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Kid's Mom Soul Eater Fanfic
Kid's mom
Death the Kid and his friends were sent to a mission. A small village was being attacked by small yellow-eyed monsters created by a witch. The mission? Kill the monsters and the witch who was doing it.
From a cliff overlooking the village a bit destroyed by the monsters,
Kid was the first to jump along with the Thompson sisters going to the village and soon after it is followed by Maka, Soul, Black Star and Tsubaki.
They walk through the village looking at partially destroyed buildings  looking for  the local population.
Maka: where are they all?
Blac Star; yahooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the black star of incredible Shibusen is here to
defeat the witch! do not worry, The hero came !!^_^
Tsubaki: calm down Black Star, so you will scare people even more ^_^''
The door of a semi-destroyed houses opens showing the face of a bearded old man .
old man: who are you?
Kid stands in front of the door: students of Shibusen and we  are here to investigate.
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