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AKAME GA KILL - Esdeath by YurikoTiger AKAME GA KILL - Esdeath :iconyurikotiger:YurikoTiger 524 25
Esdeath X Male! Reader Pt.1: Wanted
This part starts where the prologue ended and jumps from you to Esdeath.
Please read the Prologue before this one, link in description.          
Gore warning: some graphic scenes in this one.
You stood over the smoldering corpse of your abuser with a blank look on your face, it was the smell of smoke that brought you back to your senses. You blinked a few times to focus your (e/c) eyes, you touched your face to pinch it to make sure this wasn’t a dream, but ended up giving yourself a small shock.
“Ouch! Guess this thing is still on. Then again how does it even work?” you asked yourself, looking at the gauntlet. It was black with small horns on the top of it, and some strange designs underneath.
Suddenly you heard banging on the door, “Madam, are you alright!? We heard a crash, please answer us!” said a voice on the other side of the door.
“Damn, must be her guards I
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Death Battle: Esdeath vs Roy Mustang

Hydro Frez: The armies have been routed and now the commanders are going in! I can see the ending!
Tempest: It's time for, a DEATH BATTLE!
Rush Valley

War had begun.
Just mere days ago, a massive superpower country only known as the Empire had launched a preemptive strike on Amestris, wiping out several small towns and massacring their civilians. Almost immediately, the central State Military was brought together and managed to halt the progression of the Imperial Army.
However, that hadn't stopped several teams from the Empire from acting on their own. Without word or warning, they struck hard, capturing towns and crucifying the occupants as a warning, leaving them in the open to be slowly devoured by crows. Disgusted by the inhumane acts, several State Alchemists had taken to evacuating many of the towns too small to defend themselves. In doing so, they ensured that when Empire's main fighting force came in, the State Military wouldn't
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Esdeath - Akame ga Kill! by Meryl-sama Esdeath - Akame ga Kill! :iconmeryl-sama:Meryl-sama 430 58 Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay by Dzikan Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay :icondzikan:Dzikan 150 2 Esdeath! by JubyHeadshot Esdeath! :iconjubyheadshot:JubyHeadshot 258 9 cosplay. Akame ga kill - Esdeath by kmitenkova cosplay. Akame ga kill - Esdeath :iconkmitenkova:kmitenkova 266 13 Esdeath - Akame ga Kill! (Patreon reward) by Sciamano240 Esdeath - Akame ga Kill! (Patreon reward) :iconsciamano240:Sciamano240 1,470 58
Death Battle: Natsu vs. Esdeath

