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Solitude: chapter 6
The truck nearly had air time as it rocketed from the underground entrance, the computer incessantly warning of the stress on the jets. Derrik was bent on doing what he could to buy Siyyu the time she needed for her allies to arrive. They had already returned an acknowledgement to the distress beacon, so it was only a matter of time. He just hoped he could stall them long enough.
“We have a confirmed signal above ground, sir.” one of the crew said aloud.
“Home in and make for it once we enter the atmosphere.” Jeremiah Innes, or Jerry to his friends, paced around the small bridge, looking over the shoulder of every crew member.
“Agent Innes, you may be with Intelligence, but I'd prefer to stay in charge of my own ship.” the Captain said with a moderately annoyed tone. Four days of orbiting a gas giant, and now they were chasing a lone traitor across a barren moon. He felt like a detective on stakeout.
The medium-sized reconnaissance ship entered the atmo
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A silent, cold lonely night, looking up in the sky,
just the sound of fireflies whizzing by,
while shining bright streaks of light distract my eye,
no noise could distract my mind tonight.
Let the intertwining lights hypnotize,
mesmorizingly synchronized to mystify,
put in a trance by just a glance
because of what they synthesized
Invite the light to excite my eye,
and expel the darkness from my mind,
the light combined with the thoughts inside,
aligned to remind me that it's alright,
The glow leaves a design in it's trail,
with amazing amounts of detail,
though contrived slow, the glow unveils,
prevailing 'cause what it entails.
Silence fades as the lights speak loud,
twirling all around,
moonlight covered by the clouds,
I keep with me the light I've found.
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