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Cats Knot :iconillahie:Illahie 184 47 Whiskers in the Jar :iconillahie:Illahie 286 83 GND230 - Filk Hero :iconpika-la-cynique:Pika-la-Cynique 806 279
I know that we are twelve and I know you may love me
But you just can't swim in this pool anymore, Mermando
She's got gold stars on her swimsuit
but she won't swim to you, won't swim to you
She hears your call, ruido delfines
She's got a pool duck 'round her waist and around you
You know I once loved a gnome
Gulf of Mexico, your home
Love something then set it free
that's you and me
Don't swim my way, don't swim my way, Mermando
I'm not your queen, I'm not your queen, Normando
Don't hurt my bro, don't have a crush
Just eat some Smile Dip  and hush
Don't call my name, don't call my name, Gideondo
Mermando, Mermando
Mer-Mermando, Mer-Mermando
Mermando, Mermando
Mer-Mermando, Mer-Mermando
Stop please, you have to go
Mermando, you have to go
She's not broken, she's just Mabel
But her brother's like a dad, knows good from bad
Those ex-boyfriends that fell before him
Now he's the new lifeguard, got a pool to guard
You know that I love guitar
Este de Mexico, El Mar
Love som
:icontomthefanboy:tomthefanboy 15 2
CD cover - Whiskers in the jar :iconillahie:Illahie 85 48
XJ-9 'Jenny'
XJ-9 (Jenny)
by Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto
parody of "867-5309 (Jenny)" by Tommy Tutone
(T. Heath; parody lyrics by A. LoGatto)
Jenny Jenny who can I turn to
You give me something we can depend on
I know you'll think you can save the world
We depend on you to save us all
Jenny you're always my hero
I think that you're just so fine
Jenny you're always my hero
Miss Wakeman's robot, XJ-9
Miss Wakeman's robot, XJ-9
Miss Wakeman's robot, XJ-9
Miss Wakeman's robot, XJ-9
Jenny Jenny you're the greatest hero
You don't know it but you are not a zero
The Krust Cousins try to make you lose control
but you made it out so you can save us all
Jenny you're always my hero
I think that you're just so fine
Jenny you're always my hero
Miss Wakeman's robot, XJ-9
Miss Wakeman's robot, XJ-9
Miss Wakeman's robot, XJ-9
Miss Wakeman's robot, XJ-9
We need you (we need you) we need you
We need you on the double
We need you (we need you) we need you
She can help you, whenever you're in trouble
Jenny you're always my
:icona-log:A-Log 12 5
Surrogates :iconamerime:amerime 78 25 We Three Seekers :iconhorsetechie:horsetechie 67 53 The Brony Anthem :iconsparklepeep:sparklepeep 85 91 Cover for 'Avalon is Risen' :iconbws:BWS 47 13 Always Be Lyra :iconalanjcastonguay:alanjcastonguay 241 53
Morris Dance Spider
(Who to apologize to?)
Squatting on my Book of Kells...
Ribbons, hat and ankle bells,
Legs convulsing, jingling noise--
Damaging my equipoise
Morris Dance Spider!
Morris Dance Spider!
Now he's really on a roll,
Prancing 'round a ribboned pole.
Looking rather weird than cute
Who's that with the tiny flute?
What do those gyrations mean?
Plays a little tambourine...
Morris Dance Spider!
Morris Dance Spider!
Jingly, jangly,
Jingly, jangly,
Jingly, jingly, jangly, jangly!
Jingly, jingly, jangly, jangly!
Jingly, jingly, jangly, jangly!
Jingly, jingly, jangly, jangly!
Doesn't seem to mind my stare,
Bogarting my Morris Chair
Has an easel, what a sight...
Paints like a Pre-Raphaelite!
Morris Dance Spider!
Morris Dance Spider!
Jingly, jangly,
Jingly, jangly...
:iconmensjedezeemeermin:MensjeDeZeemeermin 6 18
Danger: Falling Tribbles :iconjinkies36:jinkies36 229 55
The Golden Lyre
Black Snooty went down to Ponyville, she was lookin' for a soul to steal.
She was in a bind, 'cause she was way behind, and she was willin' to make a deal.
Then she came across this young mare pluckin' on a lyre and playin' it hot.
