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Sting x Reader Forgive Me
Guild Master!Sting x Reader
[A/N: Sorry if Sting’s OOC, I don’t know him really well, gomen… ;-; This has nothing to do with the current storyline, just a story…by the way, Sting’s the guild master of Sabertooth in this one]
Warning: Cursing

You were playing with a coin, flicking it, causing it to fly in the air and spin. You caught it with two fingers, and repeated the entire process again.
’I’m so bored…’ You thought, and sat up, swinging your legs.
You were currently in your bedroom, on your bed, just waiting for someone.
Sting Eucliffe.
Your boyfriend.
You two were living together in the same place.
And he was late…again.
You sighed. ’I know Sting’s the Guild Master of Sabertooth…but would it kill him to be at least on time for once?’
Letting out a long sigh, you got up and exited your room, heading towards the kitchen, staring at the decoratio
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Fairy :iconshilin:shilin 1,990 40 Collab Art with Semi-chan (FT x ANE crossover) :iconayumichi-me:AyuMichi-me 2,282 186 You're welcome to visit me.. :iconzippi44:zippi44 2,220 212 I promise! :iconzippi44:zippi44 2,645 471 NaLu Special :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,844 290 Day 2 - Snow :iconarya-aiedail:Arya-Aiedail 2,591 119 Ooooops.. :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,081 123 Style Challenge :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 4,079 157 Auction: Purity-Beauty ::CLOSED:: :iconsnow-body:Snow-Body 2,713 357 Gray x Lucy kiss animation :iconmilady666:Milady666 3,709 673 Nalu :iconladygt:LadyGT 2,963 151 'What if..' for the Nalu Week a special doujinshi :iconzippi44:zippi44 2,363 140 Male Erza .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 8,671 218 Nalu: Ova 4 Drunk Dilemma pg4 :iconjoshdinobarney:Joshdinobarney 1,437 304 Come on Lucy! :iconzippi44:zippi44 3,313 327 Like a gentlemen.. :iconzippi44:zippi44 3,053 381 Good mornin', Lucy! :iconzippi44:zippi44 4,306 596 Gajeel x Levy hug animation :iconpastriecake:PastrieCake 1,295 311
Fairy Tail x Sick!Reader: Natsu
Fairy Tail x Sick!Reader: Natsu
Warning: Swearing
~Your POV~
Cough, cough, cough.
You hated being sick.
How did you get sick anyways?
Well, it started with an idiotic ice mage, and an even more stupid Dragon Slayer.
~Flashback a few days before~
“Bastard! I’ll get you for that!” Gray yelled, touching his now burnt, raven hair, wincing as he felt the uneven edges. He growled, and his hands moved into their Ice Make position.
“Ice Make! Ice Encase!”
A burst of ice hurled its way to the pink-haired Dragon Slayer, who merely laughed and dodged the path.
“Ha! Is that all you go-“
“Aieee!” A scream cut off Natsu, and he quickly turned around to find himself staring at [Name], whose body was slowly becoming trapped in the cold ice. When Natsu had dodged the ice, it had hit [Name] instead!
“YOU IDIOTS!” She screeched before the ice fully encased her body, and she was frozen, her face set in an angry expr
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Fairy Tail x Sick!Reader: Gray
Fairy Tail x Sick!Reader: Gray
Warning: Some swearing
~Your POV~
Cough, cough, cough.
You hated being sick.
Right now, you were bundled up in many blankets, diagnosed with the common cold.
Normally, this wouldn’t have stopped you from going on missions, especially to the cold mountains, but Erza had put her foot down and commanded you to stay in bed for the day.
You, being very afraid of her wrath, meekly obeyed, and remained at your house, trying to get better for tomorrow’s missions.
But it still sucked.
You felt a tickle in your nose, and knew you were about to sneeze. Like routine, you quickly grabbed a tissue and covered your nose just as you released a powerful sneeze.
How had you gotten sick in the first place?
It had all began with Gray Fullbuster.
~Flashback to the day before~
“I’m gonna get you, stinky breath!” Gray yelled angrily as he searched for the man in question. Natsu had set up an elaborate prank
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Training (Laxus x Reader)
(Laxus x Reader)
“And so then I told Natsu- hey are you even listening?”  You glared at Laxus, who was on his second set of push-ups.  Sweat dripped off of his forehead into a puddle on the ground that had formed over a span of minutes.  The mage’s training was intense, that was for sure.
“Remind me again why you’re here?”  Laxus grunted.  His biceps bulged as he lowered his body down towards the ground once more.  They were like thickly bound chords, strong as pipes but flexible.  “If you aren’t helping me train, you’re of no use here.”
Just then his already shaking arms collapsed as an extra weight was added to his back.  He let out a loud grunt as the air was forced out of his lungs.  You giggled.  
“What are you doing?”  Laxus snapped.  He turned his head, but all his could see was your thigh.
“Helping you train by adding a little extra
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