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Soul Eater Evans x Reader ~ She Knew ~ One-Shot
I just can't bring myself to do it.
I know, I knooow. I shouldn't be here right now. I shouldn't be eavesdropping on people when they were practicing. It totally isn't cool at all. But I just can't help myself. It's become a habit. A really bad, unshakable habit. 
"(Best friend's name), I wanna skip basics today. How do you feel about just practicing soul resonance?" 
I shifted my legs crisscross, listening to ____ and her weapon partner and best friend, (best friend's name) decide how they wanted to do practice today.
"If you want to, ____. I don't really mind." 
The biggest and most anxious grin appeared on ____'s face and my heart skipped a beat.
Yeah, yeah. Okay, she had a cute smile just now. Whatever. It's like that all the time. Not that I take note.
This was the habit. I was hidden here at the top of the hill nearly everyday that those two had practice. I honestly just couldn't help myself. There was something alluring about ____ that I couldn't decipher. I
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Soul Eater Evans x Reader - Drawings
    You trudged through the halls of the DWMA in your favourite pair of jeans, tennis shoes, and a graphic tee. You had your head buried in your sketchbook, doodling a picture of a fox. It was only your first day and already people were making fun of you. Your mother had been a witch, so you had some magical power in you as well. However, the only thing you could do (that you could figure out, anyway) was turn into your animal – a fox. The kids at school bullied you about it, calling you evil and a dirty animal. You weren't, obviously, if Lord Death had let you attend here. Your soul was purple-ish blue with fox ears etched on it. It was because of your father that you had a blue human soul with a purple tint. He had been practically a saint, which overrode the so-called “evil” genes of the witch mostly. You still had witch in you, of course, it would've been impossible to completely drive it out. And yet, the kids still hated you.
    “So immature,” you m
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SoulxMaka Fanfic - Handcuffed
"You have GOT to be kidding me!" Maka whined, red faced, and angry. She could already feel the sweat forming on the back of her neck.
Sure, Soul and I have been going out for quite a while now but THIS? You can't be serious…
Maka thought, remembering her previous mission from that day. She and Soul had been fighting an enemy and just before they killed it it put some kind of binding spell on them, almost like handcuffs, though you could only see it when Soul and Maka tried to walk away from each other. The handcuffs wouldn't allow their hands more than 5 inches apart.
Maka tried pulling her hand away again, making a white string that was attached to both of their wrist visible for as long as she pulled, which wasn't long since she knew it was useless. Maka turned to Soul then who seemed to be in deep though. When Soul caught her eye he smiled.
"Come on Maka, this isn't so bad. It's kinda cool," he told her, making her heart start to beat so much she feared it might stop. Sh
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