And the nightmare jumped up on a hickory stump and said "Foal, let me tell you what."
"You probably did not know it, but I'm a lyre player too.
And if you care to take a dare I'll just make a bet with you."
"Now you play a pretty good lyre, foal. But give the nightmare her due.
I'll bet a lyre of gold against your soul,'cause I think I'm better than you."
The filly said "My name's Lyra, and it might be a sin, but I'll take your bet and you're gonna regret. 'Cause I'm the best there's ever been!"
Now Lyra sit yourself up straight and play your lyre hard, cause hell's broke loose in Ponyville and Black Snooty deals the cards.
And if you win you get a shiny lyre made of gold, but if you lose Black Snooty gets your soul.
The nightmare opened up he
:iconmlp-whiteout:MLP-Whiteout 7 9
POTO Snape Filk-songparody
All Ask of You
No more talk of murder,
Forget this death eating
You're here, In Hogwarts School now
No dark lord to make you to bow
Let me be your mentor,
let spying cleanse your sins
you say that you're not evil
and frankly, I believe you. . .
You say you trust me
With your life, headmaster,
You believe that I am good again
You say you need me spying for the order…
promise me that's all I have to do-
that's all I ask of you…
I'll be your supporter
If you do what's right
You're safe:
The auraurs won't find you
The dark mark's far behind you…
All I want is freedom,
a world with no more night…
though I still don't like the mudbloods
And don't expect me to teach duds…
Just say you'll spy
For me and for the Order…
Teaching potions
If you've got the time…
I will see to it  the aurors don't arrest you. . .
Tell me what Tom is going to do
Severus, that's all I ask of you…
Say you'll keep me out of wizard prison
Say the word and I wi
:icongreer-the-raven:Greer-The-Raven 6 7
Applejack: The Applebucking Mare :iconsparklepeep:sparklepeep 24 14
Just Like You - as Snape
Just Like You
I see him all over this place.
Gryffindor scarf and that smug smile on his face.
I see him on the pitch, doing all the things you'd do,
And he looks just like you.
I never thought I'd hate a child.
But he is stubborn, disrespectful and wild.
He loathes me blindly, just like another boy I knew.
And he looks just like you.
Perhaps it's only resentment,
Or something deeper which clings to this sentiment,
But after everything, I hold this much as true;
He looks just like you.
Zooming around upon his broomstick,
The-boy-who-lived is,
In spite of everything, so strong.
Looming in my mind, making me sick,
Just like you, he is
I know that he can't be all bad,
But he reminds me of the life I never had.
And he always brings to mind the hell you put me through,
Because he looks just like you.
He torments me with his visage.
The soul damning, spitting image
Of the one who beat my spirit black and blue.
Yes, he looks just like you.
Soaring hi
:iconjuvenylechylde:JuvenyleChylde 18 8
American Dragon
For Didlika
American dragon... gonna take your gold...
American dragon, she gonna loot your gold.
Mm, American dragon wants all your gold...
Mm, American dragon... Gonna grab that gold...
Say D
Say R
Say A
Say G
Say O
American dragon... got a dragon spell
American dragon... She don't chomp and tell!
American dragon... got a dragon spell
American dragon, stay away from me
American dragon, please just let me be!
Don't come a-swoopin' through my door
Don't like those fangs... Don't like that roar!
When I saw that gout of flame I knew
That you would do what dragons do...
Now dragon, I said stay away
American dragon, listen what I say!
American dragon, get away from me
American dragon, stop that, let me be
Don't come a-breakin' down my door!
Don't wanna flee your shadow no more
Dragon eyes can hypnotize!
Enspell someone else's eyes!
Now dragon, I said fly away
American dragon, listen what I say, HEY!
