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FireBreather:First Impressions
They called me a hero.  A defender and savior of the human race.  But I was nothing of the sort.  I had betrayed my kind to be with the one I loved.  Just his name turned something on inside me, and made me restless like a tiger trapped in a cage.  He was truly kind and gentle, so different than what the world made him to be—a monster.  A bloodthirsty, mindless, heartless beast that lusted for the blood of humans.  He was the mighty King of the Kaiju.  Lord Belloc.  He never wished for the harm of humans, but they had waged war on him and his kind.  He was forced to choose between regression or survival.  Of course, he chose survival.
We had met several years ago when I was just studying to become a fighter-pilot.  I was only 19 at the time, and was still fairly ignorant of the dangers of the world.  I learned this on my first day on the job. 
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Firebreather: Heat chapter 1
"How are you feeling baby," Margaret asked as she sat down on the side of Duncan's bed, putting a bag of ice on his forehead which quickly started to melt. It was early in the morning, the sun just starting to rise and Margaret had been up nearly all night taking care of Duncan.
"Hot. Really, really hot," Duncan moan, the ice doing little to ease the heat on his body. He had went to Dr. Patel to see if she knew what was wrong with him and she had thought that he had something to do with his fire breathing at first, having him breathe some fire out but it didn't lower his body temperature.  He would have gone to his father to see if it was some kind of Kaiju illness but he had been acting strange a few days before and had manage to escape from his cell.
"Just like your father to disappear when I need him the most," he had heard his mother mutter bitterly under her breath. Blitz had sent soldiers out to find him, but unless Belloc wanted to be found they wouldn't find him. Blit
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