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The Scent of Art: Sketch I
Disclaimer: contains female flatulence and cursing
Again, you have been warned!

A young woman, radiating with divine beauty, was occupying a wooden chair that had been placed near the middle of a spacious classroom. Wearing her hair down, its blood red color was showered with natural light, revealing about two inches of her hair from the roots were dark brown. It’s very wavy, but is maintained thanks to a spritz of hairspray as it was tossed over her left shoulder with her bangs swept to the same side and held together by a couple adorable hairclips. An artificial flower was attached to the side of her head, it was white in color and matched her top. There is a small black mole under her right eye with a silver loop that pierces her left eyebrow. Plump red lips, docile eyes that looked like two pools of dark chocolate, a narrow brow, and a pierced nose are just a few more of her stunning facial features. One trait in particular that her peers could easily n
:iconshilkeo7:shilkeo7 24 6
Nuzlocke White: Extra Comic 31 :iconky-nim:ky-nim 882 182 Comic Block: Bubbles in the Tub :icondm29:dm29 1,504 317 Why Snape favors Draco :iconturkmen:Turkmen 2,060 475 + SONIC WILD FIRE + :iconojamajodoremidokkan:ojamajodoremidokkan 1,998 538 Fart :icondiablo2003:diablo2003 1,921 346 Who the heck farted ? :iconkawacy:kawacy 6,132 334 YomiComm :iconfakerface45:fakerface45 286 23
Warning: this story has an SSBBW slob and mentions of her releasing gas, and of scat. Feel free to avoid it if you wish to.
I first saw her eating a chicken mayo sandwich on a bench next to a plastic bag of hers. Secondly, I saw how over half the bench was taken up by her ass, and how her huge belly hung down covering her pelvic area, and forcing her legs apart just so the belly would not be pushed up into her cute, plump face with a double chin, and large, wobbly cheeks, and large blobs of mayo and crumbs covering her lips which were greedily moving up and down, the sandwich visible for all to see as she didn't seem to care about chewing with her mouth closed. She also didn't seem to care about the strange and often disgusted looks coming from the members of the public, replying to their disgust with loud burps which covered her shirt with globules of half-chewed food, or by letting out a bubbly fart from that large ass of hers. Her bag was full to the brim with all sorts of fattening
:icontmacron:tmacron 98 9
Ohahihuu - The Kitty II :iconrimfrost:Rimfrost 3,374 670 OrihimeAltsCom :iconfakerface45:fakerface45 233 71 Gravity Falls and Steven Universe 2 :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 750 187 Manners :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 6,812 1,194
The Elevator (Perfect, Chapter 1)
Day in, day out.
You'd think that working at San Francisco's top law firm would be exciting, wouldn't you? Getting up to the stand as a lawyer in a trial, standing in front of the judge to state you position, knowing that each word you say will determine if the guy you're defending will be innocent or guilty?
Well, it is if you're a lawyer.
Not so much if you're a computer programmer at the office HQ.
But hey, if it'll pay the bills and keep me fed, I'll do it. Hell, as long as I'm left to do my work without anyone disturbing me, I'm happy.
Little did I know that my boring old life with satisfying solitude was about to end today, and it all started when I got on the elevator.
I remember that it was a rainy Monday. I was wearing a white button-up with a nice orange-brown sweater over top, and some gray jeans. Pretty simple, typical enough that if I hadn't met her today I would have easily forgotten. I had just slipped my umbrella into my bag when I heard the clicking of high heels and a
:iconsunbun2:sunbun2 77 21
A Light Snack: Featuring the Sato Sisters.
"Uuuuurp! Oh wow, this stuff is great!" giggled Avalon as she happily belched through a double mouthful of the homebrew cola. Harry's family must have been Kings of Cola in their day! She'd have to inquire about their history at some point, but for now she was perfectly content filling her maw with their legacy.
