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Bernie Sanders Body Pillow :iconbanzchan:Banzchan 705 150 Bernie Sanders - Road To The Whitehouse Tour 2016 :iconjamcitycomics:JamCityComics 52 25 WAKE UP - FEEL THE BERN - CONSUME :iconhalhefnerart:HalHefnerART 80 56 Listen 20 - Bernie Sanders :iconbenke33:benke33 148 54 New Progressive Party :iconynot1989:YNot1989 28 34 Trumped! :iconbasiliskonline:BasiliskOnline 35 44 Bernie Sanders: The Star-Spangled Man with a Plan :icontwinsvega:Twinsvega 43 30 Vote Because Because You're Inspired :iconjamcitycomics:JamCityComics 101 99 Political Revolution! 2016 :iconredamerican1945:RedAmerican1945 42 29 [BERNIE SANDERS INTENSIFIES] :iconshowa-sylvie:Showa-Sylvie 87 21
The Candidate
Trumpets resounding and
passions' heart pounding!
A new candidate speaking...
the salvation they're seeking.
"Where to begin?, he said,
Your trials are mine!
I've lived through the sin,
and I've struggled in time."

Some scattered applause
and a long thoughtful pause.
"The minimum wage
is not famine's cage!
If gorging on wealth,
re-examine yourself!
Compassion is lost
to the gluttonous boss.

Cheers of agreement.
So many in need,
so few with vast greed.
Rise up friends and lead,
help sow a new seed!"

They sprang to their feet
they stomped and they shook
burst into the streets
and back the world took.
From farms, towns and spires
defining real worth
the meek and the pitied
shall inherit the earth.
:iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 9 13
Bernie Sanders portrait :iconrobvelzeboer:RobVelzeboer 30 9 Bernie the Cabby :iconparty9999999:Party9999999 27 19 Dunkelzahn Approves Colorado :iconghostwalker2061:Ghostwalker2061 24 27 The Pie is Only So Big :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 41 48 Bernie Sanders Stamp :iconkittycarousel:KittyCarousel 244 113 Bernie-Atsume :iconburrase:burrase 77 37 Just a kid from Brooklyn :iconmfmugen:MFMugen 63 7
SATIRE: Venezuela Starts Its Own Hunger Games
Venezuela Starts Its Own Hunger Games
“May the odds be ever in your favor,” the government tells its starving people.
Dan Blather
Daily Bungle
With the country driven to the brink of economic collapse by food shortages and rioting, Venezuela has decided to alleviate its food crisis by initiating its own version of the Hunger Games.
In similar fashion to the popular dystopian young adult franchise, the Venezuelan government will divide its country into 13 districts and draft two children from each district to compete in gladiatorial-style games.
The last child to remain standing in this to-the-death competition will be rewarded with a year’s supply of food for their district, while the remaining 12 districts will continue to loot and riot for their next meal.
However, as the Venezuelan government does not have the same resources as The Capitol, rather than hold the games in a state-of-the-art stadium with high-tech obstacles and effects, the Venezuelan go
:iconblamethe1st:BlameThe1st 8 14
Sanders, Hope, and a Bunting :iconmuffyn-man:Muffyn-Man 26 22 ~ FEEL THE BERN ~ :iconscribblezstarz:ScribblezStarz 25 3 Do a Bernie roll! :iconshowa-sylvie:Showa-Sylvie 50 19 Leader of the Free Shit Army :iconmarsconquers:Marsconquers 17 117 A person's sex does not matter in politics. :iconjewel-m:Jewel-M 98 34 Bernie Sanders :icondeevelliott:DeevElliott 21 37 Vote For Bernie! Digital Version. :iconredamerican1945:RedAmerican1945 16 1,233 Bernie For President Print :iconchrisbmurray:ChrisBMurray 29 3 Birdie Sanders :iconskylerbrown:SkylerBrown 19 2 Sailor Neko Lilith :iconwollsmoth21:wollsmoth21 30 1 The Best Failure of Democracy - Alternate 2016 :iconfederalrepublic:FederalRepublic 18 8 Bernie 2016 - The Sandstorm Is Coming (stamp) :iconhormonours:hormonours 51 7 #FurriesForBernie :iconpasteispells:PasteISpells 42 4 Flamethrower :iconshowa-sylvie:Showa-Sylvie 62 32 Black Lives Matter. Sri Lankan Ones Not So Much? :iconcaciquecaribe:CaciqueCaribe 17 67 Statist And Anarchist #051: Fracking :iconblamethe1st:BlameThe1st 21 54 Bernie Bombs :iconshowa-sylvie:Showa-Sylvie 66 26 Bernie Sanders, graphite :iconk0nundrum:k0nundrum 22 10 Bernie Sanders Etch A Sketch :iconpikajane:pikajane 21 1 Bernie Sanders for President 2016 (stamp) :iconhormonours:hormonours 48 3 Stamp: Bernie and the bird :iconazrael-legna:Azrael-Legna 26 0 Bernie Sanders 2016 (stamp) :iconhormonours:hormonours 46 1 ash wednesday :iconeyesofadonai:Eyesofadonai 30 8
The United States of Wall $treet
We are a nation bought and sold
All in the name of silver and gold
Where Wall Street goons and corporatist swine
Bow down to the almighty dollar sign
It's a sign of the times
CEOs are not answering for their crimes
God bless the United States of Wall $treet
The ever expanding profit margins are sewing the seeds
of middle class defeat
"Greed is good" that's what they say
Bribing leaders and rigging systems are the games they play
Can't be satisfied with what they've got
Cause they've got to have it all
The kill squad is primed and ready
With democracy blindfolded and against the wall
When are we going to wake up?
Open our eyes and say "enough is enough?"
There is strength in numbers, that much is true
We are the many, and the many outnumber the few.
It's time for a revolution
Disrupting the status quo is the only solution
Brothers and sisters we need to bleed the fat cats dry
Burn their empire to ash and let our Phoenix fly!
:icontaztitan85:TazTitan85 6 4
Bernie vs Donald :iconrampagemeerkat566:RampageMeerkat566 19 74 Fairly Odd Sanders :iconshowa-sylvie:Showa-Sylvie 41 21
My fellow Americans,
If you believe in the inviolate sanctity of an unborn child, that is your right.
If you are among those who would insist that a woman carry that child to term, but then refuse to provide the necessary financial means for her to provide for that child's continuing welfare as well as her own... then you are part of the problem.
If you are offended or disgusted by homosexuality or transgenderism, then I feel sad for you, but that is also your right. No one should be allowed to criminalize a gut reaction.
If you allow that opinion to determine who your business refuses to serve, where someone can use a bathroom, or whether two people in love ought to be allowed to enjoy the same civil and legal privileges that you do... then you are a part of the problem. Please don't criminalize a gut reaction.
If you respect women: well, of course!
If you mitigate that respect with locker room humor, with "boys will be boys", with salary caps and glass ceilings, with discouraging lit
:iconhavetales-willtell:HaveTales-WillTell 6 1
Statist And Anarchist #097: Soviet Union :iconblamethe1st:BlameThe1st 18 13 Feel the Bird :iconawesomearia:AwesomeAria 12 2 George Orwell and Bernie. :iconredamerican1945:RedAmerican1945 12 2 Venezuela - Yet Another Failed Socialist State :iconcaciquecaribe:CaciqueCaribe 14 99