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reach for star ( dA's 16! ) by Apofiss reach for star ( dA's 16! ) :iconapofiss:Apofiss 3,983 76 dory in a bubble by Apofiss dory in a bubble :iconapofiss:Apofiss 6,355 235 EYEBROW SEAL INTENSIFIES by MF99K EYEBROW SEAL INTENSIFIES :iconmf99k:MF99K 692 187 The Little Mermaid by mior3e The Little Mermaid :iconmior3e:mior3e 3,295 115 Finding Dory by ryky Finding Dory :iconryky:ryky 1,452 53 boggart - 43 by Apofiss boggart - 43 :iconapofiss:Apofiss 3,645 129 Erylia finds Dory by MLeth Erylia finds Dory :iconmleth:MLeth 616 80 Finding Dory by AndyFairhurst Finding Dory :iconandyfairhurst:AndyFairhurst 495 56 The Forgetful Blue Tang by ArtisticShank The Forgetful Blue Tang :iconartisticshank:ArtisticShank 163 45 Finding Home by Toyeeba Finding Home :icontoyeeba:Toyeeba 143 12 Baby Dory Plush! by ochadrop Baby Dory Plush! :iconochadrop:ochadrop 127 25 Cheesus Chrust. by FabianaDLCD Cheesus Chrust. :iconfabianadlcd:FabianaDLCD 107 25 Disney Collectictible Tickets by AndyFairhurst Disney Collectictible Tickets :iconandyfairhurst:AndyFairhurst 239 28 Finding Dory by matthoworth Finding Dory :iconmatthoworth:matthoworth 289 8 'P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney' by DenisDlugas 'P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney' :icondenisdlugas:DenisDlugas 143 27 Finding Nemo by nik159 Finding Nemo :iconnik159:nik159 243 6 Finding Dory by nik159 Finding Dory :iconnik159:nik159 243 15 [ Finding Dory ] Feelin' Hank-y Dory by Aeveternal [ Finding Dory ] Feelin' Hank-y Dory :iconaeveternal:Aeveternal 132 41 Finding Family by Porcelain-Requiem Finding Family :iconporcelain-requiem:Porcelain-Requiem 100 20 Ariel finds Dory by icbeth Ariel finds Dory :iconicbeth:icbeth 105 12 Finding Dory - Squishy by ukalayla Finding Dory - Squishy :iconukalayla:ukalayla 385 29 Dory and Ariel (+Speedpaint) by henryjbarre Dory and Ariel (+Speedpaint) :iconhenryjbarre:henryjbarre 130 21 Baby Dory by zgyorffy Baby Dory :iconzgyorffy:zgyorffy 79 7 and I shall call him Squishy! Sketchbook Pro by cartoonstudy and I shall call him Squishy! Sketchbook Pro :iconcartoonstudy:cartoonstudy 71 15 Just Keep Swimming  by Cerulean-Kitty Just Keep Swimming :iconcerulean-kitty:Cerulean-Kitty 103 18 Dory and Squishy Necklace by LaurelArtz Dory and Squishy Necklace :iconlaurelartz:LaurelArtz 62 29 Nobody Suspects A Septopus by Piranhartist Nobody Suspects A Septopus :iconpiranhartist:Piranhartist 209 22 Becky icon by MF99K Becky icon :iconmf99k:MF99K 92 22 THE LITTLE DORY by Apolar THE LITTLE DORY :iconapolar:Apolar 252 39 Finding Dory and Blue Surgeon fish by speedportraits Finding Dory and Blue Surgeon fish :iconspeedportraits:speedportraits 52 7 Finding Destiny by Rhu-mi Finding Destiny :iconrhu-mi:Rhu-mi 338 34
Top 10 Movies of 2016
*Sigh* let’s face it. 2016 is a crappy year. There are so many political disasters and conflicts, celebrity deaths and many other terrible events happening around the world. 2016 is certainly not a good year for everyone.
But thankfully, when it comes to entertainment, we actually do get a lot of good movies this year. Sure sadly, there are some highly anticipated films like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and The Jungle Book turn out either bad or mediocre but I’m still glad to say that 2016 is an overall good year for films and I’m here to list out my personal top 10 films of 2016.
Without further ado, let’s begin…

10) Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
While I still like Star Wars: The Force Awak
:iconsovereign64:Sovereign64 11 14
Airheads on Airhead by Finnjr63 Airheads on Airhead :iconfinnjr63:Finnjr63 217 131 Green jellyfish earrings by carmendee Green jellyfish earrings :iconcarmendee:carmendee 58 8 Happy New Year 2017! by xRandomGurl Happy New Year 2017! :iconxrandomgurl:xRandomGurl 38 1 Finding Dory by NeoSlashott Finding Dory :iconneoslashott:NeoSlashott 367 28 Miniature Fish Tank (video tutorial) by NerdEcrafter Miniature Fish Tank (video tutorial) :iconnerdecrafter:NerdEcrafter 50 25 Dory and Hank by Sei00 Dory and Hank :iconsei00:Sei00 356 55 Hankin Around by Piranhartist Hankin Around :iconpiranhartist:Piranhartist 223 52 Finding Dory : Hank Humanization by MemQ4 Finding Dory : Hank Humanization :iconmemq4:MemQ4 187 16 Humongous Rhythm by Piranhartist Humongous Rhythm :iconpiranhartist:Piranhartist 157 23 A Blue Bean by Piranhartist A Blue Bean :iconpiranhartist:Piranhartist 199 11 A Determined Destiny by Piranhartist A Determined Destiny :iconpiranhartist:Piranhartist 180 39 Thug Life by KiraCreator21 Thug Life :iconkiracreator21:KiraCreator21 44 23 [Finding Dory] Dory in coffee pot! by Khwan123-and-ninjago [Finding Dory] Dory in coffee pot! :iconkhwan123-and-ninjago:Khwan123-and-ninjago 40 6 Finding Dory 01 by radiationsensation Finding Dory 01 :iconradiationsensation:radiationsensation 41 12 Just Keep Swimming by MBHenriksen Just Keep Swimming :iconmbhenriksen:MBHenriksen 46 10