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The Elder Scrolls: Cosmology by okiir The Elder Scrolls: Cosmology :iconokiir:okiir 2,283 262 Sci-fi City Downtown by JadrienC Sci-fi City Downtown :iconjadrienc:JadrienC 2,761 122 Heavy Metal: 7 Years of War by Tabnir Heavy Metal: 7 Years of War :icontabnir:Tabnir 362 70 Tutorial on creature design. by Rodrigo-Vega Tutorial on creature design. :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 5,083 299 Storage Corridor by St-Pete Storage Corridor :iconst-pete:St-Pete 1,167 81 Life on Kepler 186f by priteeboy Life on Kepler 186f :iconpriteeboy:priteeboy 1,244 189 Goblin Head Concepts by UlaFish Goblin Head Concepts :iconulafish:UlaFish 1,977 88 CETACEAN by KENBARTHELMEY CETACEAN :iconkenbarthelmey:KENBARTHELMEY 2,087 81 Shadowrun - Seattle 2072 by Hideyoshi Shadowrun - Seattle 2072 :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 1,388 156 CAMELOPARDALIS by KENBARTHELMEY CAMELOPARDALIS :iconkenbarthelmey:KENBARTHELMEY 3,294 230 ALIEN-APES by KENBARTHELMEY ALIEN-APES :iconkenbarthelmey:KENBARTHELMEY 4,985 273 ALIEN-WARRIOR by KENBARTHELMEY ALIEN-WARRIOR :iconkenbarthelmey:KENBARTHELMEY 881 27 BEAUTY MEETS THE UNICORN by KENBARTHELMEY BEAUTY MEETS THE UNICORN :iconkenbarthelmey:KENBARTHELMEY 1,895 92 Tokyo River by tokyogenso Tokyo River :icontokyogenso:tokyogenso 546 16 Commission: Bonre City by priteeboy Commission: Bonre City :iconpriteeboy:priteeboy 1,194 357 Sakura JAPAN by tokyogenso Sakura JAPAN :icontokyogenso:tokyogenso 402 18 Floating Tokyo by tokyogenso Floating Tokyo :icontokyogenso:tokyogenso 400 17
Beast's Mate Chapter 1


My name is Delancy. Half the time I can’t help who I am and the other half of the time I don’t care to help it.
It was Sunday morning, and my eyes burned from lack of sleep. Why the lack of sleep you ask? Well, simply put, my boyfriend has been gone for a week straight, and the lack of sex…is, well, taking its toll…
I got up out of my luxurious king size bed, and as I walked past the mirror I caught sight of myself. To me it is always strange to look in the mirror. I’ve always felt like it was someone else staring back at me, even though I knew it was me…
I was tall for a woman, around 5’8, and blonde, a real blonde, none of that bottled crap. I had long, blonde curls that trailed to my back, and deep blue eyes. My boyfriend, always told me I looked like an angel. Hell, he even called me Angel, when he wasn't calling me "Dahlin". That sweet Southern accent never quite lost its charming touch on
:icontaylorlynne:TaylorLynne 163 12
Shadowrun - Gearing Up by Hideyoshi Shadowrun - Gearing Up :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 850 62 alien head concept 2_The-Brade by Nikolaspascal alien head concept 2_The-Brade :iconnikolaspascal:Nikolaspascal 954 31 Journey... by Dark-Indigo Journey... :icondark-indigo:Dark-Indigo 369 53 Gandrill and Cacoill by Vincent-Covielloart Gandrill and Cacoill :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 395 11 Vivamus by DrZime Vivamus :icondrzime:DrZime 644 154 Thunder factory by priteeboy Thunder factory :iconpriteeboy:priteeboy 1,491 414 Its a... by Euderion Its a... :iconeuderion:Euderion 527 106 Ray Bradbury by francoclun Ray Bradbury :iconfrancoclun:francoclun 1,199 456
Otherworld Legacy - Nightfall - Prologue
        Earth. Such a tremendous place. So much darkness across its greatest depths and so much light among its dreadful heights. It was first filled with speechless creatures. Afterwards with logical and intelligent species. Humans. ...But what was before them? What was after the voiceless animals? What did the ancestors see and, thus, the folklore was born? What terrified them? What did amaze them so much that forced the myths and legends to spread across the seven seas? Why do they all sound so much alike?
