :iconhamsamwich:HamSamwich 41 105 A tale of epic romance ... by kangel A tale of epic romance ... :iconkangel:kangel 145 78 Pink noodle dating doodles: Poudretteite by Kydee Pink noodle dating doodles: Poudretteite :iconkydee:Kydee 19 3 First Impressions: Pg. 1 by HamSamwich First Impressions: Pg. 1 :iconhamsamwich:HamSamwich 53 63 The Strokes stencil by fear-0f-james The Strokes stencil :iconfear-0f-james:fear-0f-james 22 36 Leyna: First Impressions by Halfway-Anna Leyna: First Impressions :iconhalfway-anna:Halfway-Anna 66 19 First Impressions: Pg. 26 by HamSamwich First Impressions: Pg. 26 :iconhamsamwich:HamSamwich 26 42 First Impressions: Pg. 8 by HamSamwich First Impressions: Pg. 8 :iconhamsamwich:HamSamwich 32 44 Meeting Reborn Zero Pg.1 by MadJesters1 Meeting Reborn Zero Pg.1 :iconmadjesters1:MadJesters1 32 4
First Impressions
(Professor Layton is property of Level-5. Albert Bridge belongs to JackSpicerChase. Please support the official releases.)
  Today is the day. Estelle didn't think this would happen. She spent most of the morning setting up her office at the Gressenheller University. Estelle finds herself more at home here than in her new apartment nearby.  It's funny to her to be comfortable for the first time in a week since she moved from  France.  England is very different from her home, and she's still getting used to the change. Despite this, Estelle will start her first day as the university's historian. It will keep her busy and that's all she wants. A knock on the door reach her ears, and she stops her work. Estelle carefully gets down from her step ladder from one of the shelves.
 She sets the books in her arms back on her desk, and opens the door. Estelle smiles at the elderly man who steps into her office. "Bon matin, Monsieur Delmona." "Good morning to you,
:iconremediumdraconem:RemediumDraconem 8 4
First Impressions: Pg. 6 by HamSamwich First Impressions: Pg. 6 :iconhamsamwich:HamSamwich 29 72 First Impressions: Pg. 22 by HamSamwich First Impressions: Pg. 22 :iconhamsamwich:HamSamwich 30 43 First impressions 101 by Shincovi First impressions 101 :iconshincovi:Shincovi 27 23 First Impressions: Pg. 13 by HamSamwich First Impressions: Pg. 13 :iconhamsamwich:HamSamwich 26 33 First Impressions: Pg. 17 by HamSamwich First Impressions: Pg. 17 :iconhamsamwich:HamSamwich 28 131