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{MMD APH} Nyo!Allies DL+Pass~ by Drindrence {MMD APH} Nyo!Allies DL+Pass~ :icondrindrence:Drindrence 1,384 366 Jinx x Katarina by Skirtzzz Jinx x Katarina :iconskirtzzz:Skirtzzz 5,153 329 Fem!Hans by juliajm15 Fem!Hans :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 8,680 421 Different Worlds by Skirtzzz Different Worlds :iconskirtzzz:Skirtzzz 4,200 527 FemShep Makeup by AngelaBermudez FemShep Makeup :iconangelabermudez:AngelaBermudez 3,395 286 APH nyo: AXIS by vivalalixi APH nyo: AXIS :iconvivalalixi:vivalalixi 2,444 198 Fem - Tangled Poetry by iumazark Fem - Tangled Poetry :iconiumazark:iumazark 4,103 177 Guns Base by Sirena93 Guns Base :iconsirena93:Sirena93 2,522 568 Fem!Phoebus by MabyMin Fem!Phoebus :iconmabymin:MabyMin 2,963 63 Fem - Vine Frus by iumazark Fem - Vine Frus :iconiumazark:iumazark 1,737 50 Mass Effect - After the Reaper by ghostfire Mass Effect - After the Reaper :iconghostfire:ghostfire 8,079 1,041 Inuyasha Cosplay Wa Lolita Kimono Dress by DarlingArmy Inuyasha Cosplay Wa Lolita Kimono Dress :icondarlingarmy:DarlingArmy 829 66 Fem - FUBAR by iumazark Fem - FUBAR :iconiumazark:iumazark 1,660 115 Fem - Horkouse by iumazark Fem - Horkouse :iconiumazark:iumazark 3,479 216 Fem - Cabisle by iumazark Fem - Cabisle :iconiumazark:iumazark 5,792 140 Fluid - Curvelyn by iumazark Fluid - Curvelyn :iconiumazark:iumazark 469 15 Fluid - Conticele by iumazark Fluid - Conticele :iconiumazark:iumazark 458 12 Fem - Desco by iumazark Fem - Desco :iconiumazark:iumazark 3,494 113 Cold War: Same As Yesterday by MeWindyCharms Cold War: Same As Yesterday :iconmewindycharms:MeWindyCharms 2,363 517 Exaracody by iumazark Exaracody :iconiumazark:iumazark 2,653 92 Fascinating by Paingu Fascinating :iconpaingu:Paingu 259 73 Fem - Beltisprici by iumazark Fem - Beltisprici :iconiumazark:iumazark 2,625 61 Fem - Laurus Coroa by iumazark Fem - Laurus Coroa :iconiumazark:iumazark 2,426 109 I Love You by miimiiakatsuki I Love You :iconmiimiiakatsuki:miimiiakatsuki 3,729 390 Meet the Soldier by Prospass Meet the Soldier :iconprospass:Prospass 1,378 90 Fem - Flowxo by iumazark Fem - Flowxo :iconiumazark:iumazark 1,225 28 Teen Wolf Genderswap by Lelia Teen Wolf Genderswap :iconlelia:Lelia 2,348 52 MartianWave - EAU Zacharias by iumazark MartianWave - EAU Zacharias :iconiumazark:iumazark 823 24 P3 - MMMMMMMM by kata-009 P3 - MMMMMMMM :iconkata-009:kata-009 1,841 67 Meet the Engineer by Prospass Meet the Engineer :iconprospass:Prospass 1,017 70
Broken Heart [Italy x Sister!Reader x Romano]
   WARNING: There will be swearing, Romano is in this story. There is also an implied mention of sex. You learn about it in school, so implying that it happened isn't worth mature content.
   Your military uniform is female Romano's uniform.
'When you're dreaming with a broken heart
The waking up is the hardest part'
   "Sorella, get your ass out of bed!" Romano yells from the hallway, pounding on your door. "We have a meeting today, hurry up!"
   You groan, sitting up from your mess of pillows and blankets. Last night was the worst night of your life. Your boyfriend, Madrid, had sent you a text last night.
   What's so bad about that?
   It wasn't for you...
'You roll outta bed and down on your knees
And for a moment you can hardly breathe'
   You sit up and look around the room for your phone, trying to find where you threw it. You spot it in the center of your room, your stuff
:iconfandomskipper:FandomSkipper 145 11
Meet the Scout by Prospass Meet the Scout :iconprospass:Prospass 1,240 82 FemShep Makeup 2.0 by AngelaBermudez FemShep Makeup 2.0 :iconangelabermudez:AngelaBermudez 966 79 Fem - Innatura by iumazark Fem - Innatura :iconiumazark:iumazark 2,736 89 Keep dreaming by AngelaBermudez Keep dreaming :iconangelabermudez:AngelaBermudez 885 52 DAISKE - Petra by iumazark DAISKE - Petra :iconiumazark:iumazark 587 14 Herfancyclothes by iumazark Herfancyclothes :iconiumazark:iumazark 723 42 Fluid - Rethel by iumazark Fluid - Rethel :iconiumazark:iumazark 392 16 Fem - Hydrosenso by iumazark Fem - Hydrosenso :iconiumazark:iumazark 2,526 95 Sesshoumaru Inuyasha Cosplay Lolita Kimono Dress by DarlingArmy Sesshoumaru Inuyasha Cosplay Lolita Kimono Dress :icondarlingarmy:DarlingArmy 791 89 Meet the Demo by Prospass Meet the Demo :iconprospass:Prospass 1,010 89 Ready? by AngelaBermudez Ready? :iconangelabermudez:AngelaBermudez 1,387 98
Mama!Fem!RussiaxChild!Reader: Mama
Anya looked out the window and watched as her brother finally left. "M-Mistress Anya," Lithuania stuttered, "d-do you need anything."
Smiling she turned to her, "Some vodka would be nice."
Lithuania only shook more and ran off after saying, "Yes mam!"
The female personification of Russia sighed as she watched her maidservant run away. Even in this big house, living with her three maids and two brothers she still felt lonely. Everyone was afraid of her. Dmitri and Nikolai were starting to become even more independent and the Baltics were far too afraid of her.
She remember the good old days when she was a child. Even though she was a country everything was much more simpler.
Then Russia had an epiphany. A child. She could adopt a child to keep her company.
That was how she ended up here in a rundown orphanage with an old woman trying to pick her a child.
"How about Johnny he's a nice boy," the woman said rubbing her hands together greedily.
Tilting her head to the side Anya said, "I thi
:iconbanshee-scream:Banshee-Scream 597 158
Fem - Animedo by iumazark Fem - Animedo :iconiumazark:iumazark 420 13 Fem - ALTAPALM by iumazark Fem - ALTAPALM :iconiumazark:iumazark 334 7 Fem - Blackpills by iumazark Fem - Blackpills :iconiumazark:iumazark 451 8 Fem - Arpesto by iumazark Fem - Arpesto :iconiumazark:iumazark 1,607 43