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Fattened Faculty (Chapter 3)
    Amanda Harris watched complacently as a subtly chunky pair of janitors heaved the second desk into place at the back of the classroom across from her own. She'd been instructed to come in early so that she could help prepare for the arrival of her new student teacher, but the custodial team hardly seemed to need much help. Sure, she would've assisted if they'd asked her, but since they hadn't, she felt relatively comfortably sitting on her ass and eating from the box of donuts she'd picked up at the main office that morning instead.
    "Can I take more than one?" Amanda had asked Jenny at the front desk. "For, uh... the students, of course."
    "They're free for everyone," Jenny spat at the rotund teacher through a mouthful of custard filling. "Celebrating the new student teachers. Feel free to take a couple." The office's resident blob dusted some crumbs off of her black shirt, but failed to remove any of the powdered sugar that frosted her bosom. T
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Fattened Faculty (Chapter 4)
    Vicki was troubled by the pressing fullness of her own belly. Each step down the hall unsettled it a little more, rustling the uncomfortable cocktail of donuts, coffee and various breakfast foods that was responsible for its visible distention. She had to slow down, lest she end up like... well...
    Everyone else.
    Seriously. It was everyone. Sure, the freshmen from period one didn't exactly radiate health, but most of them weren't quite fat. The juniors from her last class, though? Vicki had never seen so much human body mass in one room. Some were much bigger than others, but surely none of them were thin enough to walk out of a doctor's office without a lecture. Their eating habits were especially troubling; the vast majority of them ate throughout the entire class, and their voracity was really, really impressive. There was a troubling consistency to Beaumont's overeating problem, and it troubled Vic
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Gainer school for girls
It was 3 days after the cafeteria had started serving more fattening foods at the all-girls school. It was a boarding school so all of the girls were forced to eat the cafeteria food.
Breakfast: Bacon, eggs, pancakes, waffles, french toast, sausages.
Lunch: Hamburgers, hotdogs, french fries, ramen noodles, onion rings, mozzarella sticks.
Dinner: Steak, and anything on the lunch menu.
Drinks: Whole milk, soda.
It was either eat the new foods or don’t eat anything at all. So they ate.
So after 3 days of these foods the girls started to grow…
Samantha: Crap!
Debbie: What?
Samantha: My uniform won’t zip up!
Debbie: Neither will mine.
Samantha and Debbie were on the cheer team. Always in fit condition. At least they were before they started serving the food.
Debbie: Let me help.
Debbie pulled on Samantha’s zipper to no avail. It wouldn’t zip.
Samantha: Why wont it zip up!
Debbie: Maybe it shrunk.
Samantha: Yeah that must be it. C’mon lets go get new uniforms.
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    I'll have to start from the beginning, back when Harper and I were just children.
    Her family lived next-door to my grandparents, which is very fortunate in hindsight. Had she not lived exactly where she lived, I likely never would have met her, which is a scary thought considering how important a part she's played in my life just recently. Back then, though, she was only a minor character in the narrative of my existence. My grandmother, a socialite despite her old age, would often have Harper's mother over for coffee in the mornings while they were both out working in their respective gardens, or over for lunch on some of the more quiet holidays. If that happened while my grandmother was babysitting me, I'd get to play with little Harper. Sometimes, my grandma would even get to babysit both of us at the same time, which always resulted in hours of uninterrupted play.
    We'd often sneak off into the "woods" behind Harper's house—hardly more
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The Belly Illustrated
It all started with the golden arches.
I had just turned 16 years old and gotten my driver's license.  For me, that freedom opened up the world of my food fantasies; and at that time, McDonalds was the focus of my attentions.  No more begging for a trip to McDs, depending on the goodwill of others.  Now I could drive my own car through drive-thrus, load up and eat to my heart's content.
Suddenly I was limited only by my cash flow, which was ample, and my waistbands, which soon were not.  There were five McDs within ten miles of my house, and I began to frequent each one of them.  Any time was a good time, as they say.  In that very first week of having freedom to drive my own car, every spare moment found me feasting: happily scarfing big macs and chicken nuggets and french fries - oh, the pounds of hot, salty, pleasantly greasy french fries.  In that first week I packed on ten pounds, all in the belly.  At the end of sophomore year, I had been the only girl in m
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Pound for Pound [xWG, Slob]
Chel had to wonder why the gods were so vehemently against her as she was dragged into the city. She could feel the leering eyes on her back as the guards forced her to pay for her most recent theft, knowing that the new chief of the city would not be pleased to hear this. Chel knew little of this new leader of their group as they had a change in power, and with it, some radical improvements. The only cost was a restricted lifestyle as this new head of the people was firm with enforcing his rules and judgment. As Chel stumbled up the steps, she knew full well that the older chief could not save her nor would anyone be willing to step to her defense to aid her; not with her track record of crimes and mischief in the city.
