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Scorpion Latte by MonkDrew Scorpion Latte :iconmonkdrew:MonkDrew 535 113 DASH Wallpaper Pack 2 by neiio DASH Wallpaper Pack 2 :iconneiio:neiio 251 25 My guitar gently weeps... by SorR3n My guitar gently weeps... :iconsorr3n:SorR3n 565 99 Family of art cut-out boxes by MercuryCrest Family of art cut-out boxes :iconmercurycrest:MercuryCrest 227 45 Winterland by Bodza Winterland :iconbodza:Bodza 282 21 Coyle Family Enhancement Vambrace by SteamViking Coyle Family Enhancement Vambrace :iconsteamviking:SteamViking 328 32 Etched Floral Designs on Duck Eggs by Natakuaya Etched Floral Designs on Duck Eggs :iconnatakuaya:Natakuaya 260 20 Black Hole UV by ArtsApart Black Hole UV :iconartsapart:ArtsApart 602 37 MtG Online- Etched Oracle by UdonMisc MtG Online- Etched Oracle :iconudonmisc:UdonMisc 775 13 Butterfly Fairy Glass Art Etch by ImaginedGlass Butterfly Fairy Glass Art Etch :iconimaginedglass:ImaginedGlass 988 126 Antique Silver Texture by FantasyStock Antique Silver Texture :iconfantasystock:FantasyStock 283 0 Mother's Day Latte 1 by MonkDrew Mother's Day Latte 1 :iconmonkdrew:MonkDrew 479 23 Dash Wallpaper Pack by neiio Dash Wallpaper Pack :iconneiio:neiio 101 15 Cowl of the pair of circles by Lynfir Cowl of the pair of circles :iconlynfir:Lynfir 244 102 Parrot and Butterfly Etched by HouseofChabrier Parrot and Butterfly Etched :iconhouseofchabrier:HouseofChabrier 363 74 Battle Axe with handle by deathatsix Battle Axe with handle :icondeathatsix:deathatsix 134 23 Etched Sugar Skull 2 by ImaginedGlass Etched Sugar Skull 2 :iconimaginedglass:ImaginedGlass 502 63 Etched Armored Steampunk Gauntlet by CraftedSteampunk Etched Armored Steampunk Gauntlet :iconcraftedsteampunk:CraftedSteampunk 380 33 Sailor Moon Etched Mirror Design by Ranefea Sailor Moon Etched Mirror Design :iconranefea:Ranefea 189 27 Baroque - Copper Cuff by Bodza Baroque - Copper Cuff :iconbodza:Bodza 180 13 Dash Windows 7 Theme by neiio Dash Windows 7 Theme :iconneiio:neiio 548 129 Etched Metal by Sya Etched Metal :iconsya:Sya 173 12 Aza Katar by deathatsix Aza Katar :icondeathatsix:deathatsix 130 28 Dash Windows 8 Theme by neiio Dash Windows 8 Theme :iconneiio:neiio 455 204 Etched for IP by dafmat71 Etched for IP :icondafmat71:dafmat71 481 88 Gaara- Scarred by NightmareNostalgia Gaara- Scarred :iconnightmarenostalgia:NightmareNostalgia 143 83
You're My Gravity
I traced constellations to show you but you weren't looking
I want to be your moon, because you're already my sun
But the stars have fallen before they even shined
(At least it seems that way,
but how can I really know when my mind's a black hole?)
Maybe when we met the eclipse was already in motion
And the shadow still has to pass before you see me
But even then, your radiance may still hide me
(Aren't I nothing more than
a reflection of your light and a sphere of cratered rock?)
Your story is etched in nebulae and mine in asteroids
And if combined, I'm not sure we'd create a galaxy
But space needs both to make up the universe
(But the question is
are they meant to join to make something beautiful?)
:iconsandyrockdragon:Sandyrockdragon 20 7
Commissioned Pendant Number 1 by TallGuyKen Commissioned Pendant Number 1 :icontallguyken:TallGuyKen 125 7 Ornate Helm PNG by simfonic Ornate Helm PNG :iconsimfonic:simfonic 140 23 Monster pint glass by missmonster Monster pint glass :iconmissmonster:missmonster 180 19 Token Etched by neiio Token Etched :iconneiio:neiio 399 59 beach heart 02. by greenleaf-stock beach heart 02. :icongreenleaf-stock:greenleaf-stock 148 55 Poisoned Ivy... by rockgem Poisoned Ivy... :iconrockgem:rockgem 21 17 Luna wineglass by Letator Luna wineglass :iconletator:Letator 100 15 Glow by AJGlass Glow :iconajglass:AJGlass 120 114 Dash by neiio Dash :iconneiio:neiio 189 143 The Writer - Charm Bracelet by xodropdeadox The Writer - Charm Bracelet :iconxodropdeadox:xodropdeadox 115 29 Fetus Tide. by 3001 Fetus Tide. :icon3001:3001 105 22 Monster glass set by missmonster Monster glass set :iconmissmonster:missmonster 103 28 point of view by partiallyHere point of view :iconpartiallyhere:partiallyHere 115 49 Hunted Soul by Golubaja Hunted Soul :icongolubaja:Golubaja 115 88 Dash Dock by neiio Dash Dock :iconneiio:neiio 161 14 Etched in Gold by Shadoweddancer Etched in Gold :iconshadoweddancer:Shadoweddancer 94 5 Zelda Wooden Treasure Chest by Athey Zelda Wooden Treasure Chest :iconathey:Athey 60 5 Doctor Whooves and Derpy Shots by AnimeAmy Doctor Whooves and Derpy Shots :iconanimeamy:AnimeAmy 96 9 Steamviking Arm by SteamViking Steamviking Arm :iconsteamviking:SteamViking 93 8 Angled moon steampunk glass by ImaginedGlass Angled moon steampunk glass :iconimaginedglass:ImaginedGlass 66 17 Time Scarab sculpture 5 by Shadows-Ink Time Scarab sculpture 5 :iconshadows-ink:Shadows-Ink 170 28 GLASS SCRIPT-FU runs on 2.4 by kward1979uk GLASS SCRIPT-FU runs on 2.4 :iconkward1979uk:kward1979uk 211 68