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FIfi Xmas :icon14-bis:14-bis 456 25 Miss Furry 2009 :iconfurboz:Furboz 736 339
Kaa has fun with Fifi
Fifi, the flirtatious French purple skunk, had recently built a cozy treehouse in the woods near her home. How nice it was! It was much like a smaller version of her own house, but much simpler. It had a classic rope ladder that went all the way to the ground but she could pull it up if she wanted to. She could also shoo away almost anyone with her oh so potent smell that she could spray from her tail. And what a spray it was! Sometimes, she forgot she even had it, getting her into comedic situations.
Little did she know though, another being had tried claiming the treehouse as his own. Kaa, the well known hypnotic python had taken up residence inside the upper branches of Fifi's tree house while she had been away, hoping it was abandoned. Imagine Kaa's surprise when the cute Fifi climbed up into the house, waking him with her smell! Kaa's eyes watered at first, making him cough loudly.
"What on earth issss that ssssmell?" he gagged. Perhaps fortunately, Fifi heard Kaa's plight.
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Fifi La Fume :icondalley-le-alpha:Dalley-Le-Alpha 291 13 A Fridge :iconmr-shin:Mr-Shin 260 17 Fifi paintover :icon14-bis:14-bis 504 37 Commision - Good Friends :iconishoka:Ishoka 508 69 Fifi La Fume visit Skunk Fu :iconmemije:Memije 155 41 Fifi La Fume TG :iconspongebat1:SpongeBat1 83 3 Relaxation :iconishoka:Ishoka 466 99
Le Stinke: Fifi La Fume TF/TG (TRADE)
Tyler was an avid collector of various colognes and perfumes from all over. He didn't use many of them; of course every so often he would for say a date or important meeting. Tyler just liked having shelves filled with the different bottles in different sizes and shapes. He loved the aesthetics of the bottles, they were always unique and irregular. Also he had to admit they felt good to hold, especially the perfumes and their little ball to squeeze. He was shopping online for a few new bottles to add to his collection. One of them stuck out to him from the name alone. "Le Stinke." Tyler pondered why anyone would name perfume that, it would be a pretty big turn off with the title alone. He did admit he really liked the bottle's shape and bought it none the less. 
In a few days the package contain a bottle of Le Stinke came. Excited, Tyler ripped into the package pulling out the bottle. He began to feel it up, and it felt just as nice as he had expected. Tyler smelled a bit from the
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Crimson ash :icon0r0ch1:0r0ch1 232 51 Tiny Toons Summer Break 2016 :iconfurboz:Furboz 430 63
Fifi la Fume TF TG
Nothing is sweeter than fresh Saturday mornings. I am finished washing up for a bright new day of cartoons! And here is the weird part: Someone must have snuck in the bathroom last night and inserted a bottle of men's cologne in the closet. Well, how could I pass up the slightest opportunity? I take a spritz here, a spritz there, and a spritz everywhere! But the strangest part: Its scent, it is like the smell of fresh lilac in the field of buttercups. Ah, the joy of the countryside...but then...bizarre! At first it might be totally bogus, but later it might not be so bad.
While still sniffing myself, my head, it has gone through a rapid change as follows: My hair goes through a serious tint from brown to lavendar, as well as a shift into a feminine style, topping off with a special pink ribbon. My eyeballs have increased in size, with their whites going from white to a light robin's egg blue, and my pupils black and white! Also, three eyelashes are introduced to each eye. My skull, com
:iconcheril59:cheril59 27 1
Cutest Princess in Tribe :iconallesiathehedge:AllesiaTheHedge 152 29 Fifi La Fume Scrap :iconchesney:chesney 234 58 Fifi Redesign :iconfacreamytea:FACreamyTea 289 28 The Smell Of Love :iconkrocialblack:krocialblack 188 46 French maid Fifi :iconmephistocoon:Mephistocoon 172 15 Never let go :icon0r0ch1:0r0ch1 227 74 FiFi La Fume :icongeminas0wng:Geminas0wng 454 91 Scentenna :iconmemije:Memije 128 26 Crossover Cosplay Commission :iconzillabean:zillabean 597 105 Skunks in Weenie Burger :iconmemije:Memije 152 29 Failing :iconishoka:Ishoka 226 43 FiFi French Maid :icon14-bis:14-bis 2,463 239 Fifi la Fume :icon14-bis:14-bis 1,644 171 Fifi at School :icon14-bis:14-bis 1,300 127
fifi la fume's farting prank
Fifi la Fume's farting prank
This is a tiny toon fan fiction about babs bunny and fifi la fume pulling a prank ibns chool involving more to see what happens.very fuuny.note:I don't onw any tiny toon characters/all belong to warner bros.