Shannon giggled as Nami attacked her third chocolate cake. Herself the largest of the sisters, she found it rather cute that Nami, the smallest, devoured her food with mre gusto than her two superiorly sized sisters. Yet amazingly, she had still eaten twice Nami's meal in sandwiches, pastries, fries and hotdogs, to name a few
"Y-y-you three alright?"
"I can honestly say never better," chuckled Shannon, stuffing a whle sandwich in her mouth.
"Could do with more cola though."
:icongo-tee:Go-Tee 228 13
Rainbow sheep protection :iconmixedmilkchocolate:MixedMilkChOcOlate 1,332 335 they cant do that .___. :iconnintendrawer:Nintendrawer 4,082 989
The Farting Teacher-Part 1
It was my first day as a teacher at Lakeview High, an all girl school. I was fresh out of college, and it was fair to say that I didn't have a lot of money. It was hard being a 25 year old girl with average boobs and a mediocre ass, to fit in. I strolled down, observing the surroundings. I walked into the staff room, and greeted all the teachers. They were all mainly women in their forties. Suddenly, I saw a beautiful girl calling me over. She had boobs as big as volleyballs and an ass as big as two basketballs. She was about my age, with blonde hair and the kind of face and body you see on magazines.
I sat down beside her and she told me that her name was Fiona, and I told her mine was Sarah. The teachers started piling out, going to their various classes, but I noticed Fiona didn't either. We were all alone, and turned to face each other. We started talking about our backgrounds when suddenly when I was talking, Fiona lifted her leg up to her chest and I heard pppppffffffttttttttt. M
:iconthatlad:thatlad 82 5
A Bored Mistress (fart fetish fictional story)
This story is not my work.  It comes from a user on named "facefartee." It contains female face farts on a guy.  If you are not interested in reading fart fetish stories, don't read what comes below.
Felicity was bored. She was sitting, like always, watching her wide-screen television on her lavish leather sofa in her expensive house out in the country. Nothing seemed particularly out of the ordinary, this was just a wealthy woman enjoying the high life, nothing more. However, if Felicity sat up there would be a visible hole cut out in the sofa, an empty hole that was filled with the face of a man. Felicity had been sitting on this man's face all day long with her supple bottom, her most prized asset. He wasn't complaining, no man ever did, not even when she ripped a huge fart on their faces. In fact it was men like this that supported Felicity's lifestyle. For year
:iconfetishyguy:FetishyGuy 165 9
Interactive Fart Fetish Story - School - Part 1
!!! This interactive story contains facesitting, farting, ass-sniffing, gore, … If you’re not interested I insist that you leave. !!!
This fetish story has 11 different endings.
After each part you are asked to go to a number. The story then proceeds right underneath that particular number, according to the choice you’ve made.
You start with 1. [There are no wrong answers]
The fun part is that you can read this multiple times (Some parts may seem similar, but they have a different outcome).
Tell me in the comments what ending you got first and which one was your favourite. (Or send it to me in a note.)
(This story is split up into 2 parts because it was too big)
You wake up. You remember pressing the alarm, and that you thought “5 more minutes”. The thing you too remember is you falling asleep again. You’re getting late for school! You put on some clothes and quickly grab something to eat. At the kitchen table your 3 years older s
:iconttubman:TtubMan 83 13
Big Babysitter Part 1
(Warning: A large female, a bit of stuffing, and gas lie ahead. Leave now and if this doesn't sound good to you.)
“Now listen James. Mommy and Daddy are going on a trip to spend some alone time together. It’s our anniversary and your father has been planning this for quite some time. That is why I’ve hired a babysitter.”
“Seriously Mom? I’m 15! And I don’t call you mommy or daddy anymore. I don’t need a babysitter. I think I can handle myself.”
“You think you can, but I don’t. Now, she’ll be here shortly. I want you to be on your best behaviour this weekend. Can you do that for me?”
“Ugh, fine.”
