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Destroyed Cathedral Exterior by inetgrafx Destroyed Cathedral Exterior :iconinetgrafx:inetgrafx 3,240 312 Awaiting The Storm by kkart Awaiting The Storm :iconkkart:kkart 739 207 TARDIS Interior Cross-Section by Promus-Kaa TARDIS Interior Cross-Section :iconpromus-kaa:Promus-Kaa 955 499 The Color Field HDR by ISIK5 The Color Field HDR :iconisik5:ISIK5 454 68 Atoll 7 by adamkuczek Atoll 7 :iconadamkuczek:adamkuczek 1,055 16 Radke Industires: Exterior - Front by iancjw Radke Industires: Exterior - Front :iconiancjw:iancjw 601 13 Calling in the air by FrozenStarRo Calling in the air :iconfrozenstarro:FrozenStarRo 1,054 210 Radke Industires: Exterior - Pavilion by iancjw Radke Industires: Exterior - Pavilion :iconiancjw:iancjw 497 6 Desert Sunset by Dasha444 Desert Sunset :icondasha444:Dasha444 688 270 Japanese House by Neellss Japanese House :iconneellss:Neellss 1,583 225 Old factory Stock 042 by Malleni-Stock Old factory Stock 042 :iconmalleni-stock:Malleni-Stock 1,349 157 F2_EXT - 47 by jademacalla F2_EXT - 47 :iconjademacalla:jademacalla 564 25 Radke Industires: Exterior - Entrance by iancjw Radke Industires: Exterior - Entrance :iconiancjw:iancjw 462 5 convention centre by Ertugy convention centre :iconertugy:Ertugy 1,275 128 The Fort by AnthonyPresley The Fort :iconanthonypresley:AnthonyPresley 387 47 Tardis: Type 40-Mark I 001 by Time-Lord-Rassilon Tardis: Type 40-Mark I 001 :icontime-lord-rassilon:Time-Lord-Rassilon 268 32 Green Valley by SebastianWagner Green Valley :iconsebastianwagner:SebastianWagner 399 10 Stock-Premade background7 by Gwendolyn1-stock Stock-Premade background7 :icongwendolyn1-stock:Gwendolyn1-stock 351 51 Island by AhmadTurk Island :iconahmadturk:AhmadTurk 4,108 698 Pride Rock by gavi-gavi Pride Rock :icongavi-gavi:gavi-gavi 504 10 Souls jail by zardo Souls jail :iconzardo:zardo 1,461 123 Whitby Abbey by michael-d-beckwith Whitby Abbey :iconmichael-d-beckwith:michael-d-beckwith 561 21 Background Tutorial by IntroducingEmy Background Tutorial :iconintroducingemy:IntroducingEmy 3,664 108 Zettai Ryouiki by FanoRED Zettai Ryouiki :iconfanored:FanoRED 516 20 Giant by AnthonyPresley Giant :iconanthonypresley:AnthonyPresley 1,240 9 Battles City by dIeGoHc Battles City :icondiegohc:dIeGoHc 854 55 Old factory Stock 029 by Malleni-Stock Old factory Stock 029 :iconmalleni-stock:Malleni-Stock 276 48 Castle of madness by zardo Castle of madness :iconzardo:zardo 723 62 Souls judgement by zardo Souls judgement :iconzardo:zardo 2,393 178 Evening Light At The Old Barn by kkart Evening Light At The Old Barn :iconkkart:kkart 455 98 rainy day by ELFTUG rainy day :iconelftug:ELFTUG 1,642 200
Own Skin
I bought myself a Moleskine
to emulate Picasso, Hemingway
was never seen without his
in canal-side cafes, Spanish bull rings.
My fingers grease its ebon spine
over and over in tactile search
for some hidden leak of creative essence
I found Dante's house
down an old narrow street
alongside a crowd of German tourists
I did not enter only stared
at his stones, the exterior.
The hotel room is filled
with the buzz of the alleyway below,
restaurant kitchens' backdoors opening
for cooks, waitstaff, rubbish bags and oaths,
effusive shoppers admiring new pashmina
scarves haggled from vendors
in the adjacent market square.
I close the window.
The shaft of my pen is bent
and buckled, cratered with teethmarks,
the plastic pocket-clip
long snapped off.
It smells of stale ink
and lemon balm handcream,
the brass ballpoint idling
dry in its socket.
I bought myself a lambskin leather-jacket,
russet brown to match my boots
before they seeped their colour
across Florence's rain-soaked cobbles.
My feet mo
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DELICIOUS PERSPECTIVE GRIDS 02 by FOERVRAENGD DELICIOUS PERSPECTIVE GRIDS 02 :iconfoervraengd:FOERVRAENGD 1,866 146 nr.2. by realityDream nr.2. :iconrealitydream:realityDream 2,029 99 Sirens by Grafit-art Sirens :icongrafit-art:Grafit-art 268 4 detail by ELFTUG detail :iconelftug:ELFTUG 319 33 Towers 2 by diegoreales Towers 2 :icondiegoreales:diegoreales 848 290 Birds by DimaBerkut Birds :icondimaberkut:DimaBerkut 2,094 317 Lighthouse by NikitaBolyakov Lighthouse :iconnikitabolyakov:NikitaBolyakov 222 9 Coffee Corner by rukout Coffee Corner :iconrukout:rukout 1,526 106 Prague 18 - The Old Town by naamah-sith Prague 18 - The Old Town :iconnaamah-sith:naamah-sith 408 309 I walk the line by zardo I walk the line :iconzardo:zardo 1,932 167 Abandoned Docks III by steve-burg Abandoned Docks III :iconsteve-burg:steve-burg 533 89 Maia's Apartment Sketches by fox-orian Maia's Apartment Sketches :iconfox-orian:fox-orian 539 53 old city of ghent by phoelixde old city of ghent :iconphoelixde:phoelixde 575 60 The Precipice: Rail Car by DylanPierpont The Precipice: Rail Car :icondylanpierpont:DylanPierpont 387 26 Island Night Shot by AhmadTurk Island Night Shot :iconahmadturk:AhmadTurk 323 35