Tendo: Alright, the combatants are set..
Geno: The arena is ready..
Ruby: And the verdict has been decided..
A Arctic like area..
Defeat went all around the now frozen place, used to be known as the Fairy Tail Guild Building. Everyone there was either frozen, nearly dead and partially frozen, or if you're a red headed woman in armor, about to face her fate against a blue haired woman who did this deed.
The one who had frozen this place was a woman, with blue hair, in a General like outfit, with the hat of a same kind. The one who opposed her wasn't saying any words, and was just there to stop this.
As for their names, the blue haired general was Esdeath, and the armored woman who opposed her was Erza Scarlet. The two dashed at each other quickly, combing blades, Esdeath using her signature rapier.
However, Esdeath easily slashed away Erza's sword, then stabbing her directly into her armor, where her
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Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay by Dzikan Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay :icondzikan:Dzikan 139 0 Akame Ga Kill-Esdeath by leaf98k Akame Ga Kill-Esdeath :iconleaf98k:leaf98k 1,207 20
Esdeath x Male Reader Prolog
Quick explanation: in this story Esdeath falls for you not Tatsumi, although he is in this, she chooses you over him.  Also gore warning: this is a romance story between Reader and Esdeath, but I wanted to be faithful to the manga so there are some graphic scenes.  Enjoy.
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Esdese (Esdeath) Akame ga kill by angelox27 Esdese (Esdeath) Akame ga kill :iconangelox27:angelox27 656 12 Esdeath by JxbP Esdeath :iconjxbp:JxbP 1,285 88 Esdeath by Koyorin Esdeath :iconkoyorin:Koyorin 761 34 Esdeath by JubyHeadshot Esdeath :iconjubyheadshot:JubyHeadshot 365 10 Esdeath by Yamio Esdeath :iconyamio:Yamio 1,993 135 Esdeath by Kazenokaze Esdeath :iconkazenokaze:Kazenokaze 1,197 60 Panicking leads to an early grave. by Shermie-Cosplay Panicking leads to an early grave. :iconshermie-cosplay:Shermie-Cosplay 402 13 EsDeath Bedroom Set - Akame Ga Kill Cosplay by ArashiHeartgramm EsDeath Bedroom Set - Akame Ga Kill Cosplay :iconarashiheartgramm:ArashiHeartgramm 222 25 More Esdeath by JubyHeadshot More Esdeath :iconjubyheadshot:JubyHeadshot 259 6 Esdeath Set by Foxy-Cosplay Esdeath Set :iconfoxy-cosplay:Foxy-Cosplay 207 3
Kill or be killed (Tatsumi into Esdeath tg)
Disclaimer: I don't own Akame Ga Kill (which is owned by Takahiro and Tetsuya Tashiro). This story takes place sometime after episode 9, in an alternate universe which borrows aspects from the anime and manga. Major spoilers for anything before that point.
Tatsumi was a nervous wreck as he sat chained to a large bed, in a very luxurious bedroom. In any other scenario, Tatsumi would be enjoying this comfy environment. However, this wasn't just any ordinary bedroom you'd find in the Capital. It was located in the Emperor's castle, where the evil eye of Prime Minister Honest and his associates were lurking if Tatsumi tried to escape.
He cursed his past self for even getting in that tournament in that first place. He was just trying to win some money for his village in-between his missions as an assassin for Night Raid. However, when he beat the last foe, his reward had somehow to become the prize for the monster who was showering in the next room. Only the sound of rushing water was pro
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Prelude: Esdeath vs Roy Mustang

Tempest: When war calls, we need a capable leader, one full of charisma, one we can look up to, one capable of leading us to victory. Even better if they can wield the powers of nature itself!
Hydro Frez: One wielding the power of ice, the sadistic Ice Queen, General Esdeath!
Tempest: And one wielding the power of fire, the brave Flame Alchemist, Colonel Roy Mustang!
I'm Tempest, he's Hydro Frez and it's our job to analyze their weapons, armour and skills to find out who would win, a Death Battle!
General Esdeath
Alias: Empire's Strongest, The Ice Queen
Age: Mid-Twenties
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Unknown
Occupation: General of the Imperial Army, Leader of the Three Beasts (former), Leader of the Jaegers
Theme Song:

In a world where the bad guys have their pet dogs rape their slave girls (I'm not fucking joking) Esdeath is among the most cruel
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Prelude: Natsu vs. Esdeath

Tendo: Elements are used by all sorts of characters, whether they be good or bad.
Ruby: And thanks to the wonders of anime, you can see rivaled elements be used by heroes and villains.
Geno: Like with Natsu Dragneel of Fairy Tail.
Ruby: And General Esdeath, who's heart is as cold as her power. I'm Ruby Rose, he's Geno, and he's Tendo.
Tendo: And it's our job to analyze fighters to see who would win in a Death Battle.