“That’s a good boy.” Immediately after Mrs. Douglas finished her sentence the doorbell rang. “Ah. There she is now.” She walked from the kitchen to the living room to answer it. “Ah, Maria. How are you today?” He heard his mother ask.
“I’m doing well Mr
:iconbbwlover52:Bbwlover52 175 19
Giantess Cousin
"Oh great" you think as your mom tells you that you have to babysit your cousin. "she's 15 mom, she's old enough to stay by herself". No matter what you say she keeps pushing it on you. You cave in and begin to drive over, all the way there you are thinking how obnoxious and juvenile she is going to act. Mary was 15, but acted as if she was 5.
You pull up to the house and wave goodbye to the aunt and uncle, leaving for a dinner, and leaving you to babysit Mary. You open the door and there she is, the person to aggravate you for hours and hours. "Hey Mary.." you say in disgust of what you have to do. "Hiii Adammm". she said excited and weirdly high pitched. "so, umm. I'm going to watch TV so do whatever and don't get hurt. I don't want to drive to the hospital tonight..". "Hehe..alright Adam" she said as she smiled and walked into the kitchen.
You think "Geez that was weird, but.. she's weird so whatever". A little after you start watching some music videos, Mary pops her head around th
:iconindraniray:indraniray 380 26
Morning Routine
Greg had awoken to this ever single day since his wedding and still wasn't used to it. The five inch tall man should have know better then to marry a girl with triplet teenage daughters. Once they saw that there new step-daddy was virtually powerless to stop them from doing anything Greg essentially became a slave, again. They used him for all sorts of things ranging from seat cushion to foot massager. There was Gillian the ditz who would convince herself that the tiny loved to do ever single task for her no matter how gross or disgusting, Grace the tormentress who would tease and mock Greg at ever opportunity she had, and Greta the slacker who barely paid any attention to him but nevertheless was the most feared out of the three. Though these girls did very in personalities they all did have own thing in common, they all had the biggest fattest asses of any girl you could've ever known. Big eno
:iconskeezan:skeezan 232 11
Tim was weary from work. Having just finished a thirteen hour shift at the office Tim was eager to take the elevator up to his room and rest. Tim was a different sort of fellow, that is Tim was essentially a ghost to people. Not even standing at five feet tall and being notably quiet and shy made almost everyone disregard his presence. Because of this Tim would often find himself in several.....awkward situations. For example at work that day Tim went to fix his co-worker Maggie's computer while she went out to lunch. While Tim worked under her desk Maggie came back in and sat down at her desk having completely forgotten about Tim. Donning headphones Maggie didn't hear Tim's pleas for release as she rested her bare feet on his chest. Just to make everything worse she had Mexican for lunch. These occurrence were fairly common both at work and wherever else Tim found himself. Just in that thirteen hour shift Tim scrapped himself off of half a dozen big butted beauties plus three more on
:iconskeezan:skeezan 206 21
Giantess Cousin II
  After about an hour of Mary walking around the house, you are still stuck in between her toes, choking on the salt watery sweat you are being forced into digesting. The chaos stops as you feel your body become almost weightless in the air, as Mary lifts her leg up and takes off the painful shoe around your body.
  "Hehe. How was the ride Adam?" she smiles asking you as if she didn't know the answer. Your body was too tired to answer her and just sat lifeless in between her toes letting out deep sighs and long breathes. This fresh air was a gift, compared to the musty smell of Mary's foot after an hour.
  "Hmm. What should we do now.." She plucks your body up between her thumb and index finger and puts you close to her face, looking at you. While thinking she sometimes runs her other hand's finger across your tiny wet body, playing with your penis and tickling your sides. After a few minutes of fondling your cock, she gets an idea.
  Without not
:iconindraniray:indraniray 243 44
The Devil's Refrigerator
Marisa was fully convinced that her refrigerator was being possessed by a demon.
