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Japan x Reader - First Kiss
“No. This is impossible.”
“What is, _____-san?”
You could hear the smug undertone in his words as you buried your face in your hands, racking your brain for any valid answers as to how your Japanese friend had pulled it off.
It truly was impossible – at least, that was what you thought – for Kiku to do it.
Staring at the intimidating Jenga tower, your eyes focused on the very bottom layer, in which Kiku had somehow managed to take out two of the blocks; the middle block and the block to the right, leaving the tower to balance precariously on the block to the left.
You didn’t have a PhD in Physics or whatever subject it was that dealt with gravity, but it was safe to say that you probably had an imaginary Master’s Degree in Common Sense, and what you were seeing right now defied every aspect of it.
“Why did this thing not fall!?” you exclaimed, thrusting a finger at the stack of wooden blocks. “Kiku, did you tamper with m
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Portal: Evil Wheatley 2 :iconforte-girl7:forte-girl7 3,171 485 good luck :iconburdge:burdge 5,748 871 Portal: Doodles :iconforte-girl7:forte-girl7 3,948 301 The First :iconkuldarleement:KuldarLeement 380 14 The Monster That You See... :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 2,315 163 Animated Novo step by step :iconpanimated:Panimated 3,064 342 Garnet's first fusion | Steven Universe! :iconcamilaanims:CamilaAnims 799 80 World War One: Simple Version :iconangusburgers:AngusBurgers 8,762 1,644 Realistic Bulbasaur :icontwarda8:Twarda8 4,359 275 The First Snow :iconlithriel:lithriel 3,553 192 Comic - Twilight's First Day #16 :iconmuffinshire:muffinshire 2,202 560
Heart's on Fire // Bucky x Reader x Steve
Well I don’t know how and I don’t know why
When something’s living well you can’t say die

"Bucky Barnes, you give that back!" you shouted, holding up your skirts as you chased the dark-haired boy down the sidewalk. At eleven years old, you were one grade behind your two best friends, the boys from Brooklyn, Steve Rogers and James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes. "Bucky!"
"Aw, c'mon, [Name]! I just want to read what you spend all day writing about!" Bucky called back, sending you a large grin over his shoulder before he started to shout out the first lines from your diary. "Yesterday, Steve and I sat under the tree for lunch! It was really nice and he gave me his butterscotch cookies because he knows they're my favorite! Steve is so sweet and I think I want to marry him someday!"
"Bucky, s-stop that! Don't read that!" you cried, running full out in your frantic need to reclaim your precious diary. Your cheeks were fiery red, burning with embarrassment, but Bucky r
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Untitled MLP Season 5 Episode Composite :icondm29:dm29 1,381 687 Portal: Evil Wheatley :iconforte-girl7:forte-girl7 3,238 460 Comic - Twilight's First Day #10 :iconmuffinshire:muffinshire 2,838 557 Comic - Twilight's First Day #19 :iconmuffinshire:muffinshire 1,877 460 Comic - Twilight's First Day #11 :iconmuffinshire:muffinshire 2,854 649 Rhythm Of The War Drums... :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 2,069 185 Tda Infinite Miku (DL) :iconcacti-sloom:cacti-sloom 1,490 305 Comic - Twilight's First Day #13 :iconmuffinshire:muffinshire 3,359 869 First Love :iconrhads:RHADS 2,696 79 Comic - Twilight's First Day #17 :iconmuffinshire:muffinshire 2,214 530 Dynamic FUR Brushes for Photoshop *UPDATE 1.2* :iconloonaris:Loonaris 451 61 Pouring Rain... :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 1,757 209 Comic - Twilight's First Day #20 :iconmuffinshire:muffinshire 1,845 482 Anna :iconrikamello:RikaMello 3,717 205
Golden! Freddy x Reader (first one ever)
You kept checking Foxy constantly just as the caller told you but, he kept managing to almost kill you. You groaned seeing as you still had 3 hours remaining. You looked in camera 2b and saw the poster changed to Freddy with no eyes. Though, it looked slightly lighter than the normal Freddy. You put down the tablet and nearly screamed when you saw a golden Freddy slumped over. You assumed the Freddy's insides were taken out so it was hollow unless, there was a dead body in it. You stared in horror as it stayed. As soon as you blinked the golden Freddy had moved and was in front of you. It's eyeless ones looking at yours. You badly wanted to move but, you also didn't want to provoke him. He put his head between your neck and sniffed your hair. "Mommy." A glitchy deep robotic voice said. You hesitated to speak but, finally said, "Yes." You felt the bear move slightly in a hugging like manner. The bear let out a crying noise that made you feel bad. 'The bear is probably possessed by the 5
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Maria's First Christmas Pg8-9 :iconliyuconberma:LiyuConberma 1,126 635 -Bubble- :icondelano-laramie:Delano-Laramie 2,530 105
First Glance - Levi x Reader
You sat on the grassy field beneath, your face turned ahead but your eyes not really looking at anything in particular. You felt the presence of a man beside you – the same man you had given your heart to.
Levi – it was a beautiful name. You loved how it sounded, whether it rolled off your tongue or his. It was simple, not a tongue twister like many other names you’d heard, no. Levi was short and sweet – just like the man who the name belonged to, you assumed.
You smiled a little to yourself. Knowing he was there made you feel safe, even a little flustered. But there had been something you always wanted to know about him – something you’d never figured out, something that had been hounding your mind for years.
He spoke up; breaking the silent air between you two.  His voice filled your ears. “Hey, [First], are you feeling okay? You’re looking a little flushed.”
Your smile grew wider. You loved how protective he was of you. He w
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Comic - Twilight's First Day #8 :iconmuffinshire:muffinshire 2,388 302
Don't Go[2]~Eren x Reader x Levi [Attack on Titan]
You rode your horse up next to Eren, who was talking to Oulo.
“Let him be Oulo …Don’t YOU get cocky..” You interrupted his conversation with Eren.
Oulo’s eyes slightly widened and he looked away from you. Eren turned and faced you with a look of gratefulness on his face.
“Sorry about him. His bark is worse than his bite.” You chuckled.
Eren let out a laugh but froze when he felt someone glaring at him. He slowly turned his head to see Levi’s harsh eyes. You turned you head to see what had scared Eren and shivered once you saw Levi.
“He’s the one you should worry about…Despite being the size of a Chihuahua [Ciel, anyone?] he packs quite a punch as you’ve seen..” This brought Eren’s focus back to you.
“Why is he glaring at us..?” He whispered.
“Who knows..? I think it’s just his natural expression..” You let out a nervous laugh.
Eren nodded seriously. ‘He can’t
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