American dragon,
:iconmensjedezeemeermin:MensjeDeZeemeermin 6 13
My Favourite Things On DA
[To the tune of "My Favourite Things" from "The Sound of Music"]
Pictures of puppies and Flash animations
Actual comments on prose deviations
Improbable crack fiction to make me say,
"These are my favourite things on DA"
Torn hearts and fanart and photos of flowers
Joking in forums that goes on for hours
Anime fancomics light up my day
These are my favourite things on DA
Memes with new OCs and quizzes in journals
Spamming friends' pages with icons of turtles
Even the mudkips that get in the way
These are my favourite things on DA
When my life sucks
When I get stuck
Working late and such
I simply remember my favourite things
And then life won't suck so much
Poems of lost days and gothic punk hippies
Dark comic characters drawn up as chibis
Worldbuilding diehards creating the way
These are my favourite things on DA
Pictures with beauty so well worth beholding
Fandom in tandem with real life unfolding
Drawings of emos from new anime
These are my favourite things on DA
A flurry of furries
:iconcaptainquirk:CaptainQuirk 23 30
Bloody Jacky Filker? :iconbar1scorpio:bar1scorpio 27 13 Commission- Sacred Geometry 3: Drum and Drummer :iconlusoskav:LusoSkav 17 6
Those that walk the sky...
He looked down upon the creature, old in the terms of his species but barely a flicker complained to him.
Not so very different from them when you looked at what mattered the most. Curiosity had pulled them out of the mud and dust, had made them reach for all that was new, all the things they did not know or understand. Eventually it had spurred them on to reach for the stars.
Not all of them… not all of them by far.
Even now there were so many of them that feared all that was new, all that was different. Those among them that would kill his own kin, simply because they were not of the Homo sapiens species. It did not cause anger in his spark, e saw the parallel to his own kin there too…
They had also feared, fear had lead to control and that in turn had led to their fall. This species was so young though that there was no saying what their fear would lead to, or if it would be erased before it became the path to destruction.
But some mong the
:iconxobit:Xobit 18 26
Tribble Songbook Cover :iconjinkies36:jinkies36 22 1
TF2 Kritzmas Carol Rewrite of Good King Wenceslas
Proud Scout LIKE A BOSS looked out, on the map of D.C.
Where the bridges lay about, long and cold and breezy.
Brightly shone the moon that night, as he neared the tunnel,
When a Medic came in sight, carrying the intel.
"Hither Medic, run past me!" chortled the Scout winking.
"Intel grabbing's not for thee! What the hell're you thinking?"
Then their foes appeared to frag, shooting bomb and rocket.
When the Medic threw the flag to his mocking pocket.
"Leave me here and swiftly flee-- bear the intel thither.
I will hold them off for thee, if they dare come hither."
Scout and intel, forth they went, and he capped it safely.
But the selfless medic's fate weighed upon him greatly.
Some days later, still confused, a scene he saw as he ran;
A new Medic being abused by a mêlée Scotsman.
E'er before he'd snub such fuss, "Yo, 'tis not my problem!
If they never Über us, why should I defend them?"
"Scout, my fate grows darker now, and my foes grow stronger!
Assistance bitte! I'm a n0
:iconthrenodi:Threnodi 10 11
Sorry to Burst Your Vessel 1
Summary- Lucifer explains his real reason for choosing Sam as his vessel while tormenting Castiel and the Boys.
Humor / Song Parody with a little H/C mixed in.
Takes place immediately after "Free to Be You and Me".
Part 1 of 2:
It was Day 7 and Dean and Castiel were no closer to finding God.
After their encounter with Raphael had left Cas visibly shaken, Dean convinced his pal to let him take the reins in the search. Unfortunately, every lead the handsome hunter followed had turned out to be a bust.
The pair had stumbled upon several burritos bearing the face of Elvis Presley, a potato chip shaped like Tupac Shakur and a head of broccoli that greatly resembled an Off the Wall era Michael Jackson, but so far no sign of the Deity they were looking for.  
"I have told you, Dean," the angel scolded, "God will not be found in any flat bread, snack treat or vegetable!"
"Well, I'm all out of ideas," Dean sulked, "If you and your winged buddies can't find Him... "
"I have faith that
:icongirlyghoul:GirlyGhoul 13 3
A Zutarian Filk
The years have flown by so fast
I start to think about our past
Will I ever see you again?
What happened to the love we had?
Was it never meant to last?
Will I ever see you again?
Prince Zuko is a very
Young firebender
Katara is a lovely girl
Who can bend water
Both of them can wield
Two opposing elements
Will I ever see you again?
I wish you were here right now
I need you so much. Can't you tell?
Will I ever see you again?
