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Unholy by Sanskarans Unholy :iconsanskarans:Sanskarans 3,637 275
'Pervy stuff' ~ Amaimon x Reader
"Amaimon, why are you here?" You sigh out and rest your head in your hands, half in embarrassment that you were sitting on his lap in the middle of a park, half in awe of his bold exposure to the academy. "This is way to close to school for you. One of the other exorcists is going to see you if your not careful, you know?"
       The green haired demon rests his head on yours and lazily wraps his arm around your shoulders. "Hmm. It's not like they can hurt me."
  You raise one eyebrow at the green haired man. "Rin hurt you before, remember?" With a hiss, Amaimon's arms constricted around your body painfully and his head presses down on top of yours. "Amaimon!" You gasp out, and he loosens up immediately.
       "..." He doesn't say anything, he's not a person who would apologize outright, but you knew he felt a little bad for hurting you. "Don't bring him up again, _______."
       Amaimon went into battle like he was toy
:iconfuwafuwaberry:fuwafuwaBerry 574 42
Panties, Swords, and Flowers(Rin Okumura x Reader)
    You wet your lips, silently steaming. That pig headed, egotistical, elf-eared, dumb ass! You'd ring his neck if it was the last thing you'd do. You peevishly glared at the chalkboard, refusing to even look at him. Rin Okumura was going to pay.
    Rin, on the other hand, was equally pissed, for he saw the situation differently. You got him in trouble! If he was going to be scolded, he could get there all on his own, thank you. You were so nosey! That (Name) (Last) was a know it all.
    Yukio looked over his classroom with a weighted sigh. Those two had to be separated. Again. It was usually for a multitude of reasons. Rin copied (Name)'s test answers, (Name) would purposefully prove him wrong in conversation, and they both couldn't resist digging into each other (even for the smallest of faults). The young teacher was at his wits end. Even with Rin seated with Shiemi on the west end of the room, and (Name) paired with Izumo on the east,
:iconnumbuh1000:Numbuh1000 669 85
Dragonsworn Exorcist by Earl-Graey Dragonsworn Exorcist :iconearl-graey:Earl-Graey 660 20
Punishment (Mephisto x Reader)
Mephisto Pheles was always a very interesting person in your opinion.
Attractive yes, but very strange. You really didn't understand him at all. One day, he'd be kind (alright, in a way...), and the next he'd be a cocky asshole.
This happened to be one of those days. After you had accidentally slept in, you had been running to your classroom so you wouldn't be late, in a crowd of other running students, and Mephisto just so happened to only notice you and called you out. So now, here you are, late for class, standing in the deserted hallways with the headmaster of True Cross Academy, being scolded.
"Bull shit. There were tons of other people running around me, you ass!" You growled. Your arms were crossed, and an irritation was written all over your face.
"As far as I know, you were the only one running." You wanted to just punch the smirk that was plastered onto his face right off. "And I'm afraid you'll have to come with me back to my office now, for swearing not only on school groun
:iconeatmysconesbetch:EatMySconesBetch 599 117
Blue exorcist by Daenarys Blue exorcist :icondaenarys:Daenarys 9,550 699
Hawaiian Pool Party (Rin Okumura x Reader)
It was another unbearably hot, sticky, and humid summer day, and you wanted nothing more than to take a month long vacation to somewhere frigid cold, like Siberia or something.
Drumming your dry hands on your wooden desk, you let out a frustrated groan. The overflowing pile (which, in reality, was very small) of homework that needed to be done lay in the corner of the wooden piece of furniture, and the rest of the desk was littered with two bottles of water, several empty plastic tubes of Otterpops, your Mac laptop, pencil shavings, and numerous pens, pencils, and other junk.
You had given up on doing your homework a while ago, after concluding that is was way too hot to be doing work, no less even thinking. You felt something vibrate in your pocket, so you reached down and pulled out your phone. Rin had texted you.
