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MLP Sweet Tree by LoCeri MLP Sweet Tree :iconloceri:LoCeri 2,942 729 Dusk by kkart Dusk :iconkkart:kkart 1,516 69 Minecraft - Farming by Ludolik Minecraft - Farming :iconludolik:Ludolik 336 51 Trixie's Life is so Hard by johnjoseco Trixie's Life is so Hard :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 5,244 704 Lake Stagnation by jflaxman Lake Stagnation :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 397 37 Lightning and Sunflowers by kkart Lightning and Sunflowers :iconkkart:kkart 338 20 It Still Feels Home by darkdex52 It Still Feels Home :icondarkdex52:darkdex52 2,799 284 Concerning manly things by younghappy Concerning manly things :iconyounghappy:younghappy 934 178 Fishery by DenisOlivier Fishery :icondenisolivier:DenisOlivier 295 53 Patchwork by GerbilEater Patchwork :icongerbileater:GerbilEater 422 140 Dia, Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, Bead Dress by pinkythepink Dia, Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, Bead Dress :iconpinkythepink:pinkythepink 286 55 Spacecraft Carrier by jbrown67 Spacecraft Carrier :iconjbrown67:jbrown67 135 9 Spring green field and tree. Ukraine, Volhynia by Sergey-Ryzhkov Spring green field and tree. Ukraine, Volhynia :iconsergey-ryzhkov:Sergey-Ryzhkov 293 13 Vang Vieng Countryside by DrewHopper Vang Vieng Countryside :icondrewhopper:DrewHopper 458 27 End of the day by tomaskaspar End of the day :icontomaskaspar:tomaskaspar 1,193 197 Farming time! by melvynyeo Farming time! :iconmelvynyeo:melvynyeo 370 29 Lunar world by jup3nep Lunar world :iconjup3nep:jup3nep 262 16 Finished work by jup3nep Finished work :iconjup3nep:jup3nep 315 25 wheat square. by simoendli wheat square. :iconsimoendli:simoendli 798 73 Stack Homes by AlexJJessup Stack Homes :iconalexjjessup:AlexJJessup 263 24 turkey 04 by mimustock turkey 04 :iconmimustock:mimustock 362 73 Mountain Pasture by Navanna Mountain Pasture :iconnavanna:Navanna 221 37 Winter by StudioQube Winter :iconstudioqube:StudioQube 626 72 Abandoned By the Boondocks by FramedByNature Abandoned By the Boondocks :iconframedbynature:FramedByNature 321 22 Pannonian sea by jup3nep Pannonian sea :iconjup3nep:jup3nep 667 76 7 Days of Harvest Moon : Will by imari-yumiki 7 Days of Harvest Moon : Will :iconimari-yumiki:imari-yumiki 143 55 Norwegian farmlife by frestro79 Norwegian farmlife :iconfrestro79:frestro79 161 2 Barn In The Fall by Cute-And-Bright Barn In The Fall :iconcute-and-bright:Cute-And-Bright 232 62 Time Stood Still by HeatherWaller-Rivet Time Stood Still :iconheatherwaller-rivet:HeatherWaller-Rivet 218 82 Beneath the Apple Trees by McKenzie-James Beneath the Apple Trees :iconmckenzie-james:McKenzie-James 597 142 Galactic Windmill by Questavia Galactic Windmill :iconquestavia:Questavia 302 17 Peace in the green lands by RavenseyeTravisLacey Peace in the green lands :iconravenseyetravislacey:RavenseyeTravisLacey 96 12 Bummies farm 2.0 by MenInASuitcase Bummies farm 2.0 :iconmeninasuitcase:MenInASuitcase 1,260 979 Sky Rays Visit Panada Airspace by DarksDaemon Sky Rays Visit Panada Airspace :icondarksdaemon:DarksDaemon 887 77 Hay day by the-muddy Hay day :iconthe-muddy:the-muddy 96 27 Yellow ribbon by jup3nep Yellow ribbon :iconjup3nep:jup3nep 347 31
How to Make a World
So like, I haven't been here in years, but checking out my account this is still, somehow the most popular and sassed thing on my DA.
Reminder that this was a WIP even when I began it, and I'm probably never touching this again.
Apparently some of y'all think this is a really cool or helpful thing, and that's fine its really the only thing keeping this piece up here.
But otherwise, just like, ignore it?
If you get peeved at anything that's in here, keep in mind you're getting mad at a 14 year old kid's unfinished homework project that's like 4 years old now. So, just keep that in perspective.
Always check the date before you comment~
How to make a world
Table of Contents:
-Part 1: Home Sweet Home: The basics of you world
-Part 2: Into the Garden of Madness: The Human Psyche
INTRODUCTION! read this!
This is meant to be a general guide on how you can make your own planet/world and what patterns it would input onto its denizens. As well as how you can alter your world his
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