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Host05 by Stephen-0akley Host05 :iconstephen-0akley:Stephen-0akley 370 34 Host04 by Stephen-0akley Host04 :iconstephen-0akley:Stephen-0akley 475 41 HostFinal by Stephen-0akley HostFinal :iconstephen-0akley:Stephen-0akley 302 44 Host03 by Stephen-0akley Host03 :iconstephen-0akley:Stephen-0akley 288 17 Host02 by Stephen-0akley Host02 :iconstephen-0akley:Stephen-0akley 263 12 Host01 by Stephen-0akley Host01 :iconstephen-0akley:Stephen-0akley 257 18 Host07 by Stephen-0akley Host07 :iconstephen-0akley:Stephen-0akley 194 4 Host06 by Stephen-0akley Host06 :iconstephen-0akley:Stephen-0akley 161 24
BlazBlue OC Pilot
BlazBlue OC Pilot Story:
Before the Beginning of The World of BBOC:
Before The Creation of the OC's World, there was Another World, That was Call in Many Names, The Real World, the World of the Creators, or The God World. One of the Gods from that world with his Friends, and Team that Team up together to make a New World for Their 2 Kings 2 Different Species that contains a Power that their World and Earth can't handle the Power that 2 Different kinds of race of the same Species Has, so they call the World the OC World/Universe.....
The 1 Species, 2 kinds or races, and Their Powers:
The Species are the Azure Beast, their powers That you may Now as the Azure Grimoire, The Azure in their World are Living Creatures that Evolve from Battles, Fight, or Damages, They have some type a Crystal gem type on their Chest, one has an Orb Like Azure Crystal, and The Other has a Spiked, or Shard Like Azure Crystal, They may have the Same Powers, Abilities, and Instinct. They can take any Form that th
:icondnhero666:DNHero666 5 1
Litwick, Lampent, Chandelure Evolution by Mnemosine2337 Litwick, Lampent, Chandelure Evolution :iconmnemosine2337:Mnemosine2337 3 3 Evolve monster: Leviathan by Humatrix-X-24 Evolve monster: Leviathan :iconhumatrix-x-24:Humatrix-X-24 2 0
New Evolve monsters
Leviathan: leviathan is a powerful predator, with a large arsenal of abilities. Use the sneak button to camouflage and pass through hunters without being noticed. Lunge across areas using leviathan's side sail to get across the map fast, this ability recharges overtime. Leviathan will lunge towards the cross hairs location. Unlike the other monsters, Leviathan is able to breathe underwater and swim at extreme speeds. Despite her size and appearance, Leviathan can climb almost any surface.
-Acid shot: the twin tentacles located on Leviathan's sides are capable of spitting a highly volatile acid. This acid is so corrosive that it can eat through the toughest monster armor or the strongest force fields.
-thorn missile: Leviathan can launch out multiple spines from her sides that fly around and target hunters or wild life. There are three different spines and each have different outcomes. One poisons, one explodes and one disorientates.
-noxious fume: poisonous vapor can be dispersed out o
:iconhumatrix-x-24:Humatrix-X-24 2 0
Shiny Alolan Dugtrio by Kamoodle Shiny Alolan Dugtrio :iconkamoodle:Kamoodle 2 0 The Naga by Krashface The Naga :iconkrashface:Krashface 1 0 Evolve squad by SilverTheSerperior Evolve squad :iconsilvertheserperior:SilverTheSerperior 6 33 Shiny Sylveon by Kamoodle Shiny Sylveon :iconkamoodle:Kamoodle 11 2 Naga head by Krashface Naga head :iconkrashface:Krashface 0 0