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Dragging Diamonds Down My Skin
I wanted someone to call
me at midnight, out
of breath (out of
luck). Telling me they
need to talk.
But not you.
"This probably comes
three hours too late
but please,
listen anyways."
You placed your tongue
on my throbbing heart,
eager to nurse off
the life of another.
You said: "Shred skin to find the bone",
I had shed my skin, lulled my
bones into a weeping silence
and I still tasted disappointment
in your kiss.
I've heard your eyelids creak
when you open and shut them.
I know what hides behind the glass
and I do not plan
on coming back.
:iconseaboundstars:seaboundstars 88 70
My Pillow Can't Hug Me
My Pillow Can't Hug Me
It's been...6 months.
Since I've been enveloped in any embrace.
I kiss my mother
every morning of every day 
on her right temple. 
It's a ritual I started at 13.
That's 1,318 days, today.
And starting then, a shift arose.
I've never been overly affectionate,
but as I get older,
the more skin aches from no touch.
Loneliness beating me down
like the sun stifling withering petals,
their descent nearly as gorgeous
as when it flourished.
Malnourished, I lie down on this bed,
as the only thing being fed is the lead 
in my eyelids.
Leading me to the only thing here
that has consistently be there.
And its slumber.
But she doesn't like answering calls
when there's light out.
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 158 167
It's Jeff Time! :iconcokothecat:CokoTheCat 839 157 Jane x Jeff the Killer :iconcokothecat:CokoTheCat 1,098 293
tears laced with poison
this little lost boy
hears violins
in the
he sings
a song
of anguish;
and his throat
aches with
his lips
taste like
and his
bloody smile
has a broken heart
between its
his narrow
with a rhythm
of dread.
this lost little boy
:iconjonathoncomfortreed:jonathoncomfortreed 55 71
detail :iconnever-let-me-go:Never-let-me-go 440 38 eyelids :iconroula33:roula33 160 40 Jeff and his new Katana! :iconcokothecat:CokoTheCat 226 70 the movie on your eyelids :iconpsycheanamnesis:PsycheAnamnesis 212 25 Gustavo Fring - Breaking Bad :iconchrisbakerart:Chrisbakerart 554 182 Watermelon :iconhoneytrees:honeytrees 253 76 Behind Closed Eyelids :iconjoe-maccer:Joe-Maccer 230 122
each kiss carries
context and content,
each nuance
changing connotation.
i. forehead
sad eyes pour into mine
like a swimming pool
being filled with angels’ tears.
i cup her face in my hands,
trying to hold all of the water
that escapes her
as i gently kiss her forehead.
i will cradle her cerebrum
and maintain our composure.
i will protect you.
ii. temple
temporal touches
refers to the hands on a clock,
as well as the anatomical.
and this kiss is subtle,
but it represents our passing of time.
i started this with my mother at 13,
and only a few embraces away from 18.
iii. cheek
childish caresses
with our fingers locking
themselves to adolescence.
i never have visibly blushed,
but i swear my flushed cheek
burned where your left your lips
for nearly a lifetime.
at least that’s what it felt like.
iv. eyelids
i kissed the blinds
that covered the windows
of your soul
to let you know
the sun still shone
even if your eyes were close
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 33 47
When You Watch Too Many Horrors... :iconsapphiresenthiss:Sapphiresenthiss 460 193 Snow Behind My Eyelids :icondominikkucera:DominikKucera 177 43 Nissan Skyline GT-R :iconragewalker:Ragewalker 151 73
Open Containers
Open Containers
i haven’t watched the back of my eyelids
in 72 hours. temporary flashes of existence
trail through my windows
but i don’t hold the same light
when all that i wish to do
is fold the lids back over my iris.
synthetic tabs my tongue as my eyes
hold vengeance against the ceiling
for being the thing i see most.
the bitter taste of cliche
cradles itself against papillae.
palpable in my own dyssomnia,
this ominous feeling of ill omen
leaves me wondering,
air conditioning humming.
i don’t know what i’m running from
but i refuse to open the lid of that door.
