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eyewitness by bananandcheese eyewitness :iconbananandcheese:bananandcheese 266 182 Daddy Issues by DaryaSpace Daddy Issues :icondaryaspace:DaryaSpace 131 11 The Eye of Majesty by eKBS The Eye of Majesty :iconekbs:eKBS 84 27 Eyewitness Vulcan: Vulcan Home by AJHalliwell Eyewitness Vulcan: Vulcan Home :iconajhalliwell:AJHalliwell 21 8 Philip And Lukas by jpgkid Philip And Lukas :iconjpgkid:jpgkid 37 1 SanAntonio Thunderbird Concept by CosmicVirus SanAntonio Thunderbird Concept :iconcosmicvirus:CosmicVirus 24 91 Eyewitness by BranFlakes204 Eyewitness :iconbranflakes204:BranFlakes204 42 3 Eyewitness by inta Eyewitness :iconinta:inta 21 19 Eyewitness Vulcan: Cover Page by AJHalliwell Eyewitness Vulcan: Cover Page :iconajhalliwell:AJHalliwell 19 7 Lukas Waldenbeck 3 by DiademOfRavens Lukas Waldenbeck 3 :icondiademofravens:DiademOfRavens 12 3 philip and lukas by Jyanik philip and lukas :iconjyanik:Jyanik 20 2 Lukas Waldenbeck by EnotRobin Lukas Waldenbeck :iconenotrobin:EnotRobin 20 0 EYEWITNESS Wu Dujiao Qilin by BlackUniGryphon EYEWITNESS Wu Dujiao Qilin :iconblackunigryphon:BlackUniGryphon 16 7
The 24 Accounts of Launa Viander
The Twenty Four Accounts of Launa Viander
Launa Viander, the legendary black cat sorceress is about to make her final endeavor around the world spreading her Halloween-style mischief that has made her famous for over fifty years. On this her final night Monday October 31, 2005, She will make this the most memorable day to date; Hear the eyewitness accounts from people all over the world as she heads westward on her annual journey as trickster goddess.
12:00-1:00 A.M. Eastern Standard Time Amsterdam, the Netherlands / Takeoff
Interviewee James Karsden
"When I looked up at the Uslev Tower I heard of the legends of the famed black cat and it ran through my mind but as far as I know only a human lives up at the top penthouse I didn't expect that she would be there until that night when I saw her through a pair of binoculars it was all the people have told me, a voluptuous female form full to bursting with physical power a beautiful face gleaming in the light of the moon ev
:iconxennydiemes:XennyDiemes 12 6
philip + lukas by IcedSkies philip + lukas :iconicedskies:IcedSkies 22 0 Philip Shea again by EnotRobin Philip Shea again :iconenotrobin:EnotRobin 20 2 Eyewitness Congressional 1995 by BlackUniGryphon Eyewitness Congressional 1995 :iconblackunigryphon:BlackUniGryphon 18 41 Lucas is not gay by Joking-Jester Lucas is not gay :iconjoking-jester:Joking-Jester 24 2 Philip Shea by EnotRobin Philip Shea :iconenotrobin:EnotRobin 21 2 Philkas by Joking-Jester Philkas :iconjoking-jester:Joking-Jester 26 3 Philip Shea by DiademOfRavens Philip Shea :icondiademofravens:DiademOfRavens 12 0 Philip Shea 2 by DiademOfRavens Philip Shea 2 :icondiademofravens:DiademOfRavens 8 3 Eyewitness by niktropolis Eyewitness :iconniktropolis:niktropolis 15 2 Styracosaurus in the swamp by AntonellisofbBender Styracosaurus in the swamp :iconantonellisofbbender:AntonellisofbBender 11 4 you saw nothing by EnotRobin you saw nothing :iconenotrobin:EnotRobin 12 2 lukas by IcedSkies lukas :iconicedskies:IcedSkies 15 2 Eyewitness Stamp by SailorTrekkie92 Eyewitness Stamp :iconsailortrekkie92:SailorTrekkie92 12 20 Philkas by Aryanel Philkas :iconaryanel:Aryanel 19 0 huh? by ksen0n huh? :iconksen0n:ksen0n 9 2 i like you by Steorie i like you :iconsteorie:Steorie 9 0 Guy from eyewitness and cool jacket by EnotRobin Guy from eyewitness and cool jacket :iconenotrobin:EnotRobin 10 0 Eyewitness: Dragons 1999 by BlackUniGryphon Eyewitness: Dragons 1999 :iconblackunigryphon:BlackUniGryphon 10 7 Going Into the Wild by DiademOfRavens Going Into the Wild :icondiademofravens:DiademOfRavens 8 0 Motel by alex10332 Motel :iconalex10332:alex10332 8 3 Eyewitness - Ride My Bike by jijikaa Eyewitness - Ride My Bike :iconjijikaa:jijikaa 10 0 eyewitness commission by Rochioo eyewitness commission :iconrochioo:Rochioo 9 0 The GUARDIAN by bittersweetvenom The GUARDIAN :iconbittersweetvenom:bittersweetvenom 8 0 Vintage Magic Circles by Evaron Vintage Magic Circles :iconevaron:Evaron 8 0
The tears of sewn roses
Calling swift upon my frozen breath
Punctured thorns dig deeper for safety
Between my shredding flesh that's peeling away
It's only temporary, that's what they say
My friend, if only I could tell you what I saw tonight
You would never believe your ears or my words
But I'll tell you what I saw tonight, no matter
Tonight, in the aqua-slow blink of an eye
I saw a bullet, and not just any bullet
I saw your bullet
It was etched deeply with your name, as if the barrel did it
Engraved your name as the bullet was fired, and ran to you
Like a package in the mail, lost child running to its mother
Tonight, I think I saw a stranger enter the playground
Why where you there crying? I saw you crying
Tonight, I saw you greet the stranger with a worried glance
Frightened glance
I saw you struggle out of the rusted swing and back away
Shaking and trembling, who are you?
I saw the moon peek between the clouds and the stranger leak a grin
Tonight, I saw an arm raise too, shakily, u
:iconrubiconsinferno:RubiconsInferno 4 7
eyewitness III by LaGorda eyewitness III :iconlagorda:LaGorda 7 13 Eyewitness - The Jacket by jijikaa Eyewitness - The Jacket :iconjijikaa:jijikaa 9 0 Helen Torrance by EnotRobin Helen Torrance :iconenotrobin:EnotRobin 9 0 Unicorns Character Sheet 1999 001 by BlackUniGryphon Unicorns Character Sheet 1999 001 :iconblackunigryphon:BlackUniGryphon 8 1 Series of 4.4 by mowka Series of 4.4 :iconmowka:mowka 5 1 Philip Shea fanart (Eyewitness usa) by Batmoute Philip Shea fanart (Eyewitness usa) :iconbatmoute:Batmoute 6 2 Philkas by GlynisGreven Philkas :iconglynisgreven:GlynisGreven 14 0 philipxlukas by Jyanik philipxlukas :iconjyanik:Jyanik 5 1 TV Series Folder Icons IX by call-me-special TV Series Folder Icons IX :iconcall-me-special:call-me-special 5 4