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Midgar Aerith Costume by Adella Midgar Aerith Costume :iconadella:Adella 3,746 1,177 FF7: Reno and Rude by K-Koji FF7: Reno and Rude :iconk-koji:K-Koji 3,047 232 FF: Tifa - Are you Ready... by Cataclysm-X FF: Tifa - Are you Ready... :iconcataclysm-x:Cataclysm-X 8,421 2,117 Card Sagas Wars: First Wave by AbyssWolf Card Sagas Wars: First Wave :iconabysswolf:AbyssWolf 1,766 135 Cloud and Chocobo by tank2109 Cloud and Chocobo :icontank2109:tank2109 3,699 227 Aeris Gainsborough - Costume by Adella Aeris Gainsborough - Costume :iconadella:Adella 3,523 1,198 Seph and Stitch by gryphonworks Seph and Stitch :icongryphonworks:gryphonworks 3,759 844 Aerith Aeris Gainsborough by Adella Aerith Aeris Gainsborough :iconadella:Adella 1,250 430 FF7- Age meme ZC by meru-chan FF7- Age meme ZC :iconmeru-chan:meru-chan 11,984 1,468 FF7- Singing...omg by meru-chan FF7- Singing...omg :iconmeru-chan:meru-chan 2,543 389 Midgar Lights by Adella Midgar Lights :iconadella:Adella 2,704 465 Advent Chibis by Artoki Advent Chibis :iconartoki:Artoki 4,167 594 Vincent Valentine by JereduLevenin Vincent Valentine :iconjeredulevenin:JereduLevenin 2,613 270 A Kiss Goodbye by DaiKonRan1618 A Kiss Goodbye :icondaikonran1618:DaiKonRan1618 1,300 195 Sephiroth: Nightmare by raykit Sephiroth: Nightmare :iconraykit:raykit 2,335 158 Crazy is the Forecast by fayrenpickpocket Crazy is the Forecast :iconfayrenpickpocket:fayrenpickpocket 4,549 378 Cloud Strife by EErieFaery Cloud Strife :iconeeriefaery:EErieFaery 1,005 60 Sephiroth n Cloud tattoo by sooj Sephiroth n Cloud tattoo :iconsooj:sooj 264 166 FF7- For a special woman by meru-chan FF7- For a special woman :iconmeru-chan:meru-chan 3,087 229 Sephiroth's return by The-Proud-Amoeba Sephiroth's return :iconthe-proud-amoeba:The-Proud-Amoeba 1,992 441 FF7- Cloudy Wolf by meru-chan FF7- Cloudy Wolf :iconmeru-chan:meru-chan 4,410 318 Kingdom Hearts Vincent Valentine, color test by JereduLevenin Kingdom Hearts Vincent Valentine, color test :iconjeredulevenin:JereduLevenin 501 52 KHxFF7- A Heroic Duo by meru-chan KHxFF7- A Heroic Duo :iconmeru-chan:meru-chan 2,300 130 Final Fantasy VII : Cloud+Tifa by Kite-Mitiko Final Fantasy VII : Cloud+Tifa :iconkite-mitiko:Kite-Mitiko 1,209 80 Tifa by toirekomoru Tifa :icontoirekomoru:toirekomoru 776 18 Tifa by Dmitrys Tifa :icondmitrys:Dmitrys 3,990 186 Hotel Reno? by K-Koji Hotel Reno? :iconk-koji:K-Koji 2,243 311 cloud strife by dune-art cloud strife :icondune-art:dune-art 441 16 rain's sunshine by sooj rain's sunshine :iconsooj:sooj 1,532 99 Sephiroth :God of War by teamsugoi1 Sephiroth :God of War :iconteamsugoi1:teamsugoi1 1,674 253 FF7- 777777 by meru-chan FF7- 777777 :iconmeru-chan:meru-chan 3,769 259 FF7AC Cloud by f-wd FF7AC Cloud :iconf-wd:f-wd 870 172 Clouds by EErieFaery Clouds :iconeeriefaery:EErieFaery 663 58 FF7 - Always with you by meru-chan FF7 - Always with you :iconmeru-chan:meru-chan 1,629 112 Vincent Valentine's Heartless by JereduLevenin Vincent Valentine's Heartless :iconjeredulevenin:JereduLevenin 324 30 FF7- Come on SMILE by meru-chan FF7- Come on SMILE :iconmeru-chan:meru-chan 2,950 325 You have to SHAKE your... by zeldacw You have to SHAKE your... :iconzeldacw:zeldacw 934 143 FF - Martial Artist WIP2 by Cataclysm-X FF - Martial Artist WIP2 :iconcataclysm-x:Cataclysm-X 1,018 510 emerald weapon by catwell emerald weapon :iconcatwell:catwell 106 29 Advent of Children: Cloud by km-jakou Advent of Children: Cloud :iconkm-jakou:km-jakou 647 35 Tifa_ Rose Princess by xXxAutumnRainxXx Tifa_ Rose Princess :iconxxxautumnrainxxx:xXxAutumnRainxXx 198 85 Sephiroth by acer-v Sephiroth :iconacer-v:acer-v 164 62 The two sides of Vincent COLO by Furby0305 The two sides of Vincent COLO :iconfurby0305:Furby0305 363 79 FF7 x P3 - Bday bois by meru-chan FF7 x P3 - Bday bois :iconmeru-chan:meru-chan 1,347 129 Sephiroth colored by gts Sephiroth colored :icongts:gts 1,480 240 The President and The Turk by TD-Yukiryuu The President and The Turk :icontd-yukiryuu:TD-Yukiryuu 131 53 Materia - Final Fantasy VII Inspired by thingamajik Materia - Final Fantasy VII Inspired :iconthingamajik:thingamajik 77 16
For Genesis Lovers
For Genesis Lovers
The smell of worn pages, dust, and ink mingled in the air of the Rhapsodos household. You, as their maid, were doing your job and cleaning the library they had.
As you were reshelving some books, a bang and a muffled groan followed by a whimper caught your attention. The sounds seemed to have come from downstairs...
Creeping as stealthily as you could (which was pretty ahrd, considering this mansion was old)down the stairs, you flattened yourself against the wall leading to the living room where the noises were slowly fading.
What could be making those noises? And why hadn't Mr. and Mrs. Rhapsodos come to investigate? Sticking your head around the corner, your breath caught in your throat at the eerie silence and ghastly scene before you.
Standing in the middle of the room, was him. You hadn't seen him in so many years. And now he comes along and...!
Ducking your head back, you resist the urge to puke. For lying perfectly still in a pool o
:iconchoco-chuu:Choco-Chuu 44 22
Then and Now : Nanaki Sculpt by emilySculpts Then and Now : Nanaki Sculpt :iconemilysculpts:emilySculpts 417 0