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Soul Maka: Fluff
He never knew she could be so cute.
He never would have though that serious, strict, abusive angry Maka could have such a soft, sweet side.
Pfft, I'll never think that again, Soul thought as he wrapped his arms a little tighter around his meister, blushing a bit when he heard the tiniest of squeaks come from her throat.
Damnit! Why is she being so girly? This was not cool. But at the same time he really didn't care.
He was currently under his meister, wedged in between her and their trusty sofa. She was in her signature yellow vest and plaid red skirt, her combat boots layed beside the sofa on the floor, having been already kicked off.
It started out with her head on his shoulder as they watched some old rerun of a sitcom from the 90's. It was right after school and the afternoon heat was getting to them, making them drowsier and drowsier by the moment.
When he had layed down on his back, head laying on the arm rest, he had not expected Maka to lean down with him. He coul
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Discotheque. Birth, Disk One
track 1 - eomma.
you were a sinner long before she
entered your life - pregnant at eighteen
with a man who shoved you into
tables before you called it quits, you
gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who
instilled in you the reparations
of loving an autistic child.
you met the love of your life when he
drove to florida in one night to pick you up
and bring you home six months
after you had broken up with him.
like children still finding their way, you lived
with his mother and her husband and your
baby cradled in your arms, a full house of one
two three four five.
you rung the skin of his arms red, didn’t you,
when he would throw tantrums and
you didn’t know how to escape the constant
retardation of the child you pushed from your hips
with a kiss from his father’s lips.
and then you tried again.
the fear of failure at the fact that your
first child wasn’t right had you in the bed
of the hospital again, your stomach ripe as you
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- Her Kiss is a Vampire Grin - :iconsandylynx:SandyLynx 94 13 Explicit Content :iconinnadril:Innadril 211 40 Fourth Evil Dragon :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 176 28 The Mature Content Ninja :iconevanescentmoon:EvanescentMoon 208 64 U-Kiss Mono Scandal mini album (Descarga) :iconasianeditions:AsianEditions 144 72
The Reaper's scythe,
The blackened rose
My heart's lost fight;
Insanity overdose.
I too feel alone,
Ripped apart,
Tossed in death's cone,
Turning slaughtering to art.
Pugna's acids gone
Neurosis reached its end
Sepsis was and remains one
Memories begin to blend.
The putrid flesh smells like sulfur.
I intoxicate in a mist of gases.
I look behind me and I find your mirror.
I see myself not anymore.
Is this guitar mine?
I've lost my will to play
music for the night.
I'm insane but all I want
is to fight back..
Who can stop this necrosis
Rotting my shell from the inside?
This corpse is dying (deep Catharsis)
My blood shall be this world's last tide!
I'm not gonna swear again.
I'm not gonna curse again.
I'm not gonna cry again (for you)
I'm not gonna…
I stay here and ask myself
"Were you close to loving me?"
… because now all I have left
is hellish insanity…
The necromancer and his ghouls
separated my skin from my bones
Bearing terror throughout night's growls
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Insults And Closets
Sasuke and Sakura were bickering..Again.
Its not like they hated each other...Nah, they did with a burning passion. Their war has been going on for years, starting with kindergarten. What happened was, that Sakura kindly asked Sasuke if she could sit in the seat that was beside him. He rudely replied 'no', and Sakura then hated thought it was stupid about how all the girls chased after him, and that the girls were stupid enough to 'love' and follow (stalk) him. She hates fangirls with a passion, and that goes with her other best friends from her childhood; Ino, Hinata, and TenTen, and Naruto. She only hung out with them, and sometimes their other guy friends. That included, Shikamaru, and Neji. She didn't count Sasuke as a friend, for obvious reasons.
Now, its their senior year in high school, and Sakura can't wait to graduate and fulfill her scholarship at the hospital, to train under the best doctor in the Fire Country, Tsunade. Who also happens to be the leader of the small village
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Lusterous Desire
People often confuse lust and love with one another,
This can cause chaos among us but why do I bother,
Most men desire females with seductive bodies,
They never realize that true beauty lies in all entities,
Some girls like to place themselves at a certain measure,
Other boys choose to gain from them pure pleasure,
While simple fools loose their virginity,
Wisdom helps to keep safe others' integrity,
Mankind is a sinful race fueled by emotion,
Our uneeded wants lead us to horrific action,
I normally think of what future awaits lusterous beings,
Yet now I realize their tragic fates are not worth seeing.
Copyright 2008 - TheTrueDarkness
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Shades of Green [ScotxEng Oneshot]
"Mr. Kirkland, a package came for you in the mail."  One of the young men working inside my estate announced, coming into the formal dining room where I was seated, sipping tea and working on a crossword puzzle in the newspaper.
"Oh?  Who is it from?" I asked in return, lifting my cup of tea to my lips.  I know I sounded a bit cold and perhaps somewhat paranoid, but could you entirely blame me?  Most of the world hates me.  The rest 'respectfully dislike' me.  I wasn't exactly 'Mr. Popular' around Europe or anywhere else for that matter.  
"Uhm… It doesn't say." The boy said, picking up an envelope attached to a small pink box tied up with a black ribbon.  I stared at the box warily before nodding, signaling that the boy could set the box down on the coffee table.  "Have a nice day, Mr. Kirkland." He said before excusing himself and I smiled to myself.
Then my eyes flickered back over to the
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