The skinny woman stood rigid in the kitchen's entrance of her tiny three-room apartment. She was wearing a white blouse and blue jeans over her smart, flat figure. Her baby-blue eyes were fixated on the white menace. It stood in stark contrast to the old wooden tables, wooden chairs and peeling wallpaper that surrounded it. The refrigerator was the cleanest, most modern-looking appliance in the entire apartment, and it had been that way since the first day she moved in. For the most part, it was an average refrigerator. The only things that made it suspect was its occasional violent rumbling, leaking of blood and its maniacal laughter. The last time Marisa checked, a refrigerator shouldn't be doing those things. She didn't dare go near it or open the door, though. She tried to talk to the landlord about it, but he simply told her that she was mistaken and not to worry about it. Thus, she lived entirely on
:iconborin23:Borin23 431 142
Working Out
Goddess of Transformation 1
Warning: Lots of sweat, lots of stink, lots of farts, and lots of one guy getting completely screwed over for no reason
Tommy was a nice guy always helping out others and doing all he could for the good of the community. Now Tommy was rich but that didn't stop him one bit in fact he worked as a janitor for the local gym just to help out the people there. Specifically one person a big butted lantina named Nat who owned the gym, it was a start up so she hadn't had a lot of money but Tommy being the kind guy that he was payed for all the equipment then took the janitor job. Ya Tommy sure was a nice guy I bet nothing bad will happen to him in this story, nothing bad at all. One day in particular Tommy and Nat were driving back to the gym from a lunch at a Mexican restaurant he was going to work at his janitor job she was going to workout.
"Uggh that food is not sitting right with me" She complained.
"Hey if it's to much let me drive you home besides you don't ne
:iconskeezan:skeezan 236 8
Volunteering Can Be Dangerous Pt. 1
Ashton was a 20 year old guy. He loved helping people out. He never had a problem in sacrificing a little for the sake of helping people. However, on this day he would have to make a sacrifice that was a little difficult to make. Well anyways, he had no say in the matter. So story begins as such:
Ashton was with his mom Mariah in a cafe. His mom had to meet a friend of her's named Annie. Annie was a slightly overweight. You could make it out by looking at her wide hips and huge dangling breasts. She was 45 years old. "So what work do you have with Annie mom?", asked Ashton. Mariah replied, "I have to discuss something with Annie regarding our new business. She's gonna help me in getting the license for the business.". They orders two black coffees and a cup cake. They spent the next 15 minutes talking about regular things going on here and there. In walked Annie. They all exchanged greetings and sat down to talk business. "So did you speak to the agent about our license Annie?", asked
:icondragster93:Dragster93 146 19
SSBBW Date Part 4
After the longest, most pungeant car ride in his life, Alex finally managed to get the beast home. His car reeked of a unique gassy odor, one that will take a few months to dissapate. He helped his monstorous sow from the back seat as her stomach released some dangerously hungry rumbles, concerning Alex. How could she be still hungry? Better yet - what was in that food that added on at least 300 pounds?
Alex attemped to haul her into his complex via the front to avoid the massive blast radius emmiting around her now 2, maybe 3 foot ass. Now Alex had to endure the painful climb to the third floor, but he had to move, and fast. Isabella's appetite increased and with each second Alex wasted, Izzie only grew hungrier. A backbreaking haul up the stairs left Alex in a tiring state, but poor Izzie was still without food. A concerned Alex quickly opened up his apartment and let the disgusting beast in, saying one last goodbye to that clean, fresh room smell.
To Alex's shock, Isabella immediate
:icontestguy2424:testguy2424 115 17
The Farting Teacher-Part 2
I sat in my classroom, feeling sorry for myself, the stench of cabbage and old rotten eggs stuck in my nose. Suddenly, all the other teachers walked in with a cake in hand. They immediately started to cough and one of the teachers called Cathy even said to me "If you have to fart, do it on your own time". I tried to explain to them but they left in a whirl of fanning noses and coughing. "Now the teachers hate me for something I didn't even do". I felt so sad and took a bite from my apple, forgetting that she had farted on it. My mouth was instantly met with the taste of sulfur and eggs and I spat it out immediately. I opened a few windows and tried to air out the room. After the lunch break, I thought a good bit of the smell had dissipated, and my next class came up. They were young but they still noticed the smell but didn't say anything. Every so often I would notice one of them coughing.
