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Creepypasta-Ferris Wheel
By now, I'm sure you've played Black or White. You've marveled, or scoffed, at the new pokemon,  beaten the gym leaders one after another, gasped at the plot.
You've been to Nimbasa City.
You rode the ferris wheel there with N, didn't you? If you were playing a girl, perhaps you giggled to yourself about N's rather flirtatious dialogue. It's such a cute scene. A few days later, maybe you returned to the ferris wheel, hoping for another ride with N, to find a trainer there instead. My first one was a waitress, who invited me to a battle, and then some girl talk. After you win against the trainer, you get to watch the animation of the ferris wheel again, and one half a conversation where they do all the talking and you, as usual, are silent. It's not N, but who would turn down a daily battle? You need to train your pokemon to the top after all, and every little bit helps.
Maybe you decide to go at night, once. You and I might be night owls together, staying up late glued to the
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Gray will make things clear
"Oi, oi where are we going?" Gray was following Wendy to an amusement park after the Grand Magic Games.

"I-I'm sorry, Gray san! B-but I can't tell you!" Wendy hesitated as she stopped in front of a ferris wheel.

"G-gray sama!!" Juvia was standing in front of it.

"Oh, Juvia." 

WAIT A MINUTE!! Gray thought. "Don't tell me..." He gathered his thoughts...

He remembered something about 'making things clear' with Juvia and face palmed.


"Our plan is working!!" Erza whispered while looking through a pair of binoculars. She was in a dark alley with Lucy and Natsu. They were spying on their victims.
"Please tell me why we're both wearing bunny suits. AND WHY THE HECK IS LYON ALL TIED UP HERE!!" Lucy pointed at poor Lyon tied up on the floor.

"We musn't have any interruptions! This guy's a ****blocker!!" Erza pointed her sword at Lyon.

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Live for the Moment: Chapter 1
The day they met hadn't been anything special, as White recalls. It was the second day of the second week of her sophomore year, and she was walking down the hall to her next class when she rounded a corner. Walking straight into his chest, N reflexively dropped his books and jumped a foot in the air. His history book landed directly on her foot, causing her to squeak and bite her lip.
"Oh, I'm sorry!" he said quickly, scratching the back of his head nervously. White bent down and picked his history book up off of her foot.
"It's okay," she mumbled, "just a few broken toes, nothing to worry about here..."
"I'm really, really sorry about that," he laughed, bending down to pick up the remainder of his belongings. White noted that he had a sketchbook with him and raised her eyebrows.
"You draw?" she asked, reaching out and tapping the pile of books in his arms. He scratched the back of his head again.
"Yeah, I guess," he said, "just a little bit."
"Cool, can I see?" she asked. He shrugged
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Live for the Moment: Prologue
Live for the Moment: Prologue
White's chest hurt as she struggled to breath. Hell, everything hurt. She could hear the paramedics rushing around her with their machines; ripping her jeans off to look at her mangled leg. Tilting her head slightly, she aimed her view towards the person next to her; N. She watched his already pale face grow paler as he coughed. Blood was on his cracked lips and splattered on his white shirt, his usually flawless hair tangled and splaying out against the gurney he was laid on. For a moment she was reminded of Christmas, but as his eyes drifted closed and a series of beeps sounded she knew something was wrong. A sense of panic overcame her as her eyelids became heavy as well. She opened her mouth to scream but the only thing that came out was his name, sounding strangled and pained.
"N," she gasped, "...N!"
And then everything went black.
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