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How to kiss an Assassin by KejaBlank How to kiss an Assassin :iconkejablank:KejaBlank 9,909 969 Assassins Creed II by PatrickBrown Assassins Creed II :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 11,026 728 Assassins Creed 3 fan art contest by PatrickBrown Assassins Creed 3 fan art contest :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 6,957 391 Assassin's Creed 3 Bear Attack by PatrickBrown Assassin's Creed 3 Bear Attack :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 6,211 295 Assassins Creed Revelations by PatrickBrown Assassins Creed Revelations :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 15,471 1,255 Ezio Auditore Assassins Creed by arturosoft Ezio Auditore Assassins Creed :iconarturosoft:arturosoft 3,424 349 ACIII - Connor's hood nD coat patterns by Franky-bizarro ACIII - Connor's hood nD coat patterns :iconfranky-bizarro:Franky-bizarro 243 61 The female Assassin by KejaBlank The female Assassin :iconkejablank:KejaBlank 672 131 Awakening Of The Sixth by PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu Awakening Of The Sixth :iconphotoshopismykung-fu:PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu 1,583 227 Assassins Creed 2 : Ezio by Izaskun Assassins Creed 2 : Ezio :iconizaskun:Izaskun 9,014 590 How to love an Assassin by KejaBlank How to love an Assassin :iconkejablank:KejaBlank 3,183 227 AC - Auditore brothers by offrecord AC - Auditore brothers :iconoffrecord:offrecord 1,539 39 Ask - Question #122 by GingaAkam Ask - Question #122 :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 1,360 601 Assassins Creed Revelations- Genderbent Ezio by Its-Raining-Neon Assassins Creed Revelations- Genderbent Ezio :iconits-raining-neon:Its-Raining-Neon 319 9 Assemble! by KFour9 Assemble! :iconkfour9:KFour9 1,314 139 Ezio Auditore by moni158 Ezio Auditore :iconmoni158:moni158 5,603 167 Assassins Creed Brotherhood by PatrickBrown Assassins Creed Brotherhood :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 2,413 207 Assassins Creed-Carte Blanche by panelgutter Assassins Creed-Carte Blanche :iconpanelgutter:panelgutter 1,190 201 Assassin's Creed 2 - ezio Auditore by TheSyanArt Assassin's Creed 2 - ezio Auditore :iconthesyanart:TheSyanArt 1,134 55 Tour of Constantinople by CavalierediSpade Tour of Constantinople :iconcavalieredispade:CavalierediSpade 1,170 237 Basilica San Marco Venice by AH86 Basilica San Marco Venice :iconah86:AH86 1,033 169 Happy b-day Ezio by AnnaHelme Happy b-day Ezio :iconannahelme:AnnaHelme 265 14 Assassin 1476 by arvalis Assassin 1476 :iconarvalis:arvalis 2,631 218 Sith's Creed: Ezio Auditore by JackJasra Sith's Creed: Ezio Auditore :iconjackjasra:JackJasra 1,061 168 Let Him Go by MikuLance382 Let Him Go :iconmikulance382:MikuLance382 1,201 428 Character Outfit Meme: Bron by Isriana Character Outfit Meme: Bron :iconisriana:Isriana 513 181 He waits... by Ninjatic He waits... :iconninjatic:Ninjatic 2,835 206 AC: Revelations by Ninjatic AC: Revelations :iconninjatic:Ninjatic 2,303 119 Do what I wanna do by TheLizAngel Do what I wanna do :iconthelizangel:TheLizAngel 824 201 Red Hood x A. Creed Crossover by Jarein Red Hood x A. Creed Crossover :iconjarein:Jarein 651 28
Ezio x Modern!Reader Plot Twist p.2
A year had past since your rather strange arrival into this world. Ezio had brought you home with him to the Villa where you met his uncle Mario.  You had explained your situation to the older man and he happily took you into his home. Over the months you had taken up life productively in this time, training and exploring your new home. You had decided to train like an Assassin at the very least. At first it had just been for the protection, but as time went on it became a lovely excuse to spend time with your once rescuer.
Ezio had been lovely to you since you arrived.  He took you everywhere and showed you his life.  The more time you spent with him, the more you grew feelings for him.   You knew it was silly, but he was so sweet to you that it was hard to help it.
“(y/n), bella, you there?” You heard his voice calling to you.  
You blinked to clear your head and turned him.  Meeting his golden eyes with your own (e/c) ones, you smiled.