"My Lord, we found her at it again!" The guard called into the chambers, tossing Chel in as she looked up in a panic. The chief was not easily seen, wearing robes and a cowl decorated to look like a jaguar. She didn't know what to make of it since she couldn't see his
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Baker's Delight - Part 2

Treat after treat disappeared into Diana's gullet, a disposal for any sweet Pastricia prepared, ravenous and skilled in the art of chow time.
Pastricia had moved them back onto the couch, standing not being something either of them wanted to do for long. This made things much easier for her little piglet's dinner. Diana was laying back and letting Pastricia feed her, both of Diana's own hands and one of her own rubbing the course fabric covering her wobbly middle.
But Diana was only human.
A fat, gluttonous human with an overly stretched stomach, but a human.
And when her shirt began to rise on her swelling belly, and her stomach became taut with sweets, Diana began to groan, reaching her limit... but unwilling to stop.
She wanted to be fed by Pastricia. More and more. She didn't want this to end. She was supposed to be a good Piggy.
But in the end, she finally stopped caressing her own gut and lay back, wincing. She was at her limit.
“Aw... i
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Gainer school for girls part 2
Samantha: Well how could we have gained weight?
Debbie: Well the cafeteria has started serving more junk food.
Samantha: Good point! We should stop eating it.
Debbie: There’s nothing else to eat though.
Samantha: We should start a petition to stop serving the food.
Debbie: Good idea!
So the girls went to the cafeteria to start a petition. It didn’t work as planned. The girls liked the new food more than the old one.
Samantha: Well that didn’t work. Now what?
Debbie: I can’t think of anything else.
Samantha: What if we eat it?
Debbie: And give up cheerleading?
Samantha: Well the other girls seem to be stuffing their faces with the new food. It will be hard to pick them up when they’re so fat.
Debbie: So your saying to give up on cheer leading? And give up on being healthy?
Samantha: What other choice do we have?
Debbie thought for a minute.
Debbie: I guess. It’ll be fun just letting go.
The girls went to bed that night to awaken to something shocking. Cheer
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An Afterschool Snack
The day was progressing just like any other. I was just sitting with Anthony in the cafeteria; lunch had been going on for the last 12 or so minutes. It was only the third day of second semester, but we’d already staked our claim on a good spot. Our table was close towards the windows, away from the general din coming from the center of the hall, near the booths. It was on the opposite side of the room from the kitchen and serving lines. Yeah, there was a brief walk when you’d first enter the cafeteria, but a prime location like this was worth the sacrifice.
In between bites of my cheeseburger, I was talking about the new game console I’d gotten for Christmas while Anthony munched on his sub. I could tell he was only giving me 80% attention at most. This was typical. In the years I’d known Anthony he never seemed to fail at zoning out. Anthony was about 5’11 with black, medium-length hair that he wore parted. I’d call him trim, but that’d imply
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Fat and chips-part one
“It’s simple really, all you need to know is how to drop the fish and fries in these vats” my manager said laughing, as I stood nervously at my first day on the job. Wearing my blue cotton shirt which read ‘Salty Jack’s’ in big red writing, my black work pants, which fit my waist perfectly, well maybe a little loose. Even though I asked for a size five, he'd given me at least an 8. Though they weren't as loose as I thought they'd be, but going from 110 to 120 wasn’t that much.
It was very boring taking a year off before University. Until I got this job I had been sitting on my couch indulging in trashy day-time T.V and any sweet treats I could find.
He lead me around the restaurant, showed me the menu, told me what questions to ask when taking an order, so I was mildly confident that I could work well here, being one of only a small handful of employees, which I knew I’d meet in time.
Salty Jack was a friendly man with a loud hearty laugh and a b
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The Party
 Sara entered the party confidently. She was looking forward to getting out the mundanity of her own routines for a bit, and this seemed just the way to do it. The sound of cheesy dance-pop music filled her ears as she stepped in, and she couldn't stop herself from giggling at the sorry dancing of some of the other guests.
 She frowned as she noticed that she didn't really know anyone else there. And, even worse, she didn't see any guys. It wouldn't be too easy to be social here, but she'd try. To her relief, it wasn't long before a very thin, very pretty girl with red hair came up to Sara and spoke.