My next class was the same class I had yesterday, my first one. Before I could start talking Cla
:iconthatlad:thatlad 53 15
Big Babysitter Part 2
[Warning weight gain, gas and vore ahead]
James woke up, to the sound of rumbling. When he opened his eyes he smiled. That had to be some of the best sleep he’d gotten in weeks. He didn’t remember his pillow being that soft either. I raised his head to see that the thing he had been sleeping on was in fact the bulbous belly of his babysitter Maria.
“Holy shit did I fall asleep rubbing her belly last night?” As he examined the mound of flab that lay before him, he noted how much more of it there actually was. She had eaten pretty much everything sweet in the house, and it showed on her. Her belly was like an exercise ball, round and shiny. It rose a few feet above her, and jiggled slightly with each breath she took. He checked the clock on his nightstand. Noon?!? He was surprised how long he had slept, but then who wouldn’t sleep like a baby on something as soft as Maria’s huge gut. He began to gently stroke it just to feel how soft it had become. It
:iconbbwlover52:Bbwlover52 101 15
The Farting Teacher-Part 3
I woke up, feeling a headache coming on as a result of the gassing. I got up and walked by the chair with my dress on it, filled with methane and gas molecules. I picked it up with one hand and covered my nose with the other. I ran downstairs and threw it in the washing machine. My hand reeked of farts, so I washed it. I regretted going into the fart chamber with the farting bitch but I was tight on money and I had no other option. I got dressed and got the bus to the school. I walked into the staff room and was greeted by dirty looks from the other teachers. I saw Fiona in the corner, but I steered well clear of her. I looked up the odd time at her and saw Fiona looking at me. I looked at what she was eating and was a burrito filled with cabbage and cauliflower. I brought my hand up to my mouth, not realizing that it still smelt like methane and I started gagging. I looked up and saw her laughing.
As soon as the bell rang, I walked out quickly and decided to get the elevator as my cla
:iconthatlad:thatlad 56 6
Date with a Tiny
"So after spending just about 3 months with that woman I finally mananged to escape from her clutches. I know right me being 5 inches tall and her being as big as she was how could I have ever gotten out. I mean damn was she a plump girl speically around the hips actually she kind of reminds me of you....Oh thats not to say your fat or anything but lets face it you are a big girl. Well technically every girl is a big girl to me but you on average would be more plump then most girls. So really........"
"GREG!" Gwen yelled out.  "How about we stop chating for a little bit and just enjoy the food"
"Yeah Yeah sure I will"
Gwen was to put in plainly bored. It was actually outstanding really when she heard her friend say she would be getting a date with a shrunken man Gwen was ecstatic. The truth though was for a man who had been shrunken and tormented by some insane woman spouting nonsense about godesses for months on end then coming to freedom and revealing himself to the world Gwen e
:iconskeezan:skeezan 178 11
Justice Unaware
Justice Unaware
**Story involving a cow/girl anthromorph named Berlin. Involves unaware facesitting, farting, and heavy crushing. If you're not of fan of the above, don't read. Cheers!**
Theo easily picked the lock on the dishevelled old door. It was barely a lock to begin with, and not what one would consider secure. Who would want to enter these run down premises anyway, what with the old torn drapes, peeling paint and cracked window glass. It was an old area of Mandrake City, situated near the container pier. In years gone past these homes were beautiful, if a little rustic in their appearance. Now they were all owned by the same few wealthy families who did little maintenance, and rented them out to the desperate, or folks wanting to hide.
