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All you need
It started so simply that, at first, neither of them believed it. The sky didn't fall to earth; stars didn't go off and the seas didn't dry out…
Another pursuit of the blue hero ended late at night in the mountains. Her desperate and stupid gesture led to the meeting. The meeting of a lifetime.
The mission was to track down a satellite that night, so from the point of view of a random passerby, he was just sitting there and gazing into the stars.
Then he heard—
— "Ah... he's not here, either!! How stupid of me; now I'll never find him! And it's getting pretty late… —I know! I need to get in real danger! Then he will have to save me! He always does!"
His dark figure moved from the scantly lit spot and dissolved in the shadows. He watched a bruised pink female in a slightly ripped dress make her way to the ledge.
"He'll rescue me right away! Hey, don't be afraid Amy!" — She talked to herself rather loudly — "You can do it, girl!"
"She can't possibly
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the water workshop I by agnes-cecile the water workshop I :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 4,096 99
A Complete Distraction
I was upset when you kissed me,
And suddenly I couldn't remember why.
It was like nothing else mattered,
Nothing but this feeling in its place.
I sometimes reread all the love notes you gave me when I feel this way,
Count all the times you could've missed me.
Day dream of all the times I dreamed about you,
And I've never dreamed about anyone as much as you.
So sometime I want to touch you in a small way every time I see you during the day,
Just to tease you, and know you'll think of me all the same.
But for now I only wish to savor your lips,
And this feeling surging unexpectedly from my chest.
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Karkat Vantas x Reader Fancy A Bet?
// I T ' S  A L L  Y O U R  F A U L T,  I  A M  F L U S H E D  F O R  Y O U //

This situation right now, wasn't one I had really expected, at all. Never in a billion, how do trolls put it? Sweeps. I had somehow found myself stuck in a bet, watching Karkat's silly romcoms sitting in his lap. Not to mention it's even more so worse he's my 'flushcrush' as they put it. See occaisionally Strider came over to play some games with me, telling me how awesomely cool it was to be a Strider, and blah blah blah. Unfortunately, Karkat, being the spastic, raging, mutan troll had taken it upon himself to come over as well. Soon afterwards Dave and Karkat began bickering about dj tunest himself, stating Karkat was too much of a whimp and need to grow a pair of balls of the sort. I don't even want to go there about what their anatomy even is.
Anyway, Dave had forced Karkat in a bet, saying something like if he loses, he has to be his personal troll slave for a week. A
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A Feeling- LxLight Fluff FF.
"A Feeling" - LxLight Fluff- DN Fanfic
   The computer monitor's glow of light reflected off against the detective's lifeless, black eyes, dark and weary from lack of sleep.He sighs, as he scrolls down the information and evidence that he has read multiple times the previous night. He raises his free arm into a position that in which he pulls his thumb against his soft, creamy, pale lips and nibbles upon the thumb.
  " I just don't understand." He thought, "I'm not getting any closer to a break-through like this."
    The older detective's thoughts were cut off by a clanging sound of the rattling movement of the chain, bounding him and the younger Kira suspect, Light Yagami.
    Ryuuzaki, other wise known as L, shifts his eyes slightly towards the source of the rattling. Light meets the eye contact of the other man and sighs wearily.
    "Ryuuzaki," Light mummers gently. "It's getting a bit late once a
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Lasael - Fallen Angel by Hellobaby Lasael - Fallen Angel :iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 1,711 34 Change by Naschi Change :iconnaschi:Naschi 5,390 117 Feeling by Axsens Feeling :iconaxsens:Axsens 754 13
I Want to Feel Purple
I feel so Blue
Blue as Cinderella's ball gown
Blue as the clothes I'm wearing
Blue as my desktop background
Blue as my ipod's casing
Blue as facebook's theme colour
Blue as the tiles in my bathroom
Blue as my evanescence CD cover
Blue as a smurf cartoon
Blue as the Israeli flag
Blue as the color of Squidward's blood
Blue as an avatar dressed in a rag
Blue as the town that drowned in a flood
Blue as the sleepy twitter whale
Blue as the villain in 'Big Fat Liar'
Blue as the scrubs that doctors wear
Blue as the hottest flame of fire
I feel so Blue
What should I do?
I think I'll mix a little red
So I can feel purple instead!
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Come Alive Once More by Skailla Come Alive Once More :iconskailla:Skailla 1,907 287