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France X Reader : Fever
FranceXReaderXLittle!Canada: Fever
         ‘Et j’ai dû côtoyer le pavé,’…The first line of ‘Désolé’ by Sexion D’Assaut blared from the small phone on (Y/n)’s nightstand, waking her up. Groggily, she grunted and lifted her head, her (h/l)(h/c) hair a tangled mess around her face. Her hand groped for her phone in the dark. If the song was from France, it meant that Francis was calling her. She had country specific ringtones for all her friends, since they were personified nations. If it had been anyone else, she would have gone back to sleep, but she had a major crush on him. Flipping open her phone, she pressed it to her ear, but quickly jerked it away when she heard the Frenchman yelling into the phone.
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Sick [Hetalia: Germany x Reader]
"Ah, [N-name]..." Ludwig's voice called out to you softly. You were napping on the Beilschmidt's living room sofa, only in a spaghetti strap and Nike shorts. "Are you alright, Schatz?"
"Bah, yeah. Why wouldn't I be?" You replied, rolling your eyes. You sighed, and puffed out a breath of heated air. Obviously you were running a fever, your cheeks incredibly heated, flushed with a pink tint; your hair was out of its usual ponytail and askew, while you were just too tired to move at all. Your arms were sore, your legs were sore and most of all whenever you tried to stand up a wave of the chills would cause you to fall back on the sofa again, weak and limp.
"[Name]," Ludwig persisted, folding his arms as he put his green uniform jacket over his shoulders, "You obviously aren't. I'll go get some of that medicine from the pharmacy nearby-"
"NO!" You shouted, using the last of your energy. You fell back on your mountain of pillows again and pulled the quilt throw over yourself. "I don't wanna
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Ciel x Reader: There's a Good Reason
~~~Your POV~~~
Your butler had just entered your office where you had been for hours working diligently on paperwork for your recently deceased parents. Usually you wouldn’t have been bothered with silly paperwork but now that your parents had killed themselves recently leaving you one of England’s wealthiest orphans. However, you still had your trusty butler you were contracted to.
“Lady (L/N),” he proudly said. “You have a letter,” He explained carefully. He approached you slowly carrying a silver platter you had once had high hopes that it had food under the cover. Instead he pulled the cover off and held out the platter with a small envelope leaving you still very hungry and slightly angered.
Still you look at your butler overtop of the glasses that framed your face. “From whom,” You asked.  He looks back at you and smirks, deviously. Remaining silent he placed the platter over top of your paperwork. You look at him staring direc
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"Hidan, Hurry your ass up!" Kakuzu yelled before stealing the person's heart he was strangling, and threw him to the ground with a thud.
"FUCK YOU!" Hidan yelled back at his partner as he raised his head off the ground. He was in his ritual circle, with a stake through his heart, and multiple kuni in different parts on his body."DON'T MESS WITH-"
"-Your Retarded ritual.... blahblahblah... Jashin-whatever, herd it before, I could care less about what YOU want you spoiled brat." Kakuzu snapped back.
Hidan violet eyes narrowed and he snarled at him.
Kakuzu walked over to the bounty that Hidan had mutilated. His leg was twisted, and an arm was broken. He was bleeding in several different spots on the body, and his chest gushed blood. His eye was black, and his lip was bleeding, as was his nose.. There was blood everywhere. Kakuzu wrinkled his nose a bit. It was disgusting.
"I think you may of overdid it this time." Kakuzu said disgustedly.
"That what your so pissed about?" Hidan asked as h
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My fever is growing stronger and I'm feeling rather faint
I can see the walls are moving like dancers in the paint!
They cartwheel and turn as they soar through the air
I wonder how they do it but all I do is stare
The clock is ticking madly and soon it starts to chime
I think I'll probably turn this into another crazy rhyme
I appear to be creative but I'm really rather ill
In fact I'm only typing by sheer force of will
My eyes are actually closing as my fingers tap along
It seems my love for poetry is really rather strong!
But before I slip away to sleep I must complete this work
I'm afraid my need for excellence might be my only quirk
So here's a simple message that I've always wanted to say
It's just a simple thank you for showing me the way
My friends have made me stronger and showed me how to live
But I'm afraid these simple words are all I have to give:
Thank you...
-Chen Yuan Wen, 15th may 2012
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