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Bronies Gone Wrong - A Fandom Divided by Cuddlepug Bronies Gone Wrong - A Fandom Divided :iconcuddlepug:Cuddlepug 443 951
The Bronies/The End of the World/A Haiku
Should Earth end tonight,
At least bronies made it a
Better place to be.
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Ivy's Smut Writing Tips #2
Hello Guys, Ivy is back again with her bandslash smut tips!
I did one of these before but now that I look back on it I really don't think that I put much effort into it and I felt that I didn't really explain everything fully. So I'm going to re-write them!
And this time I'm going to give you guys examples and stuff using; Andley.
Obviously I'll still keep the original one I did up, but I hope that this one will be clearer and much more helpful!
Background Story
Right so in smut there needs to be a background story, I believe that if there's a cute little background story behind it then it makes the smut much more believable. But don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with writing a piece which just involves the characters getting it on, sometimes that can be pretty hot. But as you know me when I write smut I try to involve a background story, it can be as short or as detailed as you wish but I just feel that it makes it better!
Words and Dialogue
Dialogue is quite impo
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book design by Langewong book design :iconlangewong:Langewong 3,473 197
When My Little Pony Meets Horny Teenagers
You remember the My Little Pony from the eighties, don't you? Even if you didn't grow up with it, you most likely know of its existence. Those pudgy plastic collectable figures and the nostalgically bad kid's TV show to accompany them were very much a product of the times, embodying the consumer Zeitgeist of the period. And now we look back on their evanescence with misty eyes, firmly believing that they deserved the 'young-girl' tag that went with the product.
It must largely be the visual appeal of the 2010 re-boot of the franchise, "Friendship is Magic", that has made a whole group of older individuals into fans. Those old, chubby ponies are now slender, beautifully animated characters with big, jewel-like eyes. And we must focus on the visual superiority of these ponies, and the popularity of "Friendship is Magic" with an older demographic, in order to understand why there has been such an influx in pornographic content regarding these equines.
Undoubtedly there was My Little Pony
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Huginn Battleship 2009 by strangelet Huginn Battleship 2009 :iconstrangelet:strangelet 663 52 two prostitutes by cellar-fcp two prostitutes :iconcellar-fcp:cellar-fcp 82,595 5,101 (+NSFW) HALLOWEEN NURSE AHRI (LEAGUE OF LEGENDS) by customwaifus (+NSFW) HALLOWEEN NURSE AHRI (LEAGUE OF LEGENDS) :iconcustomwaifus:customwaifus 1,117 126 (+NSFW) November's Waifu- Hinata (Free To Use) by customwaifus (+NSFW) November's Waifu- Hinata (Free To Use) :iconcustomwaifus:customwaifus 1,392 170 Madonna by AmBr0 Madonna :iconambr0:AmBr0 1,090 144 JR + SH Kiss Meme by Mcgooen JR + SH Kiss Meme :iconmcgooen:Mcgooen 1,469 256 Brony Documentary Review by Cuddlepug Brony Documentary Review :iconcuddlepug:Cuddlepug 89 108
Nudes vs. Erotica vs. Porn
There seems to be quite a bit of dispute on DeviantArt over the differences between the three artistic genres mentioned in this article's title. Some think Whatever by So-And-So is a nude, while others insist it's porn, while more still think it's erotica, and a few think it's all three. Well, I did a bit of research, and I'm here to tell everyone who's reading this that these three are, in fact, different categories of art. How, you ask? Let's take a look.
1. Artistic Nudes

"Nudity in art has generally reflected — with some exceptions — social standards of aesthetics and morality of their time in painting, sculpture and more recently in photography." (
"A type of photo in which a model appears to be nude or partially nude, where the intent of the image is artistic expression (as opposed to marketing, viewer arousal, etc.). Not exclusive of other photo types (eg, a photo could be
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(+NSFW)[OC]: Level 1 Iza (PATREON COMMISSION) by customwaifus (+NSFW)[OC]: Level 1 Iza (PATREON COMMISSION) :iconcustomwaifus:customwaifus 799 85
Twilight Sparkle Wants to 'Please' You
Animated ponies make wonderful lovers;
They want to have sex with you (and others).
:iconcuddlepug:Cuddlepug 37 62
instincts monochrome by hellonata instincts monochrome :iconhellonata:hellonata 313 7 Cyberpunk Bookcover Commission - James Lucien by Eddy-Shinjuku Cyberpunk Bookcover Commission - James Lucien :iconeddy-shinjuku:Eddy-Shinjuku 1,434 50
Brony Advice: Your Questions Answered #67, 68, 69!