Natsu Dragneel
Aliases: Salamander, The Great Demon-Lord Dragneel, E.N.D., Etherious Natsu Dragneel
Age: 400+, physically 18
Species: Etherious
Affiliation: Fairy Tail Guild, Formerly Tartaros
Classification: Mage, Dragon Slayer, Former Guild Master
Tendo: 400 years ago, a boy named Natsu Dragneel was born as the brother to Zeref Dragneel. But tragedy struck with both Natsu, and his parents dying. This led Zeref to study magic, and revive Natsu as the
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Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay by Disharmonica Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay :icondisharmonica:Disharmonica 789 20 Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay by Disharmonica Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay :icondisharmonica:Disharmonica 528 6 Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay by Disharmonica Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay :icondisharmonica:Disharmonica 519 11 Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay by Disharmonica Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay :icondisharmonica:Disharmonica 413 4 Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay by Disharmonica Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay :icondisharmonica:Disharmonica 402 14 Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay by Disharmonica Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay :icondisharmonica:Disharmonica 538 11 Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay by Disharmonica Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay :icondisharmonica:Disharmonica 449 5 Akame ga tickles by codricor1 Akame ga tickles :iconcodricor1:codricor1 926 100 Commission - Esdeath by Daikokuten123 Commission - Esdeath :icondaikokuten123:Daikokuten123 1,877 49 Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay by Disharmonica Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay :icondisharmonica:Disharmonica 269 4
At Esdeath's Mercy
Notes before reading:
.This story contains femdom, humiliation, mind-breaking, foot-fetish and other similar themes. If you are not into any of them, please do not read it.
.I am not the creator of the characters. They belong to the author of the manga/anime "Akame ga Kill"
 It was a bright morning. The birds flying and singing in the clear sky signaling the start of a new peaceful day, the butterflies scattering around and decorating the forest with their multicolor wings and the harmonious sounds of the many harmless animals inhabiting the forest echoing everywhere; "What a wonderful morning" Akame said to herself. The young brunette had returned from a very long mission and was taking the forest path for safety reasons, but never had she expected the scenery to be this beautiful. It was the complete opposite of her daily life and just the rest she needed from all the fighting raging almost everywhere. The green and fluffy grass was so tempting, almost pe
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Are you looking Tatsumi? by Foxy-Cosplay Are you looking Tatsumi? :iconfoxy-cosplay:Foxy-Cosplay 622 18 Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay by Disharmonica Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay :icondisharmonica:Disharmonica 236 1 Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay by Disharmonica Akame ga KILL! - Esdeath Cosplay :icondisharmonica:Disharmonica 235 0 esdeath by chocolate by pewbutt esdeath by chocolate :iconpewbutt:pewbutt 828 42 Elsdeath by RedRoper Elsdeath :iconredroper:RedRoper 158 22 Esdeath by ragecndy Esdeath :iconragecndy:ragecndy 1,023 31 Esdeath Bikini by TofiqHuseynov Esdeath Bikini :icontofiqhuseynov:TofiqHuseynov 392 42 Akame Ga Kill Cosplay : Esdeath the Ice Queen by Khainsaw Akame Ga Kill Cosplay : Esdeath the Ice Queen :iconkhainsaw:Khainsaw 189 18 Esdeath by Felox08 Esdeath :iconfelox08:Felox08 509 15
Esdeath x Male!Reader Pt.3: To Stay With You
Warning: this chapter has some graphic scenes.
Sorry I made this one longer than I meant to, but I think it was worth it.
You were in the meeting room with the other Jaegers, getting ready to leave the capital to hunt down the new danger beasts. Esdeath walked in and held out a box for you.
“What’s this?” you asked, accepting the box. You opened it and saw a set of clothes. A dark gold shirt, a black vest and dark brown pants.
“It’s your new uniform, you’ve been wearing a recruit’s uniform since you joined us. I thought it was time for your own look. I picked it out myself. Do you like it (y/n)?" She asked, blushing and looking away from you trying to hide it.
“I love it. Though the vest might make me look like a bartender, don’t you think?” you answered, giving her a smile.
“I think it’s nice. Ran and Wave both wear jackets and it’s not even cold.” said Kurome, eating her snacks. At this point you thou
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Esdeath Domination by Dkir Esdeath Domination :icondkir:Dkir 521 29