:iconfirerose333:FireRose333 92 9
Assassins Creed Revelations- Ezio Auditore by Its-Raining-Neon Assassins Creed Revelations- Ezio Auditore :iconits-raining-neon:Its-Raining-Neon 215 3
Tattoos! (Ezio Auditore x Modern!Reader)
"What is this?" "Ezio. It's a tattoo." You say to the Italian Assassino, his eyebrows furrowing together in confusion. "I don't get it..." He mumbles, staring at the colorful ink that decorated your skin.
"Okay, listen. Tattoos are these things that are permanent. You have them forever. They're done when a needle is dipped in ink, and it digs into the person getting the tattoo's skin." "It sounds painful, Y/n."
You smile, shaking your head. "Nah, not painful at all!" You say to him and he arches an eyebrow, watching you.
Ezio, although one of the more handsome assassins, wasn't the brightest at times.
But that smile melted your heart. "That was sarcasm. I know you know what it is, I've heard you use it plenty of times." "I still don't get it."
".. Of course you don't, Ezio."
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Roman Holiday by Firnheledien Roman Holiday :iconfirnheledien:Firnheledien 4,319 404
EzioxReader ~Dark Knight in White Robes~
(Y/N) - Your Name
(F/C) -Favorite Color
(Y/L/N) - Your Last Nmae
(F/L/N) - Favorite/Random Last Name
(S/C) -Skin Color
Your family was one of the richest in all Firenze and since you were born you lived surrounded of important people and therefore, as a Young lady you needed to start with your duties and studies and always trying to act as lady like as possible to keep the image of “the perfect family” in public, but you never saw yourself like that, in fact you weren’t really as docile as any other girls of your age.
As the years passed the pressure on your shoulders grew more and more, you had more activities, more duties and just like a plus you had to start looking for a good husband, one that could put even higher the name of your family.
-Mother why do I have to go to that party? There isn’t going to be anyone from my age. –You complained as the maids helped you to p
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EzioxReader ~Buon Compleanno~
(Y/N) - Your Name
(S/C) - Skin Color
You have been on Ezio’s guidance about 3 years by now, he has taken you to missions and taught you everything he knows, you even healed him whenever he got hurt, you trusted him and he trusted you, so you felt enough confidence to ask him if you could take a day off, no training, no sneaking, no killing, just a day to relax.
-So…. Ezio can I? –You asked in a really sweet voice and put your best puppy eyes, he was undressing himself, due that you didn’t have any family he offered you t olive with him and you accepted, this activity wasn’t anything strange or uncomfortable for you two, but still he was a man and you could not ignore this precious gift of the gods. –Can I have a day off? –You continued and he turned.
-Well I guess you can bella… but what for? –He answered with another question, you didn’t prepare any backup or ex
:iconfictionalxreader:FictionalxReader 89 10
Naruto/Assassins Creed - Crossover Concept by Jarein Naruto/Assassins Creed - Crossover Concept :iconjarein:Jarein 808 59 Ezio Auditore da Firenze by malikaa Ezio Auditore da Firenze :iconmalikaa:malikaa 760 47 AC Nouveau - Ezio by silvestris AC Nouveau - Ezio :iconsilvestris:silvestris 1,372 119 Assassin's Creed by teralilac Assassin's Creed :iconteralilac:teralilac 1,362 118 Mr. Bright Eyes by leaf-gem Mr. Bright Eyes :iconleaf-gem:leaf-gem 919 133 Ueeee ciao Ezio XD by Kibbitzer Ueeee ciao Ezio XD :iconkibbitzer:Kibbitzer 1,419 119 AC2 - Living by the Creed by Enix-HD AC2 - Living by the Creed :iconenix-hd:Enix-HD 398 35 Assassins Fusion by KuroSebastian Assassins Fusion :iconkurosebastian:KuroSebastian 875 201 Ezio Auditore by cypritree Ezio Auditore :iconcypritree:cypritree 1,187 47 In Sanguis Veritas by S-Seith In Sanguis Veritas :icons-seith:S-Seith 380 60 Assassin's Creed Rogue by ProfessorAdagio Assassin's Creed Rogue :iconprofessoradagio:ProfessorAdagio 449 23 Desmond Miles by thedarkestseason Desmond Miles :iconthedarkestseason:thedarkestseason 469 131 Ezio's smirk by blueToaster Ezio's smirk :iconbluetoaster:blueToaster 570 107