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 24 19
not sure the scars make the pain go away
he's not sure
what's real anymore --
flashes of light
dance behind eyelids that are
rubbed raw from sleepless
nights without waking
from bitter
his bones creak
like the floorboards beneath
feet that won't
walk anymore; he's
too tired to
remember that the days
don't make the
clock turn, but
the ticking makes
his hair stand on end
the voices in his head
beat along to the drumming
of his heart
against his ribs, broken
when he wasn't looking
that's just how the
world works,
these days;
the only time the flashbacks
don't dig too deep
into his rotting cerebrum
is when his
veins are pulsing
to the sound of car traffic
and breaking glass; he
never knew the
world was colored in
so many
ways that relate
to just one;
otherwise the words
cause the world to tilt and spin --
he can't tell
up from down anymore
but it doesn't matter
anyway since
his blood's been
drowning him for months now.
the light never
bothered him the way
the silence
did, but
the shadows hiding between
:iconkhaimin:Khaimin 25 19
eXDee :iconkatarsium:Katarsium 138 68 My eyelids are bleeding because of nightmares :iconnataliadrepina:NataliaDrepina 283 9 Eye Elements: Lightning :icontvlookplay:tvlookplay 347 87 Step-by-step Eyes :iconeev11:eev11 176 20 swine :iconchaotic-muffin:Chaotic-Muffin 387 9 Henson Fursuit Head and Tail :icontechnlcolour:TECHNlCOLOUR 86 18 Magdalena 4 :iconbeyondtheeyelids:BeyondTheEyelids 140 33 Mesh fursuit head :icontioh:Tioh 63 12 Panna W: Red Rain :iconjustmyway:JustMyWay 133 14 Jeff the Killer cosplay 1 :iconhekkoto:Hekkoto 120 45
Camera Shudder
So many
rely on blinking
at the
But your
a life
all their
locked and
:iconfallingasleeptonight:FallingAsleepTonight 17 9
Patriotic Stare :iconsirjaymes:SirJaymes 144 81 Drawing Eyes Worksheet :iconccrask:ccRask 440 36 Makeup Contest :icondivulged:Divulged 125 40 The Nightmares Eye Have :iconjtillustrations:JTIllustrations 124 54
apocalyptical starshine
i want to capture
the stars in your irises
and place them in
the hole in my chest
so i'll have remnants
of you when you leave
me in this wasteland.
[among the tyrants that
ripped out my heart
with filthy hands.]
i've always hoped
you'd be with me
through the approaching
apocalypse, holding me
close among burning
skyscrapers and falling
bridges until we are
gone, tumbling into
the fantasy we have
always dreamt of.
[a place where our
laughter obliterates
everything, and our
blue eyes shimmer in
the colored lights as
harlequin tears run
down our cheeks.]
we could ride an
elevator in the middle
of nowhere to the top
of the sky, two broken
kids who never had a
chance to grasp the stars.
i am nothing without you,
and it's apparent in the way
i sleep just to see your face
behind my eyelids.
[please don't leave me
to face this war alone.]
:iconmaniasdoor:maniasdoor 15 23
World behind world :iconsergon:Sergon 61 5 Nostalgia :iconbattle-for-the-sun:Battle-for-the-Sun 66 24 Perler Rainbow Dash :icongeneralhound:GeneralHound 40 7 Realization :iconbdpart:bdpART 74 29 the movie on my eyelids :iconpsychiclexa:psychicLexa 73 5
The dark comes early this year
And so the end finally came
brutally and mistreated
in yours so awfully well-aimed words
I lay cracked, broken, exploded and
   crawling in the ashes
of the fire we allowed to burn
far too long
Is this how it ends now
  with burned holes in our eyelids which no longer
are capable of concealing all the
disgusting secrets we thought we had
buried deep enough
and with lips which has lost
the ability to do else than
      Yes, the end is here and perhaps
we all were the villains in our drama?
:iconyiangillium:yiangillium 11 7