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What God has never seen :iconstandandstare:StandAndStare 405 423
It's Time To Spread The Word
It's time to spread the Word, all around the world,
Jesus died to save, every boy and girl.
Will you spread the Word, all around the world?
Will you tell the truth, to those that haven't heard?
It's time to spread the Word, all across the land,
He can lift you up, With His nail-scarred hand.
Will you spread the Word, all across the land?
Will you tell the lost, how to be found again?
It's time to spread the Word, all around the earth,
To tell the good news, of the savior's birth.
Will you spread the Word, all around the earth?
Will you tell the world, of the soul's true worth?
It's time to spread the Word, On this very day,
To eternal life, Christ is the only way.
Will you spread the Word, On this very day?
Make him Lord today, before it's too late.
It's time to spread the Word, now that the call's begun,
He can save your soul, no matter what you've done.
Will you spread the Word, now that the call's begun?
He'd  have faced the Cross,  to save only one.
:iconanonymous314:anonymous314 21 19
A Kick in the Pants
They smoke
They drink
They do drugs
They gamble
They sleep around
They party all night
They pray to idols
They talk vulgar
They have no house
They have little food
They have dirty water
They have hardly money
They know no doctor
They feel afraid
They fear evil spirits
They worry for family
They fear death
They are insecure
They know no help
They're searching
We go to church
We sing to God
We say we love Jesus
We say we have His Spirit
We've heard the Call so many times
:icondeng-li-xin32:deng-li-xin32 37 33
The Bridge :iconkeb-s:keb-s 184 61
If I go to church every Sunday,
pray the longest
and worship loudest
but have not love
how can it please God?
If I spend my days serving,
giving to the poor,
and feeding orphans
but have not love
what do they get from it?
If I preach the word of God,
evangelise to strangers
and teach the faith
but have not love
why should they believe?
What is speaking in tongues
and walking through fires
if in the end
they don't see Christ,
if in the end
they see only rules,
a cold institution,
Faith, it healed us
Hope, it bears us
Love is the centre
but WHERE have we put it?
:icondeng-li-xin32:deng-li-xin32 51 40
God is Love
God is love.
stop throwing Bible verses at my head
stop telling me about damnation and hell
stop showing me a judging God.
give me a hug when I need it
whisper His promises into my ear
tell me God loves me despite everything
listen to my questions
and look me in the face.
What do you see?
A candidate for hell,
or a sheep He's finding even now?
:icondeng-li-xin32:deng-li-xin32 28 36
Matthew 28:19 :iconxiphos71:Xiphos71 40 3
Eternity and Burnt Toast
How can I ignore each soul
That holds inherent eternity
Potential of the highest call
Or despair of deepest grief
A cosmic reality that stretches
As deepest calling unto deep
And yet I complain
About my burnt toast
And my sore throat
And my ink that runs dry

Like paper-thin gauze that covers
Stuck taut across my cheeks
Pin hole light, dampened breath
And limited oxygen supplies
Gasping for air-not-of-this-world
Tired recognition of compromise
And I find no words
And my throat hurts
And I'm late for work
And the pen has run dry

Lord, please be my centre
And may Your kingdom come
Let this reality's duality
Unveil before my eyes,
To confront my gaze - my heart
And to sear again my mind
And You give the words
And You shine Your light
Although my throat is hurting
And the toast is burnt
:icongracelikerain316:gracelikerain316 22 35
They must know -
my friends, foes, family,
all I meet:
because I have found
what we've been waiting for.
The bread that we've been starving for -
I know now where it is.
Don't prevent me telling this
to all the famished, dying souls
the near, the far,
I want to share the joy I've found
the joy they're begging for.
They must know -
the billions out there,
because there's an answer
to what they're looking for.
You may not want to take this bread
- no one will force you to.
All that I am striving for
is just that you may have that chance
to say no, go on
like before,
or share with me the joy I've found,
the joy worth living for.
:icondeng-li-xin32:deng-li-xin32 22 20
'Come rest.' :iconkeb-s:keb-s 48 15
Are the Amish a Cult?
Before I begin, I want to establish that I don't hate Amish people. A lot of people who live near Amish villages are fiercely loyal to them and may be offended by me even suggesting that they might be a cult. But please hear me out. In my experience, they're very kind and gentle, treat their animals humanely, and they have good, wholesome values. They also make wonderful food and gorgeous furniture as a bonus! But all that said, I won't deny that I've had questions about their beliefs for years, and I think I'm finally ready to write something on the matter. If I get any facts or their beliefs wrong, please correct me. My goal is NOT to slander them. I think their religion and lifestyle should be tolerated and respected just like any other non-harmful religion in my country, but I believe nothing is above criticism. As my watchers are all well aware, I even criticize the Christian church from time to time, and I'm a Christian! So no, I am not saying I hate Amish people when I an
:iconunicornarama:Unicornarama 11 49
GOD created Earth Day :iconthebestisaac:TheBestIsaac 84 68 Pure Evangelism :icondoxophilia:DOXOPHILIA 51 10
The Eternal War
I will fight this war
till the whole world knows what and Who I stand for.
I will fight this war
till I arrive at Heaven's door,
proudly a martyr.  