#67) Is clopping bad? I've done it before and I don't really understand why other bronies find it disgusting. Maybe it's just me. >.<
Answer: With the amount of clopping questions I receive with this column, it's hardly a wonder why a lot of people think that bronies are sexual deviants. Now, in terms of your question itself, the fact that you don't see why other people might find it disgusting is worrying, because you're admitting to not being able to contemplate why people would think it odd to masturbate to cartoon animals.
To be honest, to apply a label of  'bad' on clopping is a big generalisation, as it all comes down to opinion. It is my opinion that, while masturbating to ponies in itself isn't a problem, the content itself is bad, insofar as that shit seems to be everywhere. What's worse than being into it, though, is being proud of it. It's one thing to masturbate to ponies – if that's what turns you on, there's no point in holding back on it just because
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Brony Advice: Your Questions Answered #55, 56, 57!
#55) I hate Pinkamena! I wish people would shut the fuck up about Pinkie Pie's 'dark side'. It's annoying and it's not even funny. What do you think about the (frankly) horrible presentation of her as a psychopath?
Answer: Yeah, I'm not a fan of it myself, but it's important to understand why people do it. Obviously, "Friendship is Magic" is targeted to little kids; that needs to be established from the very beginning here, because, naturally, when looking at bronies you have to take into consideration that they're older than the typical viewer of the show and thus more prone to taking things into darker territory. The "Party of One" episode is enough to give people the ammunition they need; from there they can take the character down all sorts of dark avenues, and, in the case of Pinkamena, they can sort of back it up with canon lore from the show as well.
Pinkie Pie does go a bit crazy in that episode, and while it was never intended that she would become
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(PATREON) Level1 Yuffie (PATREON COMMISSION) by customwaifus (PATREON) Level1 Yuffie (PATREON COMMISSION) :iconcustomwaifus:customwaifus 924 105
6 Tips for Writing Erotica
6 Tips for Writing Erotica
Anybody Can Write a Novel
Chapter 2 “Genres” – Section 13 “Erotica”
With Links to Supplementary Material
With the mainstream publication of “50 Shades of Gray” and its many rip-offs, erotica has become a popularized genre, with stories, plots, character development, and the same sort of expectations as any other genre. That being said, I've never read any erotica that met those standards or expectations. This doesn't mean that good erotica cannot or does not exist, simply that it is rare enough that I and many others have not encountered it. Today, I'm going to talk about what would constitute a quality erotica, that works as strong literature, and that takes writer responsibility into account. This article goes in combination with my article on writing
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(+NSFW) Kurumi (PATREON COMMISSION) by customwaifus (+NSFW) Kurumi (PATREON COMMISSION) :iconcustomwaifus:customwaifus 909 104
Little Pig
      Poor girl. Where'd that bikini body go? As you prepare for another summer vacation, trying on all your old swimwear, isn't it sad to see that none of it quite fits like it used to?
      High school was great. Lots of boys liked you. You were thin, but your boobs had grown in a bit early, and that full chest was like catnip for horny teens. Other girls were jealous of your slender, busty form, your tight ass and your thigh gap. Back then, a fit body translated to a lot of power among your peers; power which, I'm sorry to say, is no longer yours.
      Look at you! Look what college has done to your figure!
      The freshman fifteen struck you like lightning, didn't it? Fast food and junk food, day in and day out. You didn't miss mommy's cooking until the first pair of jeans didn't fit. You figured it was a phase, and that you'd shake it off by summer break. And then, before you knew it, your sweatpants were the only thi
:iconchubbadubdub:ChubbaDubDub 482 45
    I'll have to start from the beginning, back when Harper and I were just children.
    Her family lived next-door to my grandparents, which is very fortunate in hindsight. Had she not lived exactly where she lived, I likely never would have met her, which is a scary thought considering how important a part she's played in my life just recently. Back then, though, she was only a minor character in the narrative of my existence. My grandmother, a socialite despite her old age, would often have Harper's mother over for coffee in the mornings while they were both out working in their respective gardens, or over for lunch on some of the more quiet holidays. If that happened while my grandmother was babysitting me, I'd get to play with little Harper. Sometimes, my grandma would even get to babysit both of us at the same time, which always resulted in hours of uninterrupted play.
    We'd often sneak off into the "woods" behind Harper's house—hardly more
:iconchubbadubdub:ChubbaDubDub 226 31
Fattened Faculty (Chapter 1)
    "She looks pregnant," one student whispered. "Have you seen the way her belly sticks out?"
    "No she doesn't!" Another student piped up. "You're so mean. She doesn't look pregnant."
    "She will soon if she doesn't already," a third one chimed in. "Look at the way she's eating."
    Ms. Amanda Harris—the teacher in question—was currently parked behind her desk, popping bon-bons into her mouth and drumming her fingers as the slower students finished up their tests. To say she looked pregnant these days wasn't much of an exaggeration whatsoever. Her round belly pushed outward across her lap, heaving complacently as she filled it with fatty candy. All over, her modest dress was stretched uncomfortably taut around the folded girth of her form.
