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Enchanting woman of queenly height
With a body so perfect and tempting
You walk in grace and perform tonight
The role of a coquette who is flirting
There is no other with such fine waist
Or perfection with which your body flows
I can but only wish for a taste
Of your magnificent tea of rose
You show to me your magnificent breast
And seduce me into your amorous game
This night is not to jest
But to arouse the burning flame
In the darkness you open wide
And expect an unorthodox thrust
You tell: forever side by side
And live a life of lust
Pleasure in flesh is what you desire
O woman to you I cannot say no
You have possessed my will, sapphire
O my heart prefers thee so
Our excitation, not a bit mild
Will it be ever put to rest?
Stimulations driving the orgy's fire wild
Making our play the best
We are bound to be committed to this sin
Forever chained to this tale of woes
You always ask once I'm within
To give you a better dose
But truth be told I fear thy coquetry
For even though the passi
:iconrandelvas:Randelvas 1 0
Seduction :iconpatmol:Patmol 3 7
Ma premiere surprise partouze
(par une nuit de mars 2009, à moins que ce ne soit en avril, je n'sais pas, je n'sais plus, et surtout, on s'en branle)
Je suis à Marseille dans le hall d'un immeuble bourgeois, aussi saugrenu que ça puisse être puisque Marseille est comme chacun sait une ville du Tiers Monde.
Je porte une jolie robe noire près du corps et des chaussures à talons hauts, mais mes pieds ne saignent pas. Ce qui aurait dû m'indiquer d'office que je suis dans un rêve.
Mes talons résonnent sur les marches en marbre de l'escalier. J'arrive au premier étage face à une lourde porte de bois dont s'échappe en sourdine de la musique ; il me semble reconnaître du Mr. Bungle. Je sonne. Dom vient m'ouvrir.
"J'étais sûr que tu viendrais..." qu'il me dit en souriant.
Je rougis d'un air nigaud en lui rendant son sourire. "Ah hem... ben ouais..."
Le Dom, je le connais très peu. Juste croisé quelques fois - trois ou quatre, pas plus -
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The Allfather's Sacrifce :iconrayleighev:Rayleighev 1 0 Leto Sunith Deus, 1st Arc-ange (mode excitation) :iconsilvergeneration:SilverGeneration 0 0 +muneca+ :iconamorfkin:amorfkin 0 1 I play a live..with.. .my :iconamorfkin:amorfkin 0 0 Leto Sunith Deus, 1st Arc-ange (mode excitation) :iconsilvergeneration:SilverGeneration 2 0 Three Forms Of Excitement :iconquit007:Quit007 0 0 Hysterie :iconsiamesevegetable:SiameseVegetable 1 0 Leto Sunith Deus, Chibi version :iconsilvergeneration:SilverGeneration 0 4 Leto Sunith Deus, 1st Arc-ange (mode excitation) :iconsilvergeneration:SilverGeneration 0 0 Hot :iconn050383:n050383 1 0 joy :iconwind4wind:wind4wind 0 2 me twice :iconliliani:Liliani 0 0 Aire_dterra. :iconamorfkin:amorfkin 0 1 Art excites :iconiris134:IRIS134 7 0 illuminated :iconoptic-echo:optic-echo 2 0 Revolution :iconnatural-skunk:Natural-Skunk 5 4
Holding Her Close
She is startled by my gold-plated curiosity,
and expecting me to recede into the background.
May I never find the courage to let her down,
or see a day begin without her excitation.
She is never my equal, and always my better,
and departing always cuts off the heart valves
much too tight to ever leave her early:
I have seen her smile, and that is the beauty of the world.
She declines my subtle preparations for her birthday,
and separates her feelings from her mind so easily.
May I ask to manufacture a perfect destiny,
or touch the majesty of her love.
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