:iconchappell301:chappell301 8 136
Set Apart
Through an entrance, into a secret room, hidden from most peoples' eyes, this white, circular room with its domed ceiling was filled with the fantastic shapes of great, scaly creatures.  All of them were large in comparison to a man.  They had large wings, horns, scales, claws and long, serpentine bodies and tails.  Many people have called these creatures by different names.  Many people have known them in awe, in fear, or in curious amusement.  They are unmistakably what our culture calls a dragon.  They whisper to each other in cold, bemused, frustrated tones.  
"It's not this one."  
"Well, don't just sit there… there's another volume for you"  
"Um… I hate to ask this, but…"
"What," snaps the red creature.  
Some of them sat, some were laid here and there throughout the room.  Each of them had stacks of books nearby.  Every inch of the floor in the
:icondraconis-de-christus:Draconis-de-Christus 9 11
Hatred: Confessions Of An Atheist :iconsymplearts:SympleArts 42 24 God's Promise Answered :icondawnartistry:DawnArtistry 26 23
And what if evangelism was just a whisper
on the street, to a passing stranger, saying,
I might have found him,
that thing we’re looking for
:icongummyrabbit:gummyrabbit 7 9
Religious criticism :icondanileenatsumi:DanileeNatsumi 204 25
Calling into Street Evangelism
My first-time efforts at street evangelism ... Actually, rephrase that. God did it all. He just brought me along for the ride.
Part I: Background
As Thanksgiving Day rolls around every year, the +20's Bible Study group at a local Evangelical Free church has a reunion on Wednesday, instead of their normal Thursday night group. There is food, warmth, song and fellowship, and all of this is good if you know people.
Which ... I do. Somehow, I still wind up feeling alone, at times, but I digress. I enjoy the church and what I learn there, and the weekly meetings have become a part of my routine. So, a friend and I were discussing the reunion at work, and I realised I worked that Wednesday evening, so I did some quick thinking. Turns out, I was willing to sacrifice my Thanksgiving by working on Thursday and swapping schedules with someone who had Wednesdays off, just for the week. This would work out well, I knew, because many people probably did not want to work on Thanksgi
:iconchrishankhah:Chrishankhah 6 23
Bertrand Russell's Teapot :icondavidraphael:davidraphael 29 7 Behold the Christ :iconwhitenine:whitenine 31 3 Evangelism- what is :iconthirdpotato:ThirdPotato 49 45 Bible Beating :iconharmonicsonic:HarmonicSonic 71 57
Talking About Jesus
Former major league baseball player Tony Graffanio tells of an ongoing ministry effort in a European country. Each year his organization holds a week-long baseball camp. During this week they also offer a daily Bible study. In past years, the leader tried to find reasoned ways to convince campers that God exists so they would place their faith in Him. After about 13 years, they had seen only 3 people decide to follow Jesus.
Then they changed their approach, says Graffanio. Instead of "trying to present facts, or winning arguments for a debate," they simply talked about "the amazing life and teachings of Jesus."
As a result, more campers came to listen, and more campers chose to follow Him. The apostle Paul said that when we tell others about the gospel of Jesus Christ, we should set "forth the truth plainly....We do not preach ourselves," he said, "but Jesus Christ as Lord) (2 Corinthians 4:2,5). This was Paul's standard for evangelism: "I determined not to know anything among you exce
:iconheavencalling:HeavenCalling 7 1
Creationist Sinosauropteryx :iconpristichampsus:Pristichampsus 19 186 Save Your Savior :icondeadheir:deadheir 31 52 Every Family :icondeng-li-xin32:deng-li-xin32 20 5 The Sword- Guard From the Gates :iconcaptblitzdawg:captblitzdawg 21 10 He that winneth souls is wise. :iconthywordistruth:ThyWordIsTruth 24 19 I.Q. Test Tracts :iconemberblue:Emberblue 15 13 Gospelman: 'Jesus Saves' cardboard :iconcartoonistwill:CartoonistWill 19 21 LIMITED EDITION - YOLO then you face JESUS :iconpoursonfils:PourSonFils 12 4 Hand In Hand :iconezekpug323:ezekpug323 13 3 The weaker the mind :icondoxophilia:DOXOPHILIA 30 3 True Light :iconjoshuastolarz:JoshuaStolarz 13 6 Can you hear Him now? :iconeve4000:Eve4000 11 11 The Light Shineth in Darkness :iconchrishankhah:Chrishankhah 12 4 God is good :iconpoursonfils:PourSonFils 9 0 The New Evangelism :iconmichaelcardamone:MichaelCardamone 10 8 HNTF - How Not To Fish 2015 Rap - English :icongabriellestory:gabriellestory 11 2 WHBC Mission Trip : SHIRT :iconlucidhysteria:lucidhysteria 10 7 Restore Me :iconkmacmcglikesart:Kmacmcglikesart 10 40 Evan Has Something To Say :iconmodnar-redrosid:Modnar-Redrosid 9 10 Colors of Love :iconcheizi:Cheizi 8 9 Mitsuo Fuchida's Nakajima B5N2 Kate :iconrlkitterman:rlkitterman 7 5 Copy and Paste Evangelism :iconjas09:jas09 9 8 Mission Bells :iconmrwootton:MrWootton 9 3