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Legally Stuffed - Chapter 1
    It goes like this: Ethan Goldman has the perfect life, and I stumble around on the fringes. But tonight, as we share a prime table in a Manhattan bar, he’s the one stumbling. 
    “I earn the firm more billable hours than any other lawyer in the office, I’ve never lost a case, and yet every goddamn year, I get passed over for partner.” He punctuates each pause with a wild gesticulation of his beer-holding hand and I wince as a splash lands on a woman’s high-heeled foot.
    This bar is one of the hottest spots in the city.  The people that pack it are genetically and physically gifted; there are no crooked noses, no wrinkled suit jackets. If you’re here, you either know someone or you are someone.
    I am not someone. I am a mustard stain on the collar of this establishment. Even the waiter ignores me.  But I know Ethan.
    The wom
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Getting Fuller
Warnings: Yaoi/Slash, stuffing, WG/weight gain expansion.
Summary: Chance was an athletic young man, but when he meets a mysterious stranger that kidnaps him, the man plans on getting him very plump and ready to bear demon spawn!
Chance Fuller was a twenty-three year old, tall, blue-green eyed, short brushed up blonde haired young man. He was athletic and strong, with good, strong muscle definition. He ate well and exercised weekly. Every other day he went to the gym, workout for two hours, then hit the showers to freshen back up before he sat at the gym's bar to enjoy a fruit smoothie after a long workout.
His routine was predictable and the people at the gym knew him by his first name. He was enjoying how his life was going, even after the loss of a close friend. He kept that friend's dog tags around his neck at all times to remember and honor him.
Today was no different than any other, and after a two hour workout and a shower, he sat at the bar and the bartender got him his usual
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Hey Girl I Heard You Like Eggs :iconbeltpop:beltpop 253 7 Gender Bender :iconexpansion-fan-comics:expansion-fan-comics 911 7
Photoshop WG
Photoshop WG
     Jenna needed an art class for high school to fill her fine art requirement.  She couldn’t draw, so Art 101 was out of the question.  She never played an instrument before nor can’t she sing, so Band and Chorus was out of the way.  So the dark haired, tan and slim girl had one last choice on the list:  Computer Arts.
     The class primarily taught about how art is created with using computer technology and all that.  Everything from creating it on the Mac in class to printing it on the old printing press.  It was a hassle for someone for Jenna, a constant texter and anonymous blogger.  She barely even used the laptop she has at home.  Luckily, the teacher made everything a lot simpler when he taught the instructions in class.  A weirdo for sure, an old guy with white hair and wrinkles, but he’s had a long experience
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Magical Pregnancy
"Honey!" called Samantha to her husband. "What is it dear?" Hunter wandered into his living room and found his 6 month pregnant wife lying on the couch. "It's your birthday tomorrow and i want to do everything you want to do. So tonight i want you to think about what you want to do. And can you help me to bed? I'm tired." Sam told him. "That sounds great honey. Sure i'll help you right now." He helped her up then helped her up a floor into their bedroom. He helped her into bed and pulled the covers over her. "Goodnight sweetie. See you in the morning." And he kissed her good night. He rushed down into his basement. He had been married for 2 years now but in that time there was something he had never told his wife. She knew he was a genius doctor and scientist but what she didn't know was that was actually a cover up for what he really was. A witch. And a maieusophile. He started to plan a wonderful day for tomorrow. He started mixing potions and createing exlixirs. He didn't need to sl
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Big Brother is Now BIG Sister!? WOW! EVEN BETTER!! :iconvoidstrata:VoidStrata 735 26
Charlie: Rules
Charlie lay in her bed, her fingers idly tracing patterns on her gravid belly as she watched TV in her bedroom. She felt a twitch and her belly dropped flat like a rapidly deflating balloon. She frowned in slight disappointment and reached over for the stop-watch and digital audio recorder on her nightstand. After turning the TV off, she started the recorder and stopped the watch. "October 22, Friday. Bedroom. Time is 10:37pm. Belly's gone back to normal, start time was 4:03pm for time of..." She pursed her lips in concentration as she mentally calculated, "Six hours, thirty-four minutes." She lay her hand on the bare skin of her stomach, "As normal, no signs that anything ever happened, no stretchmarks, no swelling, nothing."
She rolled on to her side and grabbed a notebook from the nightstand with a series of start and stop times, adding in the latest entry. "Okay, with this one, average time is..." she scribbled some math out on the margin, "Average time is eight hours, fifteen minu
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Stuffed With Love
"Okay, mom, I'm heading off to the university! See you later tonight! Love you!"
The mother of Courtney Van Haders leaned away from the sink, peeking out into the hallway just as her daughter closed the garage door behind her. She was only able to catch a glimpse of the younger woman's long, curly chocolate-brown hair. She heaved out a deep sigh.
