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Comfort-break challenge! [WIN POINTS!]
Star! Update - July 1st 2016
The contest is now officially CLOSED.
I'm utterly surprised I received so many entries. I certainly didn't expect that.
Because of the great number of entries it's gonna take me a while to do the judging (I'm expecting up to 2 weeks, considering real life is quite busy too atm).
Please stay patient with me and keep watching my journal updates!
Heya Deviants! The challenges are back!!!!

As a follow-up of the speedpainting challenge and face-variety challenge I did last year, I want to organize new challenges in 2016 for people to take part in.
The general idea of a challenge is not that it's like a contest. Yes, you make art and there are prizes, but the main goal of a challenge is your own improvement. The idea of a chal
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An Unlikely Event - Thug!Levi x Reader [2]
Being the girlfriend of a murderous thug was definitely not something you had been expecting from your life. You would’ve thought your first relationship would be something romantic, involving the clichés like flowers, chocolates, romantic dates, and long walks on the beach. If someone had told you that this would be your first relationship, not something cute or dreamy, but this, you probably would’ve cried.
You loved Levi, good gods did you love him, but he couldn’t grasp the concept of romance even if you smacked him over the head with it.
You let him stay with you for one night, one night after he saved you from being harassed by a slovenly hooligan in an alleyway. But that had quickly blossomed into a loving relationship.
Shit, who the fuck were you fooling? It was mostly just sex. Many long nights of hot and heavy sex. But the love was in there, too. Somewhere. After all, you were his girlfriend, that had to count for something, right?
Over the course of ti
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