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Pokemon water starters by michellescribbles Pokemon water starters :iconmichellescribbles:michellescribbles 2,206 151 Pokemon Mob by GlassPanda Pokemon Mob :iconglasspanda:GlassPanda 1,280 516 Druddigon by Leashe Druddigon :iconleashe:Leashe 1,122 103 Zekrom by Twarda8 Zekrom :icontwarda8:Twarda8 802 119 Zorua and Zoroark by Kiriska Zorua and Zoroark :iconkiriska:Kiriska 1,327 88 Pokeplans 2 by In-The-Machine Pokeplans 2 :iconin-the-machine:In-The-Machine 1,098 0 Icon - Happy Tepig by Umberoff Icon - Happy Tepig :iconumberoff:Umberoff 1,344 176 Pokemon: EvoLOLution by In-The-Machine Pokemon: EvoLOLution :iconin-the-machine:In-The-Machine 1,229 0 Evolution is Friggin' Scary by SoftMonKeychains Evolution is Friggin' Scary :iconsoftmonkeychains:SoftMonKeychains 759 339 5th Gen by unbadger 5th Gen :iconunbadger:unbadger 1,277 90 Darumaka Tumbler Doll Set by caffwin Darumaka Tumbler Doll Set :iconcaffwin:caffwin 765 153 Scolipede by Enigmasystem Scolipede :iconenigmasystem:Enigmasystem 451 60 Kyurem Sculpture by caffwin Kyurem Sculpture :iconcaffwin:caffwin 326 75 derpy birds by michellescribbles derpy birds :iconmichellescribbles:michellescribbles 509 27 Scolipede vs. Sigilyph by ProfessorPemzini Scolipede vs. Sigilyph :iconprofessorpemzini:ProfessorPemzini 821 95 The Grass Snake Pokemon by FancyPancakes The Grass Snake Pokemon :iconfancypancakes:FancyPancakes 1,107 113 Sukhoi Pak Fa T-50 by grievous15 Sukhoi Pak Fa T-50 :icongrievous15:grievous15 207 51 Litwick Pokemon Plush by P-isfor-Plushes Litwick Pokemon Plush :iconp-isfor-plushes:P-isfor-Plushes 267 59 Pokemon-Reshiram chibi by FancyPancakes Pokemon-Reshiram chibi :iconfancypancakes:FancyPancakes 1,525 95 Reshiram Sprite by Quanyails Reshiram Sprite :iconquanyails:Quanyails 200 39 Poketard tardtard by Jumpix Poketard tardtard :iconjumpix:Jumpix 1,134 180 Pokemon: Black n' White by DukeStewart Pokemon: Black n' White :icondukestewart:DukeStewart 492 284 Meloetta Commission by x-SquishyStar-x Meloetta Commission :iconx-squishystar-x:x-SquishyStar-x 467 31 Thundurus and his Lightning bolt by MusicalCombusken Thundurus and his Lightning bolt :iconmusicalcombusken:MusicalCombusken 298 39 ZOR by Sysirauta ZOR :iconsysirauta:Sysirauta 370 36 Sexy Starters by BlackSen Sexy Starters :iconblacksen:BlackSen 2,339 480 Request - Swimsuit Touko by Lucky-JJ Request - Swimsuit Touko :iconlucky-jj:Lucky-JJ 623 109 pokemon water starters with froakie by michellescribbles pokemon water starters with froakie :iconmichellescribbles:michellescribbles 708 25 male Jellicent plush by aSourLemon male Jellicent plush :iconasourlemon:aSourLemon 195 63 Reshiram by Effier-sxy Reshiram :iconeffier-sxy:Effier-sxy 705 57 fifth gen water by Effier-sxy fifth gen water :iconeffier-sxy:Effier-sxy 656 46 Icon - Smugleaf Eyeroll by Umberoff Icon - Smugleaf Eyeroll :iconumberoff:Umberoff 360 62 The Dragon Pokemon Queen by Sarky-Sparky The Dragon Pokemon Queen :iconsarky-sparky:Sarky-Sparky 579 91 Zekrom Sprite by Quanyails Zekrom Sprite :iconquanyails:Quanyails 217 29 Cilan is Kira by UMSAuthorLava Cilan is Kira :iconumsauthorlava:UMSAuthorLava 288 149 Bichos con lienzos by lachechucita Bichos con lienzos :iconlachechucita:lachechucita 687 107 And two more.. by caffwin And two more.. :iconcaffwin:caffwin 131 24 Jumbo Zoroark Plushie by GrowlyLobita Jumbo Zoroark Plushie :icongrowlylobita:GrowlyLobita 119 16 Tsutarja - Animation by HyenaVitani Tsutarja - Animation :iconhyenavitani:HyenaVitani 301 70
Lucario stood within his stronghold, unable to keep his white-hot fury under control. Zoroark had taken their son and left!
His tail lashed back and forth in a violent manner, and his pupils were barely visible, being reduced to slits as thin as paper.
"What gives her the right to take away our son?!" he thundered, with no answer. "He is my son as he is hers!" He began to pace, clenching his paws, and uncurling them in a failed attempt to release his energy. "She has the temper of a Primeape, and very little reason, as well!" He whirled around to pace in the other direction. "I was angry as well for our son's treatment, but I kept myself in check! But she-!" Here, he gained an almost sarcastic tone to his voice, "She decides what justice truly is!"
Eventually, after he had finished his ranting, he sat down in exhaustion. "But the true problem..." he murmured in worry. "Doesn't she remember Zorua's need for the both of us?"
That thought clawed at him the most. "Zorua will
:iconchildofaura:ChildofAura 36 45
I'll catch you by BakaMichi I'll catch you :iconbakamichi:BakaMichi 265 40
Team Now You See Us App.
PMD-explorers Writing App
Writing Application Sheet
Team Name: Now You See Us
Guild Leaders:  ___Rogues   _X_Merchants   ___Rescuers
Leader Information
Name and Species: Zahir/Zorua
Nature: Jolly/Mischievous
Gender: Female
Strengths: She uses her ability to cry on whim to distract others, seeing as she is a female and people tend to pay more attention to her. Speed is another factor she tends to excel in, able to outrun most of the people she cons.  
Weaknesses: Her brother. She tends to be overly protective of him. She is also noted for being easily distracted by things, therefore, losing her focus easily. For example, if someone says her name in battle, she is distracted from her opponent and is then vulnerable. She also tends to act before she thinks, which may at times be considered a good thing, though most of the time it tends to lead her to trouble.
Moves: Dark Pulse, Agility, Sucker Punch, Fake Tears
Accessories: None (the only
:icondimunda:Dimunda 29 9
2006 Mustang by FurLined 2006 Mustang :iconfurlined:FurLined 60 12 0647 by meteorcrash 0647 :iconmeteorcrash:meteorcrash 218 39 fifth gen grass by Effier-sxy fifth gen grass :iconeffier-sxy:Effier-sxy 573 135 Zoroark by InfernoKat Zoroark :iconinfernokat:InfernoKat 203 23 Pokemon: Old Kids on the Block by In-The-Machine Pokemon: Old Kids on the Block :iconin-the-machine:In-The-Machine 550 0 into the universe by onedayfour into the universe :icononedayfour:onedayfour 218 28 Reshiram. by Effier-sxy Reshiram. :iconeffier-sxy:Effier-sxy 638 29