    "I never expected her to get so chubby," one of the girls muttered to her friends. "I met her when my sister had her a few years ago and she was thin as a rail."
:iconchubbadubdub:ChubbaDubDub 334 27
Busting-Fabric's 'Cargo' by PressurizedPleasure Busting-Fabric's 'Cargo' :iconpressurizedpleasure:PressurizedPleasure 501 13 Mikasa Ackerman by KasuzameYuu Mikasa Ackerman :iconkasuzameyuu:KasuzameYuu 3,208 420 Hogtied Beauty - Fine Art Of Bondage by Model-Space Hogtied Beauty - Fine Art Of Bondage :iconmodel-space:Model-Space 519 9 May 18, 2013 by ilovefrenchgirls May 18, 2013 :iconilovefrenchgirls:ilovefrenchgirls 1,125 45 Mint Green by DreamerOfExistence Mint Green :icondreamerofexistence:DreamerOfExistence 276 124 June 23, 2013 by ilovefrenchgirls June 23, 2013 :iconilovefrenchgirls:ilovefrenchgirls 824 41 Ready for the Cage by ilovefrenchgirls Ready for the Cage :iconilovefrenchgirls:ilovefrenchgirls 648 33 Eliza in a red dress by djwarchild76 Eliza in a red dress :icondjwarchild76:djwarchild76 524 16 Bliss by DreamerOfExistence Bliss :icondreamerofexistence:DreamerOfExistence 411 223 Tender by DreamerOfExistence Tender :icondreamerofexistence:DreamerOfExistence 628 269 Time for Ball-Gag by ilovefrenchgirls Time for Ball-Gag :iconilovefrenchgirls:ilovefrenchgirls 649 23
Weight Gain Mission- Penny
      They were having a wonderful time, eating and laughing and having fun, but the celebration was replaced with a unanimous, melancholy sense of self-loathing when they read those two words on the bottom of their check:
            "fat girls"
      It was scrawled in bubbly english script where the table number was supposed to go.
      A party of four customers found this at the end of their night at the restaurant. Undeniably, they were all different shades of heavyset, and they were all insecure about it. In light of this, the name calling proved to be an especially low blow. They were quite justifiably furious. When the waitress came back, they said nothing to her about the insult. They let her think that they didn't notice while one girl snapped a photo of her name tag.
      Needless to say, they left no tip.
      Were they going to let her get away with this? The answer
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Mikasa by KasuzameYuu Mikasa :iconkasuzameyuu:KasuzameYuu 3,097 282 Asian beauty, tied up - Fine Art of Bondage by Model-Space Asian beauty, tied up - Fine Art of Bondage :iconmodel-space:Model-Space 451 10 The Big Drop by DreamerOfExistence The Big Drop :icondreamerofexistence:DreamerOfExistence 624 272 The Slip by DreamerOfExistence The Slip :icondreamerofexistence:DreamerOfExistence 371 204 Cassie as catwoman by cosplayerotica Cassie as catwoman :iconcosplayerotica:cosplayerotica 504 13 Locked inside The Cage by ilovefrenchgirls Locked inside The Cage :iconilovefrenchgirls:ilovefrenchgirls 523 41 Hogtied in Lingerie - Fine Art Of Bondage by Model-Space Hogtied in Lingerie - Fine Art Of Bondage :iconmodel-space:Model-Space 402 9 July 12, 2013 by ilovefrenchgirls July 12, 2013 :iconilovefrenchgirls:ilovefrenchgirls 634 24
Second Chance
Sophomore year of high school was when Kevin first started working at Jerry’s: Burgers and Shakes. It was a bit of a tough first job working the register right after school ended only to be met with a mob of teenagers who had also just gotten out of school. Plus it was a bit embarrassing to have to serve his classmates. But there were benefits to the job too, like the occasional free burger, or getting to see Valerie Cummings.
Kevin had known Valerie since kindergarten. They were in a lot of classes together in elementary school but there was little interaction. To 3rd grade Kevin, Valerie was just another skinny girl in the background who played soccer and liked to draw horses. Kevin didn’t see Valerie much at all in middle school. They didn’t have any classes together, so she just wasn’t on his radar. That changed though in high school.
What Kevin had missed in middle school were the stunning effects of puberty on young Valerie Cummings. As her hormones kicked
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Bound on Bed by wphotography Bound on Bed :iconwphotography:wphotography 383 6 The Pleasure of a Kiss by ilovefrenchgirls The Pleasure of a Kiss :iconilovefrenchgirls:ilovefrenchgirls 878 44