Berlin was one such woman and she fell into the temporarily desperate category. She landed a job as a receptionist due to the fact she was well spoken. They hired her over the phone of course…had they known she was a splicer she'd never have gott
:icongary2112:gary2112 201 17
Going to School
Greg peeked out of his step-daughters backpack looking at all the students going about there day moving from class to class. “What a fine mess I've gotten myself into.” He said to himself looking up at his Greta looming above him. An idea crossed his mind of getting her attention but then was immediately crossed out when Greg remembered who's attention he would be getting. The day wasn't supposed to be like this, the girls would enjoy there last day of school for the week and Greg would enjoy a much needed day off work with no gargantuan asses to fall on him. However fate had different plans in store for the five-inch tall man as when packing Greta's lunch he accidentally fell in. Any attempt to escape would only result in Greg plummeting what was to him thousands of feet so he waited, knowing fully well that whatever would transpire after he got out would not be in his favour.
Greta had brought Greg to the computer lab where she carelessly tossed her bag to a chair next to
:iconskeezan:skeezan 177 15
Ariana Grande Stuffing Story Part 1
Contains Stuffing and Gas
Ariana Grande
Just the name makes me flourish. One of the most beautiful girls on the planet, and I was about to meet her privately, in person. How did I get here? I simply won a competition. I think over 5 million people entered, and I won. I couldn't believe it at first, but now it's certain. The competition winner was guaranteed a night with Ariana. A whole night. Me, her, and no one else
Now, I'll admit, I'm not a normal Ariana Grande fan. Most people like her, sure. They'll download her songs, watch her videos, follow her on Facebook, etcetera. But I am more than a fan. I am beyond IN LOVE with her. I have shrines to her, emphasizing her pure beauty. Creepy? Maybe, but beyond awesome. So let's just get to the chase. I was there, at the door of this enormous mansion. Only I know the location, everyone else thinks she lives in The Hills. I was hoping there would be no security guards to ruin the atmosphere of just us two. I know, it sounds weird, but hey, w
:icontestguy2424:testguy2424 85 21
Giantess/Trampling - Bane after school dream P6/11 :icondeviantkibate:DeviantKibate 924 33
Gassy Ms.Garner and I
Perfect. Just perfect. For the first time ever I'm stuck in detention... and for what? Just because I had the 'audacity' to defend myself against those jerks. Not only did they deny that they threw the first punch but also convinced everyone else to say that it was I who started it. What a load of bull.
The other benches are empty. Except for Ms. Garner, I'm the only one here. At least I have something pretty to look at while stuck in this prison. She's a bit chunky but that's alright. I've always liked bigger girls anyway. It's funny. Every time she accidentally knocks down something with her plump butt, I'm the only one not laughing and she always give me a warm smile when that happens. She's so darn adorable.
That ass she has. It's out of this world. Not size wise but its shape is just amazing. Don't get me wrong, each cheek is big as my pillows at home, but as I said, there's something about their shapes. Perfectly round and firm yet they quiver like jelly with each step she takes.
:iconsibon13:sibon13 215 44
OLD GALLERY 22 :iconvertical-misfit:Vertical-Misfit 536 198
The time was 11:40 AM. The three friends Sharon, Hannah and Carla had gathered in Sharon's apartment, trying to figure out where to have lunch. The one being the most excited about it was Carla. Her love for that kind of food exceeded the others by a long shot. She had always been known as a big woman who absolutely loves to eat. Her figure was obvious proof to that. It was pear shaped and boy, was it a huge pear. It was big enough to be three people. The butt cheeks were more than twice the size of the rest of the body and they stuck out like two wobbly bean bags. Not to say that the rest was on the ample side as well, but the rear truly took the price in being the most sizeable part. As for why she loved Mexican food? Not only was her size already infamous among her friends, but that was nothing compared to the smells she could produce. To even sit in the same room as her after only a small passing of gas could prove to be disastrous for
:iconsibon13:sibon13 170 39
Fart... Anywhere? :iconthedrifter91:TheDrifter91 894 279
Ariana Grande Stuffing Story Part 2
Read the original - for a recap
Ariana laughed yet again, as she climbed onto me, placed her ass over my face, and released the most disgusting, hideous fart yet
It was fierce. Her ass was pressed against my face, a seemingly endless roar of gas exploded from her cute butt. My nose was destroyed, absorbing almost every unique odour. It smelt horrible, oh GOD it was horrible. My eyes were watering, the gas kept coming.