'hey, can u come over? Im super bored ughhh'
You inwardly cheered, smiling slightly to yourself. 'Oh my god, yes, finally something to relieve my
:iconeatmysconesbetch:EatMySconesBetch 765 148
Ao no Exorcist +Rin Okumura+ by Rin-Shiba Ao no Exorcist +Rin Okumura+ :iconrin-shiba:Rin-Shiba 4,474 253 My Flower by hen-tie My Flower :iconhen-tie:hen-tie 1,276 30 Master Dwarf by AlexanderExorcist Master Dwarf :iconalexanderexorcist:AlexanderExorcist 825 39 Ao no Exorcist- battle by jaerika Ao no Exorcist- battle :iconjaerika:jaerika 2,238 84
Amaimon X Reader ~ Even More Then Candy
She was his, and no one else's. Especially not Rin's. She was his queen, well not yet. But he would find a way to make her a demon, and then make her his queen. No one knew about them. No one but the two of them. Despite the fact that keeping it a secret continuously made things exciting for them, he was beginning to think it would be better to tell someone. But she said people wouldn't understand. He was a demon, and she was a witch, who was studying to become an Exorcist. 'She' was (Name). 'He' was Amaimon. And when she and the rest of the cram kids were out in the forest doing some lesson, he had to follow her. Though if she knew, she'd be furious.
(Name) was up in the branches of a tree, relaxing instead of trying the lesson. She had really lost interest lately; she had a lot on her mind. Amaimon kept trying to persuade her to be open about their relationship, and she wanted nothing more to do so. But there would be serious consequences, for both of you. It was completely unfair be
:iconmsdeaththekid:MsDeathTheKid 474 129
Dakimakura [update with HQ link] by kuro-mai Dakimakura [update with HQ link] :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 4,664 445 Ao no Exorcist -Summer Break- by Rin-Shiba Ao no Exorcist -Summer Break- :iconrin-shiba:Rin-Shiba 2,446 317 Blue Exorcist by yuumei Blue Exorcist :iconyuumei:yuumei 17,789 790 Ao no Exorcist - Game On - by Rin-Shiba Ao no Exorcist - Game On - :iconrin-shiba:Rin-Shiba 3,299 156 AoEx - Rin's tail by Tenshi-no-Hikari AoEx - Rin's tail :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 8,219 684 ABC Expressions - Rin Okumura by sleii ABC Expressions - Rin Okumura :iconsleii:sleii 2,180 561
Ways To Make Her Shut Up (Amaimon x Reader)
Amaimon never seemed to care about what you had to say. Not even when it was something important (hey, the fact that you leveled up your favorite pokemon in your pokemon game is important!).
He always seemed to shut you up in the most strangest ways though. Sometimes he would stuff a pillow into your face and walk away, or say something out of the blue, and while you stood there confused, he'd take his leave.  But the most common way the lollipop-addicted boy saved his poor ears from being brutally talked off was taking the lollipop he had been sucking on, and shoving it into your mouth while it was open.
Most people might find that pretty adorable, but not you. The fact that he rarely listened to you frustrated you beyond belief, and also.. made you feel quite dejected. Though you constantly denied it, you did happen to find the green-haired demon, dare you say, attractive?
You'd never tell him though. Oh good heavens no, you could only imagine how he'd react
:iconeatmysconesbetch:EatMySconesBetch 533 86
Ao no Exorcist- Okumura Rin by jaerika Ao no Exorcist- Okumura Rin :iconjaerika:jaerika 2,472 103 Precipice: Nastasya by DylanPierpont Precipice: Nastasya :icondylanpierpont:DylanPierpont 1,023 59 Ao no Exorcist- boys by jaerika Ao no Exorcist- boys :iconjaerika:jaerika 1,972 149 Anime Chibi Guide to Hiragana by na-insoo Anime Chibi Guide to Hiragana :iconna-insoo:na-insoo 1,491 118 Blue Exorcist by xephonia Blue Exorcist :iconxephonia:xephonia 3,337 122 Rin Okumura Tail by Monoyasha Rin Okumura Tail :iconmonoyasha:Monoyasha 345 74 Ao no Exorcist by Umika-Sayoji Ao no Exorcist :iconumika-sayoji:Umika-Sayoji 3,327 204 Panorama over the Urban Jewel of Luna by erenarik Panorama over the Urban Jewel of Luna :iconerenarik:erenarik 353 18
Rin Okumura x Reader - Helping Hand
Textbooks clattered to the floor in a mixture of flung open folders and fluttering papers, quickly followed by [Name]’s knees hitting the pavement as she hastily tried to gather everything back together. Laughter like birds twittering faded off into the commotion of a crowd of students at True Cross Academy, the culprits behind the woman’s accident walking daftly away.
These supposed unintentional run-ins she’d had with this particular group of girls was beginning to wear thin on the woman’s nerves. Scraping up the last of the leaflets, she shoved them hastily into a folder and stacked that on top of her textbooks. “Hey [Name], you alright?” came the familiar voice of Rin Okumura. Tilting her head up, she squinted against the sunlight that shone brightly behind him.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” she brushed off as she grabbed up her fallen pencil and pen.
“D’ya drop your stuff?” Scooping everything up and cradling them against
:iconthepillarsofcreation:thepillarsofcreation 330 103
Goblin Warlock by AlexanderExorcist Goblin Warlock :iconalexanderexorcist:AlexanderExorcist 429 37 Allen by WiseKumagoro Allen :iconwisekumagoro:WiseKumagoro 2,248 390 Ao no Exorcist by f-wd Ao no Exorcist :iconf-wd:f-wd 3,541 139
That Awkward Moment Shima x Reader
~That awkward moment when you go to take off your sweatshirt and your shirt comes off as well.~
You were just standing with your girl friends Shiemi, Izumo, and Shura, and you felt your body temperature increasing.  Every day you wore a pull over sweater over your school uniform.  The school uniforms were stupid, tedious, and too provocative.  So you found a (fav color) pull over and the tallest black over-the-knee socks you could find.  Much to the boys in your classes dismay, you left lots up to the imagination.  Usually, you kept your pull over on 24/7.  However, the cram school classroom was hotter than usually.
"I think I'm gunna die." You said, fanning yourself with a folder.  Izumo rolled her eyes at you
"Take off your sweater, you only wear it all the time.  Do you ever wash it?" Her voice was annoyed, as usual
You smiled at her in a very ironic way, "Every night.  And I don't wanna take it off." Pouting, you crossed your arms across
:iconmsdeaththekid:MsDeathTheKid 219 46
The Precipice: Rail Car by DylanPierpont The Precipice: Rail Car :icondylanpierpont:DylanPierpont 387 26 Ao no exorcist: Rin by yuki-k Ao no exorcist: Rin :iconyuki-k:yuki-k 1,704 82 The Devil's Eyes by Grivetart The Devil's Eyes :icongrivetart:Grivetart 844 42 Ao no Exorcist - Rin by pianopear12 Ao no Exorcist - Rin :iconpianopear12:pianopear12 2,154 80 Sci Fi Armor sketch by AlexanderExorcist Sci Fi Armor sketch :iconalexanderexorcist:AlexanderExorcist 425 23 Ao No Exorcist Thank you by jaerika Ao No Exorcist Thank you :iconjaerika:jaerika 1,967 151 Ao no Exorcist-rin yukio renzo by jaerika Ao no Exorcist-rin yukio renzo :iconjaerika:jaerika 1,976 96 Ao no Exorcist by Rin-Shiba Ao no Exorcist :iconrin-shiba:Rin-Shiba 2,276 108 Ao no Exorcist- Bros from Hell by kayleighloire Ao no Exorcist- Bros from Hell :iconkayleighloire:kayleighloire 3,366 429 Necromancer by SirWendigo Necromancer :iconsirwendigo:SirWendigo 2,273 89 Ao no exorcist - lazy? by jaerika Ao no exorcist - lazy? :iconjaerika:jaerika 1,644 117 Timcanpy's Game :grab my meme: by ChikitaWolf Timcanpy's Game :grab my meme: :iconchikitawolf:ChikitaWolf 416 174 Rin and Kuro by f-wd Rin and Kuro :iconf-wd:f-wd 1,930 117 Good Morning - Ao no Exorcist by Rin-Shiba Good Morning - Ao no Exorcist :iconrin-shiba:Rin-Shiba 3,790 382 Ao No Exorcist - Yukio and Rin by jaerika Ao No Exorcist - Yukio and Rin :iconjaerika:jaerika 1,404 64 Spit It Out by PlaceboFX Spit It Out :iconplacebofx:PlaceboFX 1,082 123 D_Gray_Man by Unodu D_Gray_Man :iconunodu:Unodu 6,163 404 Tauren Warrior by AlexanderExorcist Tauren Warrior :iconalexanderexorcist:AlexanderExorcist 798 87