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of the ground
It was Sunday night when Geo climbed into my room from the fire escape. I was painting my toenails and listening to the sounds of the city: police sirens, pulsating bass, the kids in my tenement running guitar riffs back and forth with the street musicians on the sidewalk. That was the year I turned sixteen and took a two-month vow of silence to honor the death of autumn. A premature snow had robbed the season of its delicate warmth and color, forcing the maples to weep their leaves into the gutters. All that rainwater, all that decay. How could anyone create when October was dying outside their windows? Pete and Jake practiced acoustic that entire month. The rest of us were too fragile to play in suicide weather, when the right chords might move us to open our veins.
Geo sat down next to me, examining my bottle of red lacquer. "'To Eros is Human,'" he read, and rolled his eyes. "I'll keep that in mind."
I offered him my shoebox of nail polish. He selected a purple the color of opium
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dancing on the fire escape
on the fire escape
i climb closer
to heaven
with every step
to where the sky
into gradients
of vibrant colour
and no boundaries
will ever
chain me
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George stared mutely at the floor, trying to come to grips with what had just happened. There, on the thin patterened carpet, just to the left of his shoe, his R key stared up at him blackly, like a sightless eye. His hands, frozen momentarily at the noise, clung to the remaining keys beneath them unconsciously. His stomach churned. He looked down at the black square at his feet, a cloying drop of strange digital blood. Gears clinked mutely through his numbed brain and his eyes swept to his hands. They shook slightly as he realised what they must invariably conceal. Slowly, like a victim peeling back his jacket to at last assess the damage a bullet has made, he took his hands from the keyboard. A square gash of circuit board showed livid where the R key had once been. Bile rose in his throat. He snatched his hands to his chest, grinding the slick metal tang he now felt on his fingertips into the fabric of his tie.
“Something wrong, George?”
He nearly jumped out of his skin. I
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