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Close Call - Levi x Reader
You couldn’t believe it.
Humanity’s Strongest Soldier, Captain Levi himself – injured?
The concept was so alien to you that you couldn’t wrap your head around it. The expedition you had gone on once again was a failure – no surprise there. After all these years in the Scout Regiment you’d be far more surprised if you had a mildly successful result at the end of it all.
But even still, this particular event had ended worse than your previous adventures outside the Walls. This time, the almighty Captain himself had suffered an injury so serious it sent him into a coma.
Despite accompanying the Regiment on the expedition, you only ever heard of Levi’s injuries once making it to the Walls. Your own wounds had been fairly severe, and the ride back home was all but a blur to you, so when you finally regained consciousness you searched for your boyfriend when he wasn’t at your side. It was a great shock to you that he had been sent to the hospit
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Gakuen Hetalia ItaPan
"Kiiiikuuuuu~ I finally found you~!!" the Italian's happy voice rang out in the cold winter air from behind Japan, as it had happened many times before. "Hug!" His warm arms wrapped around Japan, who had just turned to face him. He was, however, caught off guard. Stumbling backwards, Italy fell on top of Japan.
Behind Japan was a fountain, in the garden of Gakuen Hetalia. Japan lay on his back, his face the only part of his head not immersed in the water. Italy leaned over him, his hands by Kiku's shoulders and his legs straddling his friend's hips.
Seeing how it was winter, the water was icy cold. Not to mention that the sun had already gone down, causing the temperature to drop even lower.  Japan gasped as he struggled to sit up and clutched onto Italy's side to help him, but was stopped there by a surprise sneeze. "Nghh… Hah…. Hatcshh!! Ha'ischh!" Wet and uncovered, the Asian man sneezed directly in Italy's face, who pulled back a bit, blushing.
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Switzerland x Reader - Sweet Crush
Switzerland x Reader
'Sweet Crush'
   You strolled down the street, happily clutching your wallet - full of leftover rent money. You were on your way to the local chocolate shop to grab a tasty treat for your one-girl celebration. You thought you'd earned just enough money from your multiple jobs to pay the rent to your apartment, but you'd actually had a fair amount left over. This made you happy because you could buy some necessities, such as new clothing to replace the others that didn't fit. However, you mostly just wanted a bite of the (expensively) delicious chocolate from the shop down the block! The chocolate there made your mouth water just by walking by the window, and the sweet aroma that wafted out the door made your stomach growl mercilessly.
   Reaching the shop, you pushed open the door. The ringing of the bell was a sweet sound (pardon the pun) to you as you looked around. It was a little fancy, With little booths for sitting and chatting as patr
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Becoming Hatred
I believe that monsters are real...
I know they are,
Because I know more than one.
So hostile over such trivial little things,
Talking at me instead of to me,
So afraid to do someone else wrong,
Not seeing the pain that you inflict on me...
They get in your head,
They make you wonder...
If you're really the bad person,
And maybe the only reason
You see yourself as the good guy,
Is because you're seeing it from
Your own perspective...
They make you hate;
Wanting to lash out
At everyone and everything.
If you want me to become
Hatred incarnate,
If that is what you mold me into,
That is what I will become...
I am the monster.
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