Her beloved child was more than halfway through her junior year in college already. It wouldn't be too much longer before she would graduate, find herself a nice little job, and eventually move out of the house. The last thing she wanted was for her daughter, the oldest of her three children, to have to leave the family home. She wasn't always around at home to watch the boys or to take care of the house, and Courtney proved ample help in that regard as well. The money obtained from both her (the mother's) work and her husband's was more than enough to provide for Courtney and her two younger brothers Jacob and Steven. Courtney didn't need to
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Another Momoko sketch 3/14/17 :iconmgchaser:MGChaser 139 15
Too Much of A Good Thing
Standing in the middle of a bakery, Sarah looked around, her eyes pratically sparkling. It was the middle of the night, and she had hid herself until closing time. While she was a good person, she had heard that this bakery made some of the best tasting pasteries in town. And since she had a lage sweet tooth, she couldn't resist. Now alone in the shop, she walked behind the counter and looked down at the display case. " Looks delious" she said, licking her lips.Reaching down she grabbed what looked like a sweetroll with honey drizzled on the top. One bite made her eyes light up again. Oh my god, that is so good! she cried in her head. Shoving the rest of it in her mouth she quickly devoured it, and reached for another one. Having the entire bakery to herself was pure bliss for her. Moving on from sweet rolls she saw cinamin buns. Everytime she finished one she licked the suger that was sprinked on them off of her lips. Making her way down the case, she munched on pastries, cakes, and d
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Sudden PLUMP :iconbootycheekpete:bootycheekpete 868 26 Stuffed Sadie Animation :iconsolitaryscribbles:SolitaryScribbles 311 18
Swelling Curse-Lilly
Lilly was walking down the streets of the big city. She couldn't help but smile; it was such a beautiful day. And, she also had to return a movie before she had to pay for late charges. Though, looking around Lilly wondered how far it was from the rental store. Flipping her strawberry blond hair over her shoulder, the young woman tried to think on what she could do tonight. She had so many things that she could do…
But nothing came to mind. Stretching, Lilly felt a rumble in her belly knowing that she was starving. Looking around, Lilly thought that maybe she could cheat on her diet at least once. Though, she had to make sure that none of her friends were spying on her. When she didn't see a sign of them, Lilly had reached in her jacket pocket and pulled out a paper bag that had a jelly filled donut. Smiling Lilly took a bite out of the donut and went to heaven.
She loved these, and wished that she could have them more often. But with her belly being the way it was, (soft) then sh
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Revenge is Best Served in a Group
Spike groaned, opening her eye's slowly. " The fuck...?" she mumbled as she looked around. She found herself in what appeared to be a large warehouse. And a rundown one at that. As she went to move she quickly discovered that she was restrained. Looking down she found herself sat down on a chair with her arm's tied behind it. "Hey! What the hell?" she said loudly, frustration showing on her face. It was then she noticed that all the other member's of her gang where there with her, tied up like she was. Slowly they where all coming to.
"Oi...the bloody hell happened?" asked Raven with a small shake of her head.
" Where are we...?" asked Fang as she looked around.
"Better question" chimed in Crystal. " Why the fuck are we tied up?!". She pulled at the ropes that tied her hand's, trying to pull them free. It was then they all heard someone laughing. A girl's voice.
" Not so fun being the one on the reciving end, is it?" said the voice. All the girl's turned their attention to a large pile
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Late Night Feeding
Stretching a little, Lilliana rolled over onto her back. The girl reached up and brushed her long dark purple hair out of her eyes. She was having a restless night. Turning her head she glanced at the clock on her end table. 2:43 in the morning, she thought to herself. A sigh escaped her mouth as she went back to staring at her ceiling. The white bed sheets hugged her body a little as she lid there. Lilliana was a fairly attractive 19 year old. Slim. A cute face. Big purple coloured eyes. Not overly curvy like some women, but not flat either. Under the sheet's she was dressed in a sleeveless, light purple shirt and a pair of tight fitting black short short's. It was hot out tonight but the girl couldn't bring herself to sleep in only a shirt and underwear. She blamed her restlessness on the heat.
" Oh god..." she muttered, resting a hand on her forehead. Lifting her hand a little she looked around at her room. Rather bare light grey wall's. Almost white. In fact a lot of her room was b
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Ebil Witch Lady's Halloween Party
It was that time of the year again when the leaves start to change color and the cold winter breezes slowly come in. The month of October seemed to pass by quickly as people got ready for the biggest night of the month: Halloween. Parents prepped their kids and made sure they were dressed up in the costumes of various characters; those young enough to not know better were accompanied by their parents as they took them out into the slightly breezy night.
This was the perfect time of the year for the infamous trickster, known by few as the Ebil Witch Lady. She loved Halloween just as much as all the children do, though she wasn’t in it for the candy. Halloween was a special time where she could use her magical abilities to cause mischief on all kinds of people. One might think she’s a monster for what she does, but nobody ever remembers who they once were when she’s finished. Of course, she had one condition that she followed to a tee: all of the adorable children were
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A Brit Too Big
"Say, luv, can I ask you something that might be kind of weird?"
"I'd prefer that you did not."
"Do you think my butt might be getting a mite bigger or is it just me?"
Widowmaker removed her eye from her rifle's aiming scope and looked over to glare at Tracer. The young woman had her hands clasped impatiently against her hips and a look of deep consideration forced her face to scrunch up. As soon as she noticed that the blue-toned sniper was staring, Tracer took it as a hint to turn around so that she could present her buttocks to the other woman. It did not even require a single full second of observation for Widowmaker to realize that Tracer's backside was indeed bigger-looking than it once had been. Widowmaker had become, for better or worse, rather familiar with her teammate's backside after having provided her whole team with support from afar for this long already. Tracer's ass may have been prominent in her skin-tight yellow jumpsuit, but it was still rather unimpres
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At the Buffet | Stuffing/Gas
   “Aren’t you going to try the cookies?”
   “Oh! Of course.”
   Famous last words. My roommate heads to the kitchen to serve up a plate. Don’t get me wrong—cookies are great. Decadent holiday treats, sprinkled with sugar and smelling like Grandma’s kitchen, are the best afternoon pick-me-up.
   But right now? I’m too full to even consider it—one bite of cookie and I think I’ll burst.
   I’ve gotten myself into quite a predicament.
   I’ll start from the beginning, which I guess is the LaCroix Company Christmas party.
   LaCroix is a century old food service supplier, although my tenure with the company only spans the last eight months. Their Christmas party is the stuff of legends. I mean, I’ve been hearing about it since before I even got hired. They rent out a local restaurant, load the place with product, and turn it into table af
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