A scene early in the morning shows babs bunny going to a Mexican place called taco town and orderring some food.
Counter Employee:may I take your order
Babs Bunny:yeh,can I get 50 burritos please.with extra cheese
Employee:wow you must be really hungry.are you celebrating something
Babs bunny:oh's a special occasion'she laughs a little
Babs bunny pays for the burritos and takes them to school with her.
Babs:wow,I hope this works,I saved up a lot of allowance for this.
Babs then takes the burritos and puts them in her school locker.She then sees fif la fume walk by in the school hallway.
Babs Bunny:hey fifi,hows it going.tell me,do you like Mexican food?
Fifi La fume:oh qui,I love food from different cultures.
Babs:good,I had some bur
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fifi maid sketches :icon14-bis:14-bis 459 178 Fifi la Fume :iconnancher:nancher 703 52 Skunket a la Fifi :icon14-bis:14-bis 577 51 COMM--Pinkie Pie and Fifi: Fatty Rampage :iconroyaljellysandwich:RoyalJellySandwich 234 53 Fifi maid sketch :icon14-bis:14-bis 326 36 (sexius skunkius) :iconedtropolis:edtropolis 277 30
fifi and babs eat too much
fifi and babs eat too much
this is a fanfiction about fifi la fume and babs bunny eating lots of junk foodo and getting fat and stuffed. note:i dont own babs bunny or other tiny toon characters.all are owned by warner bros.
its the weekend and babs bunny is at her house relaxing and watching sanford and son
babs bunny:that fred sanford is one funny old guy.but its kinda boring watching tv all by myself.i think ill invite fifi over for a while.she picks up her phone and calls fifi
babs:yeh fifi its babs,i was wondering if you wanted to come over to my house to hang out
fifi:sure,babs zat would be fun,ill be over in a minute.
fifi comes over soon and babs opens the door for her.
babs:hey fifi,nice to have you over.come on,take a seat on the couch next to me,im watching sanford and son
fifi:what eeez sanford and son?
babs:just watch it with me,youll love it.(stomach grumbles)im getting kind of hungry,hey fifi are you hungry,ill call the pizza guy
fifi:qui,i am getting kind o
:iconjupiterfox:jupiterfox 18 4
Cuddly :iconfacreamytea:FACreamyTea 334 30 Fifi la Fume as Jessica :iconuruseiranma:uruseiranma 248 31 Mon petit camion a benne basculante :icontubbytoon:TubbyToon 380 26 Commission: It's Okay Now :iconrakumel:rakumel 210 47 Fifi Is NOT A Pokemon :iconogawaburukku:OgawaBurukku 246 141 Fifi Sculpture Finish :iconishoka:Ishoka 77 48 ''Le Sigh...'' :iconwillisninety-six:WillisNinety-Six 342 31 Colonial Marines TTA Crossover :iconguimontag:GuiMontag 118 70 Wild takes Class a la Daffy :iconsnappysnape:SnappySnape 83 61 Furball in 3D in blender :iconalatdragon:AlatDragon 84 81 A Welcome Sight Indeed :iconsyke-ink:syke-ink 72 21 Fifi reads cheap romance horror thriller novel :iconmemije:Memije 100 26