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The Many Faces of Chara: An Undertale Essay - Pt1
WARNING: THIS ESSAY CONTAINS BOTH UNDERTALE SPOILERS AND STUFF THAT MAY ANGER THE FANDOM; PARTICULARLY FANS OF GENOCIDE CHARA. Do not read unless you A. Have already played Undertale, and B. Can tolerate the contents of this post.

The Many Faces of Chara

A Comparison of Undertale Theories

Third Edition: Updated June 12, 2016
New in the Third Edition:
Added a hierarchy of fan theory evidence.Added the origins, major influences, and major arguments of each theory.Renamed Reincarnation Theory to Passive Frisk Theory, added new variations on the theory.Renamed Control Theory to Third Entity Theory, added new information.
Added a list of common Chara depictions by fans, plus links to examples.Expanded on the rise and current fall of Genocide Chara Theory, as well as the rise of Narrator/Passive Chara Theory.Added a section on what will happen if Toby Fox confirms one of the theor
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.:Writer's Tips On How To Stay Creative:.
Overview of maintaining character/story creativity:
• The first and most important thing to understand is that originality in the world as a whole isn’t dead, and creativity can only be lost in you if you let it. Sure it may seem like nothing’s original anymore due to the fact that most people are too lazy to even try. And this trend continues to discourage creativity in the sense of making it seem impossible to come up with something memorably original. So I’m here to encourage and to remind you that not only does originality exist, but it is very possible to keep coming up with new and creative things as you get older; it'll just be a little bit harder.
• When you’re young, creativity can seem in abundance as your brain is still developing, trying to figure out all the little details of processing and assessing information. But as you become an adult, your brain specializes, and loses brain cells. To avoid falling into a monotonous rut of unorigina
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How to Avoid Creating a Mary Sue Tutorial
While reading manymanymany fan fictions and original stories with varying levels, it popped into my mind a few tricks to decrease the Mary Sue aspects from characters. I've sorted the tricks to different categories, hope they are useful! The categories are,
- What is a Mary Sue anyway? And why people create them?
- Before creating him/her, aka General attitude
- When creating him/her
- When writing about him/her
- Notes about fan characters
- Notes about original characters
- Links to other Anti Mary Sue tutorials
Most the tricks I've mentioned in this guide are good to remember all the time. However, the tricks I've marked with a star symbol (*) are optional, kind of extra tricks. I use quite harsh examples in the guide to make stuff clear, but remember that the flaws that are smaller than the ones that I mentioned can be bad, too!
On the other hand: Generally, NONE of mentioned flaws are ABSOLUTELY bad, so you don't necessarily have to throw your character into recycling bin or
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How To Write Yaoi
Today, we're going to show you how to write The Greatest Thing to ever happen evar.
Yaoi. Since it's a known fact that all female characters are vastly inferior to the male ones, none of them are suitable to be shipped with a male character. In fact, they can all go lez in a corner. No.  This is going to be about yaoi. The greatest thing to evar happen evar of all time. Because we could never let a woman soil the true and pure love between a man and another man. And nothing is more sacred than that.
1. Tops and Bottoms As a rule, all yaoi couples must have a certified top and bottom (or uke and seme for you Japan types). NO EXCEPTIONZ1111!! You're either top. Or bottom. Period. The end. No exceptions. That's how all relationships work. And if you're relationship isn't like that, then there's probably something wrong with you. Or you're a woman. Then there's definitely something w
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