        Each and every single person was told that humans are the only logical beings to have ever existed on earth. ...Some believed it. Some did not. Either way, no one really knows what lurks within the endless depths and heights. But still, those who believed were labeled as "lunatics". ...The truth is...that not everything is for every eye. Some things must remain hidden. Untold. Like an instinct of survival and self-preservation. Like
:iconakoukis:AKoukis 70 34
Across The Universe by priteeboy Across The Universe :iconpriteeboy:priteeboy 244 132 Shinbashi Station      summer 2014 by tokyogenso Shinbashi Station summer 2014 :icontokyogenso:tokyogenso 623 33 Space Frigate View 1 by eRe4s3r Space Frigate View 1 :iconere4s3r:eRe4s3r 360 25 Retropolis by BWS Retropolis :iconbws:BWS 654 164 Sci Fi Fantasy Building by mysticmorning Sci Fi Fantasy Building :iconmysticmorning:mysticmorning 388 96 Original: The Spiral Staircase by Risachantag Original: The Spiral Staircase :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 4,308 290 Avalon - New Horizon by Hideyoshi Avalon - New Horizon :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 1,213 90 chinese city by jonone chinese city :iconjonone:jonone 354 6 male alien 01 by Nikolaspascal male alien 01 :iconnikolaspascal:Nikolaspascal 1,693 41 Latex Stock by KaylaDavion Latex Stock :iconkayladavion:KaylaDavion 3,057 321 Fairy Mound by Vincent-Covielloart Fairy Mound :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 322 15 alien head concept 1_The-Brade by Nikolaspascal alien head concept 1_The-Brade :iconnikolaspascal:Nikolaspascal 628 9 Science Fantasy by sykosan Science Fantasy :iconsykosan:sykosan 743 103 Dragon 4.13.14 by Mythka Dragon 4.13.14 :iconmythka:Mythka 336 22 Gods of the Storm by Tabnir Gods of the Storm :icontabnir:Tabnir 713 44 Green Future by EmilisB Green Future :iconemilisb:EmilisB 364 11 FAIRY SKY STOCK by ArwenArts FAIRY SKY STOCK :iconarwenarts:ArwenArts 526 209 Edge of Solace by AdamBurn Edge of Solace :iconadamburn:AdamBurn 2,710 63 Tenebrean Weapons. Firearms Sheet by Athalai-Haust Tenebrean Weapons. Firearms Sheet :iconathalai-haust:Athalai-Haust 153 33
Super Bad (Avengers x Teen! Reader) Pt.2
You escorted yourself out of the lab, still slightly pissed off about Dr. Banner giving you the cold shoulder, but you tried to think of the objective in front of you...meeting Thor for your 2nd observation session of the day. You knew that Thor was either in the kitchen pigging out on poptarts and coffee or he was in the training room, practicing some new moves with mjonir. 
"Well it is near lunch time, maybe he went off to get a little pre-lunch snack" you thought as you strolled down the various halls to the kitchen. "Hmmm no sign of the mighty Thor here" you thought aloud as you peeked into the kitchen "He must be in the training room".
Once you entered the training room you were greeted by a sweaty Natasha, who had just got done kick-boxing.
"Hey (y/nickname)! Shouldn't you be in a session right about now?" Natasha asked casually, cocking an eyebrow curiously.
"Well yeah I was supposed to be in a session with Thor, but I can't find him anywhere!" you sighed, taking a seat on
:iconlizzielaufeyson:Lizzielaufeyson 100 4
Leather and Linen by Mollinda Leather and Linen :iconmollinda:Mollinda 214 149