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Depression is not a cool fad
Do you think depression is cool? You want to be on medication, you want to see a therapist? Do you know what depression is really like?
Do you enjoy school, do you get good grades? Well now you don't. Concentrating will be difficult, too many thoughts will be whirling through your head for you to keep your mind on the subject. The people in your class are okay, right? You get on with them, you sometimes have a laugh. Not any more you don't - they're talking about you, you're sure of it. They must hate you because they don't sit with you any more. It's hard to talk to people, and also hard to be alone.
What about hobbies? You like drawing, huh? You just can't concentrate hard enough any more, you get upset if it doesn't end up exactly how you want it; you're rubbish, a failure, you will never get anywhere. Conversely, maybe you'll draw more, but the subject matter won't be the same. You might draw things that make people worry for you, or make people talk.
Okay, maybe you don't like dra
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Like Twilight? Don't Read.
After walking out of the Twilight movie (an adaptation of a best-selling book that resulted in a cult following of fangirls, teenies and wannabe Mrs. Edward Cullen’s) I was struck with a horrendous and barely comprehendible thought.
Vampires are we know them have ceased to exist.
Gone are the days where supernatural creatures of the night wore long capes, hid fangs, got staked and were deathly scared of a common kitchen ingredient. Goodbye Dracula, you were great while you lasted.
Now they fall in love with teenage girls, act severely bipolar, kill fuzzy little cute animals that are completely innocent, and even sparkle in the sun, just like an ADD kid’s collection of shiny objects.
So, this movie, you may wonder. If it’s based on a book that has girls screaming around the world and boys wanting to rip their own brains out through their nostrils, it must be good, right?
You could not be more wrong.
I seriously cannot stress how completely wrong you are.
This movie
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Armored Personal Carrier :iconfunkychinaman:funkychinaman 309 31 Aww...Stamp :iconkisa-koufuku:Kisa-Koufuku 455 106 Blihblahbloobleh :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 915 56 Scene Kids - Friendship :iconblack--and--blue:Black--And--Blue 152 54 The Binding of Scout :iconraikuen:Raikuen 417 87 Royal Equestrian Goodwill Tour :icontwilightflopple:TwilightFlopple 537 84 You Don't Look NativeAmerican :iconjenmussari:JenMussari 175 55 SHOOP DA WHOOP :iconbagshotrow:bagshotrow 822 276 MOOSTACHHEEE :iconscuterr:Scuterr 170 30 Pixelldansen Template :iconnoveroth:Noveroth 188 57 The New Punks :icongunpowder:gunpowder 197 183
To my 12 year old-self.
Dip your hands in strawberry red taints and lather your white walls in craze.
Think as many as 7 impossible things before breakfast. 
A spoon of sugar can do wonders, remember that. 
And do your math homework once in a while. 
Loosen the ponytail honey and
let your honey combined hair burst forth in the sunlight.
Don't become frantic over blemishes. 
Don't fall for the broken toys.
You'll be left with splintered 
covered fingertips 
Tune down the volume of the world when it gets too loud.
Too homophobic for your young ears. 
Cause' they'll tell you "boys will be boys" and that 
if you're groped you were asking for it.
Your own mother will tell you that. 
Don't worry about drugs or alcohol. 
You'll be trapped in the most nurturing environment by high-school 
with promised-ringed girls judging your wandering gaze. 
It's alright to look at girls the way you look at b
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TF2 fad+meme+monster list RETIRED
TF2 Characters/Weirdos (as far as I know):
*Abstract Spy
*Ainis Cupcake/Anus Cupcake (Painis Cupcake`s BLU brother. Has a wife, Mrs. Cupcake)
*Ainis Spy (Painis Cupcake`s sister? Scares ppl)
*Air-humping Spy
*Anuspy (BLU mutant Spy. RED is Anuspyder)
*Ape Heavy (quadruple Heavy that sounds + acts? like a Tank)
*Archimedic (2 versions)
*A Spy of Influence (A RED Spy, disguised as BLU Spy, can influence everything)
*Ass Pancakes
*Assassin Sect (no vid - a sect of RED and BLU Spy Assassins)
*Badass Engineer
*Badass Scout (BS - no vid)
*Bob & Bob (2 Pyros, one RED and one BLU, one is smart and one is stupid)
*Blood Medic (a malicious RED Medic with the Amputator)
*Bomb Bear (explosive intelligent Teddy Roosevelts)
*Bonk Boy/Bonky McBonkerson
*Bonk Pancakes (RED Beta Scout with smiley faces on the front and back of his shirt. No memories. Will not attack unless feel threatened or his victim is BLU.)
*Buddhist Murder Pyro (BMP)
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Sabrina: The Animated Series WG- A Fatty Fad
It was Sunday in the afternoon and Sabrina was in her room. She has been thinking of what happen in school this week. It all started when Harvey was talking about this new fad that was going on at school. Harvey told Sabrina that girls with big butts and large breast are all the rage at the moment at school. Harvey even told Sabrina that Gem has taken a liking to the fad as well. He has seen Gem getting more food at the cafeteria as of late, so it might increase her butt and her boobs. Upon hearing this, it got Sabrina to think.
During the weekend, Sabrina was thinking about whether to try this new fad out or forget about it. However she does not what to fall behind the times. She knew that Gem will give her a hard time for not being part of the fad. At the same time, she remembers the last time she tried a fad out.
It was just than that Sabrina heard the door bell ring; she stuck out her head to see that it was her best friend Chloe at the front door. She was happy to see her due to t
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A Fatty Fad:Chapter 2
After sometimes, Sabrina has completed the steps for the Growth Elixir. She makes sure everything was done and ready to go. "So it is done?" question Chloe. Sabrina put the Growth Elixir in a sprayer. " Yes, the Elixir is done," Sabrina walking to the table, "all I need to do in spray this on food for it to work." she than place the Growth Elixir on the kitchen table.
Chloe look over to the refrigerator. "Hey, do you have anything to eat in there?" "Why yes we do" said Sabrina. Chloe opened up the refrigerator to revel a good range of meals to consume. Sabrina and Chloe took most of them out. From pizza and spaghetti to apple pie and cheesecake. They place them on the kitchen table. Both Sabrina and Chloe looked at the feast with pride. "We will be part of this fad in no time" said Chloe.
Sabrina took the Growth Elixir and sprayed it across each edible item. The Growth Elixir was being absorbed in the food. It causes the food to glow for a moment and then the glow fad away. Chloe looke
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