I hope that you miss me too
Like the way that I miss you
Will I ever see you again?
Zuko gets his fire from
The power of the sun
He is quite powerful
For one so young
Katara's powers of
Water are received from the moon
Will I ever see you again?
We are formidable foes
That's why we make a perfect couple
Will I ever see you again?
What happened to what we once had?
Why is nothing ever meant to last?
Will I ever see you again?
I wish that I could see you again
Please wake me up once this dream ends
Started:  Sat. Nov. 4/06
:iconmelmuff:MelMuff 5 8
Anti-Twilight Xmas Card :iconsagedarkling:SageDarkling 15 9
Ah Cthulu
Now I've heard there was a secret court
Where Dagon played, and it pleased our Lord
But you don't really care for Euclid, do you?
It goes like this
The empire falls, the R'ley lift
The baffled men screaming Ah Cthulhu
Ah Cthulhu
Ah Cthulhu
Ah Cthulhu
Ah Cthulhu
Your face was wrong but you needed food
You taught men to serve you good
their curses and the starlight overthrew you
We sent you
To a carnal pit
We broke your throne, and we burnt your lair
And from our lips we cried the Ah Cthulhu
Baby you've been here before
You know this plane, you ate this gore
You used to live below before we drew you.
We've raised your flag up to an arch
You are not a victory march
You're a cold and a broken god; Ah Cthulhu
Ah Cthulhu, Ah Cthulhu
Ah Cthulhu, Ah Cthulhu
There was a time you let us know
What was really going on below
But now you never show it to us, do you?
And remember when I sculpted you
The shapes were always moving too
And every word we'd cry was Ah Cthulhu
Ah Cthulhu, Ah Cth
:iconnormangreene:NormanGreene 9 6
Beatles Parody- anime
(to the tune of "I Want To Hold Your Hand" by the Beatles)
Oh, yeah, I’ll tell you something
I hope makes sense today.
When it…comes to cartoons,
I love the anime!
I love the anime.
I love the anime.
Oh, read…my doujinshi.
Now let’s hear your confession.
Oh, please, say to me.
You share my mad obsession!
You share my mad obsession.
You share my mad obsession.
Cuz when we watch those animations all night
I want to hop into a mecha and take flight, and take flight, and take flight!
Yeah, you’re an otaku.
You’re crazy just like me.
Cuz I get it, when you’re saying,
“Togepi, togepiiiiiiiiii!”
Pokémon for the win.
Pokémon for the win.
And when we’re walking we might jump to ninja stance.
And then to top it off we will Haruhi dance, Haruhi dance, Haruhi dance!
Yeah, we’ve got that something
Too many haven’t heard.
Cuz you, you and me…
We are otaku nerds!
We are otaku nerds.
We are otaku nerds.
We are otaku nerd
:iconcaptainquirk:CaptainQuirk 11 19
Sorry to Burst Your Vessel 2
Part 2 of 2
In a flash, the scene faded and the Winchesters were once again in the flea bag motel room with Castiel. The angel had managed to wriggle his way out of the wedgie in Lucifer's absence.
The brothers gaped at their dark nemesis, stunned at all he had just revealed to them. Sam wrapped his arms around his stomach self consciously as he noticed the fallen angel ogling him.
"So there you have it," Lucifer stated, "That's how you were chosen. That's why you're the one. Now come, Sam Winchester. Accept your destiny! Be my vessel!"
The Prince of Darkness held his hand out towards Sam.
"Hold up!" Dean snapped, "Are you kidding me with this? You chose Sam based solely on his looks?"
"As it was explained," Lucifer said testily, "I needed a vessel with an imposing figure. Your brother was the only one who fit the bill."
"That's not true!" Sam protested, "You had Jake on the back burner all along!"
"A mere technicality." Lucifer insisted, "It's just good practice to carry a spare. But
:icongirlyghoul:GirlyGhoul 10 6
L.K.: I Miss You :iconimperfectangell:imperfectangell 11 35 Mynarski Filk :icondeckardcanine:DeckardCanine 9 8 Fi'lk Polus Comic :iconrekpolus:RekPolus 9 1 John Silver - Graphite :iconamerime:amerime 11 9 AA - This is Harvest Eve - Song Lyrics :icontenebrian:Tenebrian 8 11 Little Blackbird pages 3 and 4 :iconltiana355:ltiana355 7 2 MarsCon 2012 - 4 :iconhithorys:Hithorys 10 1 Heartbeats :iconjaxraven:jaxraven 8 1
Wet Rabbit
One tap… makes you hotter…
And one tap… makes you cold…
And if you splash… any water…
You will hear your… owner scold.
It’s not malice…  But it gets so old.
We rabbits… are soon mastered…
By our instincts… and our fears…
And that stupid… primate bastard…
Just got shampoo… in my ears…
It’s not malice… But it’s ‘No More Tears.’
And if you go… bathing rabbits…
And you rub them… with a towel…
However… kind their habits…
You will hear them… try to growl…
Bunny faces… don’t do ‘scowl!’
Now the bath is… finally over…
And your fur’s soggy and flat…
And you splay your claws while crouching
Rather grouchy… on the mat…
You had best remember…
Past the urge to… gnaw and shred…
:iconmensjedezeemeermin:MensjeDeZeemeermin 6 27
Owl Projekt :iconsupremetattoo:SupremeTattoo 7 3
[Parody of “Shambala” by Three Dog Night]
Killin’ all the Blackfang, killin’ on a whim
Farming Rep in Fang'rila
Killin’ all those Blackfang, must kill all of them
Farming Rep in Fang'rila
Ah-roo-OO-oo-oo-oo yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Ah-roo-OO-oo-oo-oo yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Saberon are angry, Saberon ain’t kind
I’m farming Rep in Fang’rila
Saberon ain’t lucky, Saberon will die
I’m farming Rep in Fang’rila
Ah-roo-OO-oo-oo-oo yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Ah-roo-OO-oo-oo-oo yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
How long must I kill cats
In the caves of Fang’rila
How long will this grind take
In the caves of Fang’rila
I must grind rep ‘til Exalted I become
With Saberstalkers of Fang’rila
I must kill all Blackgfang Saberon
For Saberstalkers of Fang’rila
Ah-roo-OO-oo-oo-oo yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Ah-roo-OO-oo-oo-oo yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Just killed S
:iconburnslikeice:BurnsLikeIce 4 0
Ridleys Song 'Down to Norfair'
Down, down, to Norfair again
Down, down, to Norfair again
It's a fight we know well
and I'm sure you can tell
I just can't wait for it to begin
Soon, soon, the battle will start
soon, soon, the battle will start
With missiles and claws
we'll fight without pause
And nothing will tear us apart
Welcome once again
My dearest nemesis
Glad you could come
so we can finish this
I am great Ridley
filled with power and might
I rule the Pirates
and I'll rule this fight
Once more we stand
within my lair
once more you view me
and despair
Down, down, to Norfair again
Down, down, to Norfair again
It's a fight we know well
and I'm sure you can tell
I am glad that it shall begin
:iconthe-ricemaster:The-Ricemaster 6 18
Barock :iconpiatyelek:piatyelek 6 4
The Good Ship Broken Axis
Ludwig Beilschmidt was the German nation back in World War Two
Formed the Axis with his friends Feliciano and Kiku
Hated for the hell wrought on the world in steel and blood and flame
But the nationkind were really not to blame
Seems their bosses hadn't told them what their countrymen had done
Till the Allies showed and shocked them when the war at last was won
Saw the camps and ruined cities, fell and wept into the mud,
And the Axis swore an oath in fire and blood
Our freighter left New Hong Kong back in two-five-seventeen
And when we reached our port they laughed at what we said we'd seen
But this tale still chills my spirit and I swear to you it's true,
'Tis the tale of Ludwig Beilschmidt and his crew
Yes, the good ship Broken Axis and her crew
Too far from home for help to come, four ships surrounded one,
We would have fought the pirates but the freighter had no gun
Soon we knew the foe would board us, we were sure we'd bought the farm
Till a stranger's ship picked up our we
:iconchelonianmobile:Chelonianmobile 5 61
Ozy and Millie Read Ted Hughes :icondeckardcanine:DeckardCanine 5 3 Octopus :iconpiatyelek:piatyelek 5 9 Lavender Town Syndrome :iconzackloup:ZackLoup 5 0