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Bridges to Babylon by justeline Bridges to Babylon :iconjusteline:justeline 5,762 998 Step by Step - Lucine by ikr Step by Step - Lucine :iconikr:ikr 3,628 189
It's funny, the little things that mean so much. You don't even notice them until they're gone. One day you wake up and find the neighbours have chopped a branch from the tree outside your window. Suddenly you feel a little more alone. You step outside and notice a For Sale sign across the street - it's an old, shabby house and you know it's going to be knocked down by the end of the month. And it's that moment when you realize a part of you will topple with it. Faint, but alive, soon to be as spectral as the puff of smoke that drifts from a candlewick after the flame is blown out. A sliver of your spirit.
Your sister kept goldfish once. They didn't last long, didn't linger enough to become attached to your soul. Fish were fickle things. They never seemed driven to survive, content to float into oblivion if the water wasn't just right. They lived for simple things, and simple things went foul quickly. One goldfish nibbled at fish flake, morning after morning, until the day it decided t
:iconmoryow:Moryow 52 74
Cease to Exist by justeline Cease to Exist :iconjusteline:justeline 677 318 1000+ Lightroom Presets Mega Kit by symufa 1000+ Lightroom Presets Mega Kit :iconsymufa:symufa 836 5 Stamp Template by Birvan Stamp Template :iconbirvan:Birvan 1,303 496 The Song of the Sirens by justeline The Song of the Sirens :iconjusteline:justeline 2,450 826 Instagram Photoshop Actions by Wnison Instagram Photoshop Actions :iconwnison:Wnison 528 0 The Last Time They Met by gilad The Last Time They Met :icongilad:gilad 587 76 Urban Chic Deluxe by dolldivine Urban Chic Deluxe :icondolldivine:dolldivine 162 34 COM - IRL filters by ScissorsRunner COM - IRL filters :iconscissorsrunner:ScissorsRunner 282 13 O U T B U R S T by gilad O U T B U R S T :icongilad:gilad 2,730 389 Until the Dark by justeline Until the Dark :iconjusteline:justeline 1,723 588 Serenity by TaigaLife Serenity :icontaigalife:TaigaLife 177 14 Breaking through by KirlianCamera Breaking through :iconkirliancamera:KirlianCamera 311 116 Frontal Sights by Draken413o Frontal Sights :icondraken413o:Draken413o 259 6 Something smells fishy by zephy0 Something smells fishy :iconzephy0:zephy0 526 41 Diamond Dust by regularjane Diamond Dust :iconregularjane:regularjane 404 82 Memories of the Water by justeline Memories of the Water :iconjusteline:justeline 834 403 Life of Pie by torivarn Life of Pie :icontorivarn:torivarn 1,131 207 Cold by kczajkowska Cold :iconkczajkowska:kczajkowska 245 40 TwilightFloatingMemories by Klarens-photography TwilightFloatingMemories :iconklarens-photography:Klarens-photography 259 52 Dreamland by ExplicitStudios Dreamland :iconexplicitstudios:ExplicitStudios 315 41 Her Majesty by Inebriantia Her Majesty :iconinebriantia:Inebriantia 349 20 Neon Strike Vi vs Tracer by humberto-max Neon Strike Vi vs Tracer :iconhumberto-max:humberto-max 152 15 Wonderful Tonight by werol Wonderful Tonight :iconwerol:werol 238 40 Crimson Nation by Draken413o Crimson Nation :icondraken413o:Draken413o 215 10 xrayaway by annacuamic xrayaway :iconannacuamic:annacuamic 487 98 Nature Photoshop Actions Set 1 by baturaN Nature Photoshop Actions Set 1 :iconbaturan:baturaN 440 16 [FC] Aeropress Trouble by thanshuhai [FC] Aeropress Trouble :iconthanshuhai:thanshuhai 322 21 Megalucario is ready to fight by CKibe Megalucario is ready to fight :iconckibe:CKibe 571 48 [Tutorial] HOW TO BURN PEOPLE'S EYES OUT by resake [Tutorial] HOW TO BURN PEOPLE'S EYES OUT :iconresake:resake 1,212 60 Dreamland? by FinJambo Dreamland? :iconfinjambo:FinJambo 1,013 75 Purple Guy by ToxixLeviathan Purple Guy :icontoxixleviathan:ToxixLeviathan 763 158 Faraway by DusterAmaranth Faraway :icondusteramaranth:DusterAmaranth 339 173 Foggy Morning by slickwilly182 Foggy Morning :iconslickwilly182:slickwilly182 255 60 Serrated by Draken413o Serrated :icondraken413o:Draken413o 91 11 untitled portrait by deepgrounduk untitled portrait :icondeepgrounduk:deepgrounduk 138 30 September Photoshop Actions Bundle by ViktorGjokaj September Photoshop Actions Bundle :iconviktorgjokaj:ViktorGjokaj 437 9 Hurdles of Life by Draken413o Hurdles of Life :icondraken413o:Draken413o 115 11 Breathe by ExplicitStudios Breathe :iconexplicitstudios:ExplicitStudios 267 35 Stein's Got His Hanes On by DiamonEyes Stein's Got His Hanes On :icondiamoneyes:DiamonEyes 300 95 To the light by Bojkovski To the light :iconbojkovski:Bojkovski 211 99 Niceland II by JanMoeller Niceland II :iconjanmoeller:JanMoeller 212 41 Cornish Twighlight by SevenHeptagons Cornish Twighlight :iconsevenheptagons:SevenHeptagons 359 56 . SNOW FILTERS  #1 . by bxek-tears . SNOW FILTERS #1 . :iconbxek-tears:bxek-tears 174 0 Panda's Photoshop Manipulation by ViktorGjokaj Panda's Photoshop Manipulation :iconviktorgjokaj:ViktorGjokaj 517 43 Chawengbeach by torivarn Chawengbeach :icontorivarn:torivarn 469 94 Fleeting moments by Klarens-photography Fleeting moments :iconklarens-photography:Klarens-photography 261 27 Ship Wreck by ExplicitStudios Ship Wreck :iconexplicitstudios:ExplicitStudios 417 22