 "Hi," she said, "I'm Alex!"
 Sara smiled and introduced herself. "I'm Sara, nice to meet you!"
 "I don't know if this is just me," Alex said, "but, like, it seems like there's not really anyone I know here... I mean, I was invited on sort of a 'friend-of-a-friend' type basis, but I don't know anyone, and I don't really even know who invited me..." She glanced arou
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I Won't Stop
His stomach is huge. I can't take my eyes off of it. He's so skinny - at least for now - and it pours out from him like a mountainous boulder. The skin glistens not only with sweat, but with how much it has stretched to accumulate the feast. While normally pale, it now glows pink with effort. Already there are thin stretchmarks forming.
Running my finger from chest to bellybutton, I feel how hard it is. Taut as a drum, refusing to give an inch when I poke it forcefully. This draws a moan from his lips; he's still mostly unconscious. Sleeping off the stuffing. He's so sweet - didn't even bother trying to remove the feeding tube. Finally learned his lesson.
Currently, the beautifully swollen young man lies in the centre of the bed. Stomach soaring upwards before crashing back down onto the mattress. As much as it has pushed forwards, it's distended outwards as well. Formed a huge, perfect dome the size of which a human stomach has never been before. Though still in slumber, it is clear e
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The Baker's Daughter
    Susie Lynn was a sweet girl. Everybody knew her. Since the town was so small, there was only one bakery within a few miles of the neighborhood, and Susie was the baker's daughter. If you stopped there, you'd surely see her in the shop, munching on cookies or helping in little ways throughout the kitchen. No matter who you were, little Susie Lynn would flash you a smile and tell you hello. If you were a kid (and her father wasn't looking), sometimes she'd sneak you a cookie.
    As a toddler, Susie was nothing short of adorable. By the time she could speak, she was greeting every patron with a rosy-cheeked "Hi," and tried to learn the names of as many customers as she could. She was a warm presence. No matter what, she loved you; everyone received equal friendliness from sweet little Sue.
    Day by day, Susie Lynn would shout hello at each and every customer through a mouthful of her father's pastries, giggling and telling jokes and making faces. She w
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The Discovery
Wincing slightly as she heard the chair groan and creak, Kim settled in for her evening meal.  Last she had checked, over a month ago, she had been pushing 200 pounds, the scales settling in at 194 pounds.  But she didn't care.  Although she had, at one point, been a moderately skinny girl, everything had changed when she had discovered the service.  Perhaps it was due to boredom, or perhaps it was because of how exhausted she felt after coming home from work every night, but the service had seemed like a natural choice.  Kim had found the delivery service online, with the promise of "Filling meals every night for only 28$ a month!"  And so, she had taken the plunge.
However, the meals were apparently not made for just one person, but that never stopped Kim from completely gorging herself, eating the entire meal in one go, without fail, every single night.  The first few days, she had barely been able to get up from the table, her stomach bulging out
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Big Burger Special
Big Burger Special
by Troubledevourer
            Sam had left the music festival about an hour ago and was barreling down the empty highway, going about 85.  The headlights of his car illuminated most of the dark but straight pavement before him, trees hugging both sides of the road tightly, stars twinkling just above the tallest branches.  He still had about an hour still before he got home, but time didn’t matter to him.  The electronic music festival that Sam had left behind was one of the most mind-blowing and fun adventures he had ever gone on, and he was so happy that he could spend his 22nd birthday there.  It took up a football field-sized clearing in the middle of the woods with five alternating stages hosting too many DJs to count, spanning a four day weekend.  It was a raver’s paradise,  even for an inexperienced, casual listener like Sam, and he had made many new friends
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Fattened Faculty (Chapter 2)
    As they approached the school in Jordan's car, Amanda tried to talk herself out of feeling so self-conscious. The dress she'd chosen only fit her well in a few spots. Her belly and her ass were not two of those places. Jordan had complimented her appearance quite a bit already, but she still couldn't help noticing that he was staring at her belly at every red light along the way. Regardless of how many times she sucked in or readjusted, it kept spreading back out over her lap like a warm sack of pudding beneath her floral dress, swallowing up the bottom strap of her seatbelt in its ravenous path. After the embarrassment of letting him see her act like a pig in school the other day, she knew she had to show some semblance of attractiveness quickly or he would surely lose interest in starting a relationship. Sitting in her relatively thin date's car with her gut flopped out over the seatbelt was probably not the best way to do that.
    Why couldn
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Lesbian Lovers Weight Gain 1
This story contains a lesbian couple as well as fetishistic female weight gain and food stuffing. Don't like? DON'T READ!
Lesbian Lovers Weight Gain – Chapter 1
Megumi was drop-dead beautiful. She was a small, petite Asian girl with black, shoulder length hair and a gorgeous figure that women would die for, all while only weighing 107 pounds. Curvy, but in all the right places, she could seduce anyone she wanted... if she weren't a lesbian.
Christina, on the other hand, wasn't modern media's typical fashion model. She was pudgy – not overly so, but enough to be noticeable, her 159 pounds was visible as pudge on her 5'4" tall body. Her long, blonde hair reached all the way to her plump rear, though most of her extra weight seemed to be in the small paunch of pudge in her front.
Christina was quite a voracious eater when she was hungry, and for some reason it was one of the reasons Megumi was attracted to her. Megumi could have chosen any lesbi
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Perfect Pear
At long last I found them. The one set of clothes I'd been dreaming of. Since coming to terms with my...sexuality, and discovering the existence of such a wardrobe, I've wanted them. After saving up for years and searching through every online enchanted clothing store, I was at long last able to buy my own. After two weeks, they arrived at my front door.
Tearing off the packaging, I laid out the fitted white long-sleeve t-shirt and snug black leggings on the bed. Eager to get started, I read over the instructions:
"Slip on the clothing, making sure everything is adjusted correctly. The clothes will shape themselves to your frame and grow as you do. As with all weight gain, you must eat for it to occur. Even small snacks will cause growth, but for best results consume large amounts. The more you wear the clothes, the more you will grow. Any and all weight gain achieved with these enchanted garments cannot be reversed by any means (including magic), so be sure this is the right path for
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Jimmy's Growth Spurt
Jimmy's Growth Spurt
by Troubledevourer
The alarm clock screeched to life right beside Jimmy's ear, causing him to jerk awake and groan before slamming his hand into the top of the device, something so habitual he could do it with his eyes closed.  He groggily hoisted his legs around and sat on the edge of his soft bed, dragging the warm fleece blankets about him like a cloak in the chilled air.  "Just another stupid day…" he mumbled as he lurched forward off the bed and started to stumble towards his door in the early-morning dark.
It wasn't just another stupid day for Jimmy though, he knew it already. His five foot nine frame felt weighed down, heavier. He felt more uncomfortable with each step he took, not being able to exactly place why, sleep still clogging his brain.
As he slowly made his way towards the bathroom at the end of the hall, guided over the old carpet floor by the pre-dawn light, he began to really wake up.  He rubbed his eyes, picked an unu
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Raining Food
A woman opened her eyes. What her eyes saw she could not comprehend. She hadn't a clue where her body lied or even who she was. She searched the room for any of the slightest recollection, but she was left dumbfounded.
It'd appear she had gained consciousness in complete nothingness. She was consumed gravely by the absence of color. White. She examined herself, and noticed she was inside the garments of a white crew-neck T and a white pear of sweat pants. Nothing more. Nothing less.
"Hello?" she beckoned out. The air was pungent in its silence. No reply. Yet, this didn't seem to damage her hopes.
"Is there anybody out there?"
Once again, no reply.
"Who am I?"
She walked around the white. What could this be? Was she dead? Was this the afterlife? Heaven? Hell? Purgatory, even?
She walked until she ran herself into a all. There was no shadow of hers that should have taken space on the wall. It was a miracle she could even see. What sources of light was in here?
She grasped her ac
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Weight Gain Mission- Hannah
Weight Gain Mission- Hannah
The Undercover Gain Agency operates in secrecy, but still manages to get quite a few more calls than one might think. With branches all over the nation, one would likely be surprised to learn just how many crooks, perverts, pranksters and revenge-seekers call the hotline of this veritable urban legend on a daily basis. Not all commissions are accepted, but this one gladly was. The target was a woman named Hannah.
Hannah was already a bit thick, but she wasn't fat. At age twenty three, she was plump in detail alone; the young lady sported a soft dollop of tummy and a pair of wobbly thighs, along with a flabby butt and breasts on the large side. However, she wasn't exceptionally large looking. She had all of the components of a chubby girl, and they somehow added up to a body that was very flabby and not quite so fat. Hannah's weight bobbed just below the two hundred pound mark, and yet this jiggly little lady had the muffin top, the little gut, the love handl
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