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Icy Fall - Hyukjae X Reader
You and one of your friends were walking down the street on a winter afternoon. You were having a conversation about the pleasure of running. Your friend was saying that running was really pleasurable, that it could be useful, while you were saying that running was only a pain, and in worst case scenario, you'd rather die than run more than five minutes. Well, it's not that much that you hate running, it's more the fact that there is no real use to it in your life, and to be fair, all the situations your friend gave you, running wasn't the best idea.
You see a bear? Running would kill you more than saving your life. Anyone with a basic knowledge about bear should know that. Throwing your food at it is actually a better choice.
You are late for something important? Well then, you'll be late, running might actually just stress you out. It happens, being late, so why running? Plus, if it was that important, why didn't you leave earlier, in case that something might happen?
A serial killer
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People walked by on the sidewalk, passing me without a glance. They were much better off, and didn't much care. People only care about themselves in this day and age. No one cared about the little life curled up in the small alcove, a weak, torn piece of cardboard propped up by a weaker form. I had nothing. Nothing. Nothing except the clothes on my body and that piece of cardboard. My stomach growled constantly, my body ached terribly, shivering in the late fall chill in the air. It hurt to even breathe, my body cried out for food, for shelter, for something.
I was desperate. So desperate.
The days and nights blurred together. Every waking moment was the same. Pain, the sound of people walking by, complaining how low their paycheck was, or how many nights they had to eat leftovers. They were so lucky. So lucky. I never moved, I almost looked dead, I almost felt dead, I almost was dead. My eyes never opened, I just concentrated on breathing. Though it took so much effort, the longer I b
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