Ariana giggled, I could hear that belly churning, rumbling, sloshing, all sorts of crazy sounds. I had no idea what was yet to come. I was so fucking hard; Ariana was literally sitting on my face, her butt exploding into my face, her hands pressed on my thighs, her head inches above my thick wood.
I was left gagging for air. I tapped her thick thighs and she got off.
“How do you like that?” she giggled. I was speechless. THE Ariana Grande had just spent the last 20 minutes fart
:icontestguy2424:testguy2424 24 1
Interactive Fart Fetish Story - School - Part 2
!!! This interactive story contains facesitting, farting, ass-sniffing, gore, … If you’re not interested I insist that you leave. !!!
This is the seconds part!!! To start go to part 1!!!
(This story is split up into 2 parts because it was too big)
You slam the door behind you and try not to touch the hot boiler. After a couple of seconds you hear Heather entering the dressing room. “Are you here?” You hope she doesn’t find you, but too bad. The door swings open and there’s Heather. She looks you straight in the eyes with an evil grin on her face. “There you are.” She punches you in the stomach pushing all the air out of you. She then pulls you out of the closet and puts you on a bench. She then sits on your lap. It would’ve turned you on if it wasn’t Heather or if you weren’t this scared? She then starts leaning on you so you need to turn your head to the side. Our pushed against the wall behind you.
:iconttubman:TtubMan 53 7
ART TRADE: Air Pressure
"Hey sis, you alright?" Blake said as his sister seemed to eat the food in front of her as if she was in a contest. It was one of the few days they both found themselves with some free time so Blake's sister Brianna decided to treat her brother to some dinner, unfortunately any attempt by Blake to reach his sister was lost in the mountain of food she set up for herself.
"Bri!" Blake yelled as his sister lifter her head with a buffalo wing still in her mouth, finally getting his sister's attention, but Blake couldn't help but laugh at his usually very 'professional' sister .
"C'mon Blake, I have to be prim and proper 24/7, can't I relax a little in front of my brother?" Brianna said while finishing the wing she had in her mouth.
"It's not that, I just know you, and I know you tend to eat without really… enjoying your food… when you're nervous," Blake explained.
"Well, I guess I'm a little on edge. I have a business trip tomorrow, and usually It's not a problem, but I'm going o
:iconleshawk:leshawk 127 24
Amelia's Elevator Fun
Amelia speed walked toward elevator that was opening, her stomach rumbling. She had just gone through a large dessert, only to find the bathroom on that floor was closed. She stepped inside the opened elevator, seeking salvation on the 4th floor. There was only one other person in the elevator, a woman about half Amelia's size, no older then 20, standing beside the buttons.
"4th floor, please," Amelia asked, feeling the gas in her stomach trying to bust out.
"Sure thing. What's your name?" The woman asked.
"Amelia, what about y-you?" Amelia asked, feeling a bit awkward. The gas was trying to get out.
"I'm Maria. Hey, are you feeling alright?" Maria replied.
"Oh, I just need to f-," Amelia was saying, when she heard a pfffffffft coming from her butt. Her cheeks turned red like cherries. Maria giggled a little as the gas filled the
"Ooh, have to rip a big one?" Maria asked, smiling. "Just go ahead, I don't mind." Amelia was confused, and was still blushing. Almost as though her
:iconyelnats101:Yelnats101 89 9