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Estelle's First Halloween :iconm-mannering:M-Mannering 69 63 Estelle, Lady of Stardust :iconm-mannering:M-Mannering 88 53 Punked Chavvah, Celeste, Thalassa, Kalai :icon1999317:1999317 19 28 Thanael' Ex :icon1999317:1999317 14 6 Lacriel is Back Baby (Profile) :icon1999317:1999317 13 16 Chained (4 CarlottaStudios) :icon1999317:1999317 16 19 Olivia, the Alchemist :icon1999317:1999317 14 7 Rococo Thalassa and Pholebis :icon1999317:1999317 14 13 Rococo Lady Pharaoh :icon1999317:1999317 14 25 0 Idea :icon1999317:1999317 12 10 Countess Of Color :iconmsbrit90:msbrit90 94 64 Rococo Ruffelle :iconfunnies50:funnies50 38 29 Halloween Masquerade ~ :iconfunnies50:funnies50 41 35
FPK - Are you loving the pain?
Iris looked at the happy couple and smiled. Since that very "yes", their hands seemed to be glued together – Iris had not seen Ari even two feet away from Garrett during the whole evening. And all those smiles, those little kisses they shared when they had a moment for each other... a fairytale of a marriage.
Iris made her way through the crowd and studied the buffet. Where was the cake? Almost all food had been covered from a layer of petals...
"May I have a dance, Countess Callidora?" She turned over and looked right into the smiling face of Minister Thanael. The kiss he gave her a few days ago came to her mind. "Let me think about it", she answered – and gave him a vigorous slap.
The wedding guests around them turned over to stare flabbergastedly. Iris could not suppress a satisfied grin.
Thanael did not get upset, that was not his manner. He looked quite ruminative for a moment, then he bowed. "Well, thank you, mylady."
Iris laughed. "Thank you, is it? Are you loving th
:iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 9 28
The Date :iconimpossiblegirl2003:impossiblegirl2003 10 8 Lace and Demetrius :icon1999317:1999317 10 7 FPK Floralline :iconm-mannering:M-Mannering 52 33 Request for Princess-Icicles :iconfunnies50:funnies50 30 22
FPK - Masquerade Ball 3: Rhymeless poetry
Thanael, usually all charming and smooth, sat in a corner and was terribly sorry for himself. Kalei, Lirelanta and Carlotta, the beast. His three brunette problems.
And he had a weird suspicion that there was something about Iris' friend Allara, but he could not remember more than a talk and a dance. So, nothing about Allara. The rest was enough. Iris, annoying little Kalei, Iris, cautious Lady Lirelanta, Iris, beasty Carlotta, Iris. And Iris again, evermore.
Why did the world have such a cruel sense of humor? He got an idea that he was probably the worst spy that ever worked for Rothere... But then Iris came along, and he immediately felt better. "Mylady, glad to see you again. We had barely a chance to talk during the evening... is that a smell of something burnt?"
Iris laughed. "Ah, well, Allara had a little, well... a little incident with the candle sticks. She has a talent for attracting chaos, I always have to keep an eye on her."
Thanael thought of Carlotta. "I have certainly an
:iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 8 22
a present for my Lady :iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 37 13
FPK - Memories to haunt you 1: Crossroads Demon
Sometimes, when Aguanin sat in meditation at the bottom of the ocean, his legs crossed, his eyes closed, he knew the answer. The answer was quite an easy one. The question was more complicated.
The question was: Why had he moved away from the sociality more and more?
The question was: Why was Lira, who had been so close to him, a stranger now?
The question was: What had happened to him, what had he done to himself that he thought of himself as a person he used to know years ago?
The answer was: Because he lived a life he was not made for.
That was the very difference to all the other Rotherans. Empress Ashling and her sister Altice, they were made for ruling, and they ruled. Viridian was made for fighting until the last drop of blood, and she was a mercenary. King Cold, Lord Derren, Marquise Jezzebelle. They all had the purpose to aim for power in some form, immediate power in combat, command over other people, power to mess up the world.
Lira was made to aim for power as well. She bec
:iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 8 13
Avalonne Crest :iconm-mannering:M-Mannering 22 35 Countess of Color Masqurade :iconmsbrit90:msbrit90 30 15 pure in heart :iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 34 19
FPK - Memories to haunt you 2: Resemblance
"Do you trust this Lace Lady?", Amerri asked morose, following Ravenna.
"Of course not", Ravenna replied. "But she's not hard to assess. She's selfish. As soon as I am a danger for her goals, she'll try to get rid of me, that much is for sure. But as long as she sees me as an ally... and, thanks to my lucky stars, she has no idea about you."
Amerri smiled. That was indeed a relief. She liked to be underestimated. It gave her the chance to surprise. "What are you about to do once we are there? We'll be servants of Empress Ashling, you said, at least for some time. But Ashling was no regent back then. She did not banish you – and those who did are dead. So what?"
"So I'll find my brother and rip off his throat", Ravenna explained simply.
The palace came into their visibility, setting Amerri in astonishment. It was made of a deeply black material, but shining like glass. Obsidian maybe? But obsidian was stone, it had edges and angles. The palace was instead shaped of curved forms, s
:iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 8 12
the court's girls :iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 31 29 Countess of Color- White Tail Festival :iconmsbrit90:msbrit90 31 29 In another life... :icongamblingfoxinahat:GamblingFoxinaHat 70 36 Play of Light :iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 61 47 Highnesses and their Handmaidens :iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 35 16 A Princess's Story :iconwhitewolfdreamer27:whitewolfdreamer27 28 19 Countess of Color Wedding Attire :iconmsbrit90:msbrit90 24 12 King Cold's Gala :iconmsbrit90:msbrit90 23 15 Royal Ruffle Guard-gingerdancer :iconmsbrit90:msbrit90 22 14 The Callidora Twins :iconmsbrit90:msbrit90 24 6 We All Start Someplace :iconfunnies50:funnies50 19 33 this certain lady :iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 25 20 a population problem :iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 38 28 the ladies at court :iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 35 14 three brunette problems :iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 31 34 A Royal Gift - Lirelanta :iconwhitewolfdreamer27:whitewolfdreamer27 33 6 Iris Halloween Masquerade :iconmsbrit90:msbrit90 27 12 The FancyPants Kingdom :iconwhitewolfdreamer27:whitewolfdreamer27 30 12 A Royal Gift - Raina :iconwhitewolfdreamer27:whitewolfdreamer27 32 17 magic ladies :iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 28 8 Rainbow Ari- Whitewolfdreamer27 :iconmsbrit90:msbrit90 26 17 Masquerade Ball Pearl Princess :iconbigpinkbow197:bigpinkbow197 34 25 Queen Ruffelle ~ Wedding :iconfunnies50:funnies50 15 25