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Fable 3 - Coming Home Chpt. 1
Another sigh escaped the King of Albion's lips; a low, barely audible sigh, but a sigh none-the-less. Ever since his sister had left, or more, was presumably kidnapped, he couldn't stop thinking about the last time he had seen her. He replayed her words in his head countless times.
"I will never forgive you for this!"
He pursed his lips together to hold back a frown. Could she really have just, left? Gone gallivanting across Albion with nothing? Not one object was missing from her room, aside from the set of clothes she had been wearing that day, which had been all-too-showy, in Logan's opinion. A small skirt and a low-cut blouse does not a crown princess wear.
Logan let out another near-silent sigh. Her words repeated in his head again. Then he began to think about what he had said to her.
"Good, then you will never forget it."
He inwardly kicked himself again, as he had done for weeks. 'Good, then you will never forget it'? He had just condemned h
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Miranda's New Life Part 7
Miranda woke up suddenly.  Taking a deep breath Miranda noticed that once again the angle of the beams of reddish-orange hue of the sun was a telltale sign on the coming night would upon her soon.  Stretching out her four arms and yawning Miranda had become use to having an extra set of arms and breasts to along with an actual snake tail.  "It still is kind of strange if I think about it," thought Miranda and she unwound herself from her sleeping coil position.  
Sticking her head out of the crawl hole she had entered Miranda looked around.  Turning to the west a sun beam caught her directly in the eye.  Miranda immediately turned away in alarm and covered her eyes with her upper left arm as she hissed.  A moment later her eye sight fully returned to her.  Blinking several times Miranda regained her bearings and slithered out of her makeshift hiding place and into the forest.  
In the setting sun
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