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Base 15- group base-2 by mialove01 Base 15- group base-2 :iconmialove01:mialove01 3,401 254 Base 17- love triangle thing by mialove01 Base 17- love triangle thing :iconmialove01:mialove01 3,339 373 Base couple- Shall we dance? by mialove01 Base couple- Shall we dance? :iconmialove01:mialove01 3,647 281 opposites base by Tori001 opposites base :icontori001:Tori001 2,893 415 manga girl hair reference sheet II - 20130113 by RinFaye manga girl hair reference sheet II - 20130113 :iconrinfaye:RinFaye 11,641 194 base 14-Group base by mialove01 base 14-Group base :iconmialove01:mialove01 2,571 165 Manga Female Leg Poses by what-i-do-is-secret Manga Female Leg Poses :iconwhat-i-do-is-secret:what-i-do-is-secret 18,579 753 Female Anatomy Patterns by Snigom Female Anatomy Patterns :iconsnigom:Snigom 13,853 636 Goblin Head Concepts by UlaFish Goblin Head Concepts :iconulafish:UlaFish 1,962 88 + Dragon Lady + by kunkka + Dragon Lady + :iconkunkka:kunkka 11,626 756
How To Write Yaoi
Today, we're going to show you how to write The Greatest Thing to ever happen evar.
Yaoi. Since it's a known fact that all female characters are vastly inferior to the male ones, none of them are suitable to be shipped with a male character. In fact, they can all go lez in a corner. No.  This is going to be about yaoi. The greatest thing to evar happen evar of all time. Because we could never let a woman soil the true and pure love between a man and another man. And nothing is more sacred than that.
1. Tops and Bottoms As a rule, all yaoi couples must have a certified top and bottom (or uke and seme for you Japan types). NO EXCEPTIONZ1111!! You're either top. Or bottom. Period. The end. No exceptions. That's how all relationships work. And if you're relationship isn't like that, then there's probably something wrong with you. Or you're a woman. Then there's definitely something w
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Gaggle of Girls -Base- by Asta9 Gaggle of Girls -Base- :iconasta9:Asta9 1,509 72 :: Base 35 :: by CherryCupcakePixels :: Base 35 :: :iconcherrycupcakepixels:CherryCupcakePixels 2,442 276 Hollow by liiga Hollow :iconliiga:liiga 2,840 294 Female Pony Icon Bases - MS Paint by paintapastime Female Pony Icon Bases - MS Paint :iconpaintapastime:paintapastime 816 208 hairstyles 6th edition by NeonGenesisEVARei hairstyles 6th edition :iconneongenesisevarei:NeonGenesisEVARei 3,319 167 Female Pony Icon Bases - Transparent by paintapastime Female Pony Icon Bases - Transparent :iconpaintapastime:paintapastime 869 136 TUTORIAL: How to Draw Anime by ember-snow TUTORIAL: How to Draw Anime :iconember-snow:ember-snow 8,432 1,262 Moth Diva by liiga Moth Diva :iconliiga:liiga 3,598 316 Isadora from Harbinger Chronicles by dashinvaine Isadora from Harbinger Chronicles :icondashinvaine:dashinvaine 643 30 Seraph by liiga Seraph :iconliiga:liiga 1,961 207 Wanda VX by kunkka Wanda VX :iconkunkka:kunkka 4,536 188 Hatsune Miku WP by banbooism Hatsune Miku WP :iconbanbooism:banbooism 2,279 109 Egg by liiga Egg :iconliiga:liiga 3,101 262 Alice in wonderland Base by xXxYukihimebearxXx Alice in wonderland Base :iconxxxyukihimebearxxx:xXxYukihimebearxXx 1,930 294 Super Smash Sisters by TheBourgyman Super Smash Sisters :iconthebourgyman:TheBourgyman 4,066 774 Sunlight by liiga Sunlight :iconliiga:liiga 8,078 785 MoonGoddess by dahlig MoonGoddess :icondahlig:dahlig 13,146 1,479 Female poses by Scilentor Female poses :iconscilentor:Scilentor 1,762 36 Death with a Kite by liiga Death with a Kite :iconliiga:liiga 3,006 324 vocaloid base by angelwolfchris vocaloid base :iconangelwolfchris:angelwolfchris 1,758 180 Wanda 'n' Uzis by kunkka Wanda 'n' Uzis :iconkunkka:kunkka 4,314 197 enchanted 2 by robinpika enchanted 2 :iconrobinpika:robinpika 575 22 I Heart Comic Book Women by ArtistAbe I Heart Comic Book Women :iconartistabe:ArtistAbe 1,752 72 Gotham Girls by DarienDoodles Gotham Girls :icondariendoodles:DarienDoodles 2,736 105 Siren by liiga Siren :iconliiga:liiga 1,146 130 three girls-base by GumandPeanuts17 three girls-base :icongumandpeanuts17:GumandPeanuts17 2,575 350 Frazetti Fantasy 7 by WhiteWing-Stock-EtAl Frazetti Fantasy 7 :iconwhitewing-stock-etal:WhiteWing-Stock-EtAl 620 323 +Samurai Sugar+ by kunkka +Samurai Sugar+ :iconkunkka:kunkka 1,959 329 o c t o p u s s y  IV by kunkka o c t o p u s s y IV :iconkunkka:kunkka 1,938 167 Victorian Silhouettes by lady-of-crow Victorian Silhouettes :iconlady-of-crow:lady-of-crow 1,047 42
Homosexuality in Transformers
Slash, Morality, and the Cybertronian Way
An essay by Traci J. (Loco Exclaimer)
This is an essay on homosexuality, especially that portrayed in relationships between the fictional characters in the fandom Transformers. The first half deals exclusively with homosexuality as an issue in itself with little to no mention of any fandom, and details my point of view on this issue. The second half details said relationships as portrayed between any two given characters from Transformers. I hope you enjoy.
Part One: Homosexuality, Morality, and Religion
I honestly find it revolting that religion is even an issue when it comes to homosexuality. It's an issue of discrimination against human beings, and ought to be treated as such. Women were seen as second-class in Biblical times; does that make them lesser beings? No.
Still, this section will deal with the "morals and ethics" of being gay.
1a. Morality
Some people, for an indeterminat
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Of Girls and Coils
Baily squirmed in her chair, wrapped from her mouth to her ankles in electric tape. At her request, Baily had a friend bind her up well with restricting tape. Trouble was, Baily didn't tell her friend to undo her later. So now Baily attempted to squeeze out of her bindings, although it was clearly hopeless. She couldn't deny that she was sort of enjoying it though...
Baily was a half-Indian young woman with an amazing dark complextion and a perfect curvy body. And she was also quite proud of her very generous chest, which stuck out proudly from her body, showing up as a large swelling from the tape. She grunted, her legs and arms bound tight under the strong tape. She looked very much like a mummy or a fly spun up in a spider's web.
She huffed, her chest raising and falling with the strain. But then she heard the door behind her creak open.
'About time she came back!' Baily thought, believing it to be her friend returning to release her. She made a muffled shout but there was no reply.
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Exalted: the BLessed Isle by kunkka Exalted: the BLessed Isle :iconkunkka:kunkka 2,093 155 + pepper Valley of Dreams + by kunkka + pepper Valley of Dreams + :iconkunkka:kunkka 1,318 134 Sailor Megiun is DED by SenshiStock Sailor Megiun is DED :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 292 15