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1 2 Fanclub English Singable Lyrics
Kobe, Chuo-ku, Motomachi (at the station)
From today, hearts will pound at the "Ni-ha-o Han Yu" course
Girls and boys, living here, it's fine to say (oh, hello to you)
Never mind, it's time to try, just a little
Heavy books, open up to page three please (come on, quickly!)
Please feel free to ask questions, promise that it's way easy!
Even though, it's expensive it'll be (worth it in the end)
Hao hao daija! How are we feeling, now?
Mandarin for mom, saying horse is wrong (Maa, ma)
"Where the heck is this?" "Who are you, dear miss?" (Shi sei ahh..)
If I wanna say that I love you today
Maybe I should learn all your Chinese ways!
Hi, hi, China! Just as dreamy in my mind
I'll join the fanclub with you
Someday I could be speaking to you and there won't be
Boundaries no more
'Wo ai ni.." I could say it too!
Over there, met a girl with no darn clue (Mika-chan)
"Hey you guys, wanna go to the Jay Chou concert tonight?"
Silly girl, doncha know that you can't go (wanna know why?)
If you w
:iconx-happilyinsane-x:x-happilyinsane-x 49 9
++ A E R I T H ++ :iconnorli:norli 2,859 261 Battletech - Fire Falcon :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 715 136 Collab: Adidas, The one :iconfelipemaa:felipemaa 1,421 510 Nurse Yaya :iconyayacosplay:yayacosplay 1,392 120 wishfulness. :iconmusicandphotography:musicandphotography 461 22 MH3 - All Great Swords :iconiireii:IIReII 367 22 ER R1: DTKA-127 - ILLU 2 :iconvhu:Vhu 3,790 304 Battletech - Maus :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 768 75 Battletech - Kharon :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 1,545 179 Colder Than My Heart :iconelifkarakoc:ElifKarakoc 792 67 Molang amigurumi FREE PATTERN :iconnvkatherine:NVkatherine 99 26 Mech Warrior - Usling :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 495 155 ALP-ER TUNGA :iconertacaltinoz:ertacaltinoz 418 32 I had a family one day :iconmaggy-p:Maggy-P 363 34 Allons-y :iconmeganlara:MeganLara 4,712 142 Kawaii Tofu amigurumi FREE PATTERN :iconnvkatherine:NVkatherine 100 21 Deer Collaboration :iconsunima:Sunima 932 37 . p r a y e r . :iconutopic-man:utopic-man 716 168 _Fire II. :iconjosefinejonssonphoto:josefinejonssonphoto 690 20 'Doc what do ya mean' updated :iconrocketman28:rocketman28 251 59 The wait is over. :iconaddy-ack:addy-ack 851 68 liu chan :iconmurasaki-hoshi:Murasaki-Hoshi 1,685 84 The reason to live. :iconaddy-ack:addy-ack 1,641 0 I A M N O W H E R E :iconlaitma:Laitma 824 160 ER :iconertacaltinoz:ertacaltinoz 244 17 S E P T E M B E R :iconerni009:Erni009 350 124 Do Not Disturb :iconer-chan:ER-Chan 294 26 Battletech - Ice Ferret - Striker :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 392 51 Nahka - Sandra (Lingerie) :iconiireii:IIReII 182 14
Legs and arms primitively jolt in all directions.
Two bodies intertwined via a maternal connection.
Tufts of hair randomly elevated above a glistening scalp.
A speechless room saturated in compassionate but customary doubts.
Squinted eyes adjust to the intrusive artificial light.
An assortment of ardent illustrations vaguely in sight.
A protruding belly with a crimson chord attached.
Conserved  in an amniotic egg instinctively waiting to be hatched
Premature shrills depart from a pair of virginal lungs.
A new unsolicited, unwritten autobiography has just begun
To unfold into an eventful and noteworthy tale.
A story of anguish but joyous relationships that set sail
And capsize within the shortest interval of time.
For you to leave this corporeal realm without any sign
Or indication but only theories of what will happen after.
Stout heads occupied with dreams of a fabled and fanciful pasture.
Eternally existing on an alternative astronomical domain.
Hoping that the ones
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