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Sonadow - a pure heart ch 3
Later that evening Shadow asked Sonic more about his past. He could see that it was hard for Sonic to talk about it all, but he wanted to know so badly. Sonic inhaled a deep breath and began to tell Shadow.
Sonic: What do you want to know?
Shadow: Well first of all, where do you come from?
Sonic: Well I'm not from here.
Shadow: You're not?
Sonic: No...
Shadow: Ok. But where did you live?
Sonic: I don't remember very well.
Shadow: Huh? Okay. But I want to know about your family, what did actually happen to them?
Sonic: Well, they... They got murdered...
Shadow: oh my god... I'm so sorry.
Sonic: And, I guess I must tell you everything... I have... I have lived with the guy who killed them until now.
Sonic: You see, When I was little, I lived a normal life with my family. My mom,
dad and siblings. We had it great until one day, when my whole life changed.
Shadow: What happened?
Sonic: It was a normal day and I was playing with my siblings when a guy
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Sonadow - A pure heart ch 5
During the lovely dessert the family had fight, laugh and had a wonderful time together. Stripes drag Sonic with him into his room. Of course Stripes wanted to play with someone that knew how to be childish like him. Shadow felt like going to bed at once. The funny and weird day at the mall really had made him tired. Dark and Ruby sat down and talked about normal stuff and it ended with that they made out. Shadow couldn't hold back and called for Stripes and Sonic to come and watch. Sonic started giggling and Stripes covered his eyes. Shadow then shouted out.
Dark & Ruby: *jumps a little* WHAT!?
Stripes: UWWW Gross!
Sonic: Hahahah X3
Dark & Ruby: ohh…. *blushes*
Shadow: hehe.
Dark: Embarrassing….
Sonic: haha, sorry for disturbing you. XD
Stripes: That was funny ^^. Sonic let's play!
Sonic: Ohh umm ok.
Shadow: Stripes….
Stripes: Yes!
Shadow: Remember that Sonic is my friend and I want to be with him later. OK
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Sonadow - A pure heart ch 1
It was a beautiful night and the sky was covered with stars. Everyone where laying in there warm beds and slept except for a blue hedgehog that ran across the city. He ran faster than any other creature on the earth. He looked over his shoulder every time and kept running faster and faster. Not far away from the hedgehog was another creature. It was chasing the blue hedgehog. It kept coming closer and was almost near to catch the poor hedgehog. But with a quick move the blue one jump at the side and ran another way. The poor blue creature was so tired after all the running and stopped by a bridge in the middle of the city. He stopped for a while to rest, but when he looked over his shoulder he saw the dark creature raced up to him with a high speed. The poor and frightened hedgehog was trying to escape but fell off the high bridge and fell into the water and disappeared. Left on the bridge stood the dark creature and looked down in the water. "Damn... he could never have survived that
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Sonadow - a pure heart ch 2
Ten minutes later Sonic was finished with his shower and went back to Shadows room. Shadow laid on his big bed and drawn new picture. But when he saw Sonic he quickly hided the block. He must had drawn something that he didn't want Sonic to see.(You know what I mean X3).
Shadow: So how was the shower?
Sonic: Totally GREAT! Ohh....I mean. It was fine...
Shadow: What's wrong? Why did you change attitude so fast?
Sonic: I just have learned that I shouldn't be noisy.
Shadow: OHHH come on! We don't have that rules in this house. If you want to scream than scream, If you want to laugh than laugh. And if you want to moan... I MEAN!! You know... You can say whatever you want! *phu*
Sonic: Oh, ok Shadow!   
Shadow: !ell it's late, we should go to sleep. You can sleep in my bed, its big enough.
Sonic: Thanks. *lays down on the bed*
Shadow: *feels something weird* Um Sonic?
Sonic: yes?
Shadow: Are…are you sleeping NAKED!?
Sonic: Yes... Any problems with that?
Shadow: Ummm well
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Sonadow - A pure heart ch 6
The two hedgehogs were sitting on the floor in Shadows room still shocked about the note they had got.
Shadow: Please! Calm down Sonic! *hugs him closer*
Sonic: He knows that I'm here! *shaking*
Shadow: Don't worry, I will protect you!
Sonic: *Shaking badly*
Shadow: Shhhh calm down.
Sonic: I'm trying… but it's not that easy.
Shadow: I know…
Sonic: What do you think will happen now? *looks up on Shadow*
Shadow: I don't know…
Sonic: What are we going to do?
Shadow: I don't think it's much we can do right now, just be little more careful I guess.
Sonic: …mm…
Shadow: Hey, let's try to get some sleep.
Sonic: ok...
Shadow: Don't worry! I'll be here.
Sonic: Thank you so much Shadow! *hugs him tight*
Shadow: *blushes again* you're welcome.
Sonic: well…
Shadow: What?
Sonic: Are we supposed to sleep now?
Shadow: Huh… I guess so.
Sonic: Ok. *Crawls up in Shadows big bed*
Shadow: You know, I'm glad to see that you feel comfortable.
Sonic: I'm feeling comfortable
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Sonadow - A pure heart ch 4
Later on the afternoon the two didn't do so much. They had turned bored, and it didn't help that Striped tried to make them play with him. But soon he had dragged Sonic with him into his room to show him all of he's toys. Shadow decided to keep drawing; he didn't have much to choose. Shadow started on a new picture in his block that looked like the ocean. He didn't have so many ideas in his head either. He could hear Sonic and Stripes laugh and play in the other room, kind of irritated but at the same time not. He was almost finish with the picture when he's cell phone rang. Shadow wondered who that could be; he didn't get so many phone calls.
Shadow: Hello?
Silver: HIIIII!!!!!
Shadow: Arrgghhh * puts the phone away from his ear*
Silver: Hahhaahah
Shadow: Must you always do that!?
Silver: Yes, it's funny to hear you scream like that. XD
Shadow: How did I turn out to be your friend?
Silver: You always say that, even in school.
Shadow: Whatever, what do you want?
Silver